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  1. Falkirk and Dunfermline both benefit from playing each other as there is real hatred between them and travel in numbers. Also both benefit from big travelling Saints support. Would be more relevant to see home support for each side with away fan numbers removed. Not saying we shouldn't have more, but get the sense it's building slowly, which is better than rapid peaks as they tend to drop as rapidly. W7 folks are improving match day experience, as are club and SLO for family stand.
  2. Agree, but Brechin and Dumbarton definitely come to sit back and frustrate, and hope to sneak something. Every other team in the league sets out to win games and makes it more open for us to play, particularly at our ground. Livi last week out-thought and out-fought us, but that has rarely happened
  3. Someone behind me made the comment "we'll never win the league playing like that" when leaving ground yesterday. Think they are totally wrong, if we play as poorly and as disjointed as we were for huge periods and yet still are able to take 3 points that is as much a measure of potential champions as playing glorious football
  4. http://barnsleyfc.org.uk/threads/jack-ross.264792/page-4#post-2089186 Maybe they've just not learned the lesson with Mallan Div, can you check your email again please?
  5. SPFL Goal of the Month

    Those that voted for it were all sheep?
  6. Kenny McLean

    If it's nil nil and they've made 3 subs surely we can kick lumps out of him as our financial interest would be better served progressing in the cup ;)
  7. The Dome

    It's definitely an if at the moment. Hibs have been pretty good at getting good money for players and I don't see them letting his contract run down, all I'm saying as that if a sale generated a windfall for us I would like to see a proportion used to make a more permanent structure than hear a dome related issue every year and also to do something prior to the end of it's useful life.
  8. The Dome

    If money comes in from John McGinn I think the club should look into a more permanent structure rather than the dome. Perhaps thinking ahead this could incorporate facilities for the Women's team too with regards to training space.
  9. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Of that list there has been speculation about Mullin, but if Williamson is the Dunfermline RB I would like to see us make a move in the summer for him if Liam returns to Hearts as expected.
  10. Lewis Morgan

    Changed his account... @10lewismorgan
  11. Captain Fantastic

    Favourite moment of that game is the 4 man clearance off the line. The pic of that is the epitome of teamwork [emoji106]
  12. W7 Fans & Banners

    I'll ask a question on this, and if covered elsewhere apologies, but if the banner was deemed to be categorised as offensive then why didn't the club instruct the fans, or stewards to instruct them, to remove it there and then? Additionally if the stewards are to do their job surely they need to know what is acceptable or not and have to be empowered to act upon it? For me the banner is not near unacceptable, for if we were to apply logic saying it is offensive then several of the songs and chants about our erstwhile pungent neighbours need clarity from the club before many are ejected during games too. If the club felt this was too close to unacceptable then a quiet word would have sufficed, we have to have the ability to poke fun at our rivals, as they do us, else it is just another game in the calendar.
  13. St. Mirren ladies team

    One of the problems I had around women's football is that I compared it to the men's game. However it was the same problem as trying to compare today's football with football from the 70s/80s, the level of skill aggression and tactics are vastly different. The women's game is not an inferior product, but rather is a different product, and when that is accepted then it becomes viewed differently. For me the other problem I still have is around being invested and caring about the success or failure of a team. There was no team that I remotely cared about so I was dismissive of the product. The change on that was the women's national side playing in the Euro's as it ticked boxes around having a team to follow, when I cared about the result. As a St Mirren fan I follow us playing tiddlywinks, not saying I would watch, but would be interested in what is happening in a ladies side, particularly as I've got a 9yr old daughter who has expressed interest in playing football and it would be good to have our own local role models for her to follow.
  14. Lidl etc for Wallneuk Road

    This doesn't even take into account the impact that the Cinema would have on that area too. All seem the right things to be happening in the town, but needs a fair bit of thinking through on transport infrastructure.
  15. Lewis Morgan

    I posted on this before but understand the compensation schedule set by FIFA would come into play. Compensation would be set at the level as if the club had developed the player themselves. So if it is Scottish Clubs the highest would be Category 2, same as ourselves, if it was down south it could be up to a Category 1 club. The compensation between ages 12-15 is set at Category 4 level, and 16 and beyond, upto 23, are set at the category of the "buying" club. Given he has been with us for 5 seasons (signed 2013) we could be due €450k (5yrs x €90k) with a further €40k due to The Rangers. This is my understanding of the below link, but happy to be corrected. So if a club was to offer us £300k, as an example, they could save themselves in excess of £200k due to currency fluctuations than waiting on contract running down. This from the players and agent's point of view would be beneficial also as it would allow for more negotiation on sign-on fees, and also from our perspective we would have some leverage on sell-ons and loans. The precedent around this is not the Danny Ings transfer (which is governed by Englicsh League and their tribunal rulings), but more the Charlie Telfer to Dundee United which worked out at £175k for a 19yr old https://www.unlockthelaw.co.uk/News/training-compensation-why-dundee-united-are-paying-rangers-for-charlie-telfer.html