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  1. madball

    Darren Jackson Head Coach

    McPhee was one who I had more respect for. Not the greatest of players always gave 100%, almost always took abuse from our support, but pretty much took it in good grace and can remember him joking and laughing with our fans and even applauding us (in a non sarky way)
  2. madball

    Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

    Or 6b part 2 where someone advises on best washing technique to avoid logo/badge/numbers coming off Sent from my G8141 using Black & White Army mobile app
  3. madball

    Speculation Thread

    I always felt that Newton was the technically better footballer by a margin, however Dummett had the appetite for it more that Newton and improved more over period on loan. This might explain why their careers went in different directions as Newton didn't push on with us, and could argue in second spell he regressed although it was in a very poor side.
  4. madball

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    To be honest I would have thought that they'd have had that conversation with him around 2nd Ipswich interview. It made sense to get his input then when process was going slow. Still think there is some validity in doing it as he'll know coaches who could continue what he started
  5. madball

    New Manager Latest Odds

    I could see the board selling Smith if a half decent offer came in as he's got a year left on his contract. Magennis would take a silly offer to shift him as more than a year left on and Jack did nothing but talk him up
  6. madball

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    That's the first thought I had when I saw the run from deep too, would be delighted with that. Also noted elsewhere that there is an aggressive side to his game too, so it sound like we are getting a hybrid of Dorman and Thomson (midfielder without the "p"). Only bit that worried me was around shoulder dislocation as we got stung by that on Josh Todd recently.
  7. Exactly same thought I had when I saw the pop up. Bizarrely this pop-up arrived just as I was supposed to be doing my GDPR training at work
  8. madball

    The Roadworks Thread

    Another week scheduled of the current Glasgow Road roadworks, although not sure if the same side will be closed or moving across to other side. Had a bemused Glasgow cabbie pull up beside me last night on Auchmannoch Road looking for a way to escape since Penilee Rd, Buchlyvie Rd and Dalfoil Court all closed to Glasgow Road, I think he'd been around a few streets looking for ways out
  9. Could also be read as our 1st home game won't be against one of the bigot brothers, although might not be the 1st game of the season
  10. madball

    John McGinn

    There is not a club in Scotland that would accept a bid from Rangers without significant upfront and strong assurances over any balance outstanding. In same rumours Josh Windass was touted with a move away which would perhaps fund a chunk of McGinn fee
  11. Would be Dumbarton before us... unless they spent the extra money they creamed off the Saints fans over the last 2 years on a Nuclear Bunker
  12. madball

    Bye Harry , thanks for the memories

    I'd a similar thought, but also that Jack's future uncertainty might impact upon further renewals and signings
  13. madball

    Summer Transfer Window

    A fair part of Naismith looking poor in championship was down to Rae stopping him going beyond half way line and telling him to "shell it" from inside his own half. Naismith game is suited to driving on with the ball and to stop that limited him
  14. Maybe put a post up for those transferring into W6/7 to volunteer up info on where they have current seats to allow anyone moving into West Stand know where there will be seating becoming available? I'm sure the club would help out with swapping if an agreed match found
  15. My favourite is 99/00. Like many have mentioned about travelling home and away I reckon I missed one game that season and was great, particularly the 1st quarter absolutely battering teams, and last quarter where the matches were thrilling. Raith and Ayr away both being highlights, the absolute carnage at both will live long in the memory. This season, on the back of last is memorable. The galvanised support, great away trips, the 3 weeks of weekend benders we've all been on, last night's tantrum from Gollum, the general seethe from everyone else. I would however say that from Ayr away last season onwards that would rate higher a season of note as the seeds of this year's win were all sown then.