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  1. W7 Fans & Banners

    I'll ask a question on this, and if covered elsewhere apologies, but if the banner was deemed to be categorised as offensive then why didn't the club instruct the fans, or stewards to instruct them, to remove it there and then? Additionally if the stewards are to do their job surely they need to know what is acceptable or not and have to be empowered to act upon it? For me the banner is not near unacceptable, for if we were to apply logic saying it is offensive then several of the songs and chants about our erstwhile pungent neighbours need clarity from the club before many are ejected during games too. If the club felt this was too close to unacceptable then a quiet word would have sufficed, we have to have the ability to poke fun at our rivals, as they do us, else it is just another game in the calendar.
  2. St. Mirren ladies team

    One of the problems I had around women's football is that I compared it to the men's game. However it was the same problem as trying to compare today's football with football from the 70s/80s, the level of skill aggression and tactics are vastly different. The women's game is not an inferior product, but rather is a different product, and when that is accepted then it becomes viewed differently. For me the other problem I still have is around being invested and caring about the success or failure of a team. There was no team that I remotely cared about so I was dismissive of the product. The change on that was the women's national side playing in the Euro's as it ticked boxes around having a team to follow, when I cared about the result. As a St Mirren fan I follow us playing tiddlywinks, not saying I would watch, but would be interested in what is happening in a ladies side, particularly as I've got a 9yr old daughter who has expressed interest in playing football and it would be good to have our own local role models for her to follow.
  3. Lidl etc for Wallneuk Road

    This doesn't even take into account the impact that the Cinema would have on that area too. All seem the right things to be happening in the town, but needs a fair bit of thinking through on transport infrastructure.
  4. Lewis Morgan

    I posted on this before but understand the compensation schedule set by FIFA would come into play. Compensation would be set at the level as if the club had developed the player themselves. So if it is Scottish Clubs the highest would be Category 2, same as ourselves, if it was down south it could be up to a Category 1 club. The compensation between ages 12-15 is set at Category 4 level, and 16 and beyond, upto 23, are set at the category of the "buying" club. Given he has been with us for 5 seasons (signed 2013) we could be due €450k (5yrs x €90k) with a further €40k due to The Rangers. This is my understanding of the below link, but happy to be corrected. So if a club was to offer us £300k, as an example, they could save themselves in excess of £200k due to currency fluctuations than waiting on contract running down. This from the players and agent's point of view would be beneficial also as it would allow for more negotiation on sign-on fees, and also from our perspective we would have some leverage on sell-ons and loans. The precedent around this is not the Danny Ings transfer (which is governed by Englicsh League and their tribunal rulings), but more the Charlie Telfer to Dundee United which worked out at £175k for a 19yr old https://www.unlockthelaw.co.uk/News/training-compensation-why-dundee-united-are-paying-rangers-for-charlie-telfer.html
  5. Chairman's statement

    I agree with where the Chairman is coming from on this particular option on the vote. However I think the club also need to step up and be seen to be doing more themselves to help local football clubs, coaching time from those doing badges, better access to our facilities, better support of fundraising etc but this sits at Gordon's and the board's doorstep to do. SMISA was supposed to be about the improving the club and better integrating club into the community so this option ticks neither of those boxes for me. The whole list of options is totally uninspiring to be honest and likely to have me voting no. No toys out of pram threatening to quit etc, but the continual cash cow for basics is not what I wanted from this. Even if there are option available for improvement of matchday experience, better integration of club into community, or funding revenue generating activities I'm of the view that there should always be a do nothing option. Given we are as solvent as we have been as a club for a long time with no 2nd management team being funded, and most of the neglect from previous board been, or being, dealt with there is no need to fund the BAU stuff around match balls and the like.
  6. Kenny McLean

    The same can't happen with Morgan as any club agreeing a PCA with Morgan would need to pay us compensation due to his age. The value of that is worked out against a table set by FIFA, so clubs will have to pay us irrespective (think the figure is circa £300k). I don't think clubs will want to leave it to chance on Morgan as he won't be short of suitors and would probably like him signed up quickly, which is why I think that we might get an offer in January for amount similar to compensation due, but with clauses that suit us around sell-ons/appearances etc
  7. Paying previous managers

    10% - Although wouldn't count on it being much now as I think Dons might do well to get near 6 figures.
  8. Paying previous managers

    Bound to be some drama queens on here that would like that The last time prior to current where we only paid one manager was Danny Lennon's second season where you could see we benefitted from an upturn in player budgets from previous years.
  9. Am I right in saying that this season is the first since start of the Tommy Craig spell where we have not been paying the salaries of 2 management teams? Not sure whether settlement for Craig, Teale, Murray or Rae were lump sums, or continued pay monthly, but either we would have taken the hit in budgets. Likewise with player pay-offs this must be the smallest number of players we parted ways with when still under contract.
  10. Catalonia

    You've got to wonder how much the UK Government are terrified about something similar happen in UK. Less so up here, but more in Northern Ireland as Brexit talks don't progress and prospect of no customs deals. If Sinn Fein called for a united Ireland referendum in the North and pressed ahead with it unofficially I can only imagine the chaos and that we'd swing back to dark old days with soldiers actively on ground with both sides overstepping the mark and it escalating very quickly
  11. Good article on the BBC website about Adam's younger brother and his life post football http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41307372
  12. W3 per chance? If so that's who I thought of immediately when I read this. That and the opening day goading of Loy.
  13. Stephen Mallan

    It is possible, but one would assume that they will monitor this risk and avoid overworking him to the point where it impacts on technique. However if you look at the development of Morgan you can see that he was very light weight when he first broke through, but over the summer of 2016 he properly bulked up and it has actually improved his overall game as he can shrug off players and use his technique and pace better. By all accounts Magennis has been doing similar in his downtime and will be interesting to see how far he has pushed on when he returns. Mallan coasted some games up here on technique as he was streets ahead of some of his peers/competitors in the league and more than made up for shortcomings elsewhere, however that attribute in particular lands him mid table now at best in that league and he needs to up the other levels to compensate for this. I think he's got the determination to do this, but it will be down to him to listen and follow guidance from those who know the league he is in as to whether he turns out like Ryan Fraser or Fraser Fyvie.
  14. Pretty sure Kyle gave the update earlier on Twitter that he was expected to be out for 12 weeks
  15. Harry Davis

    Specifically if you look ahead as none of our central defenders other than Davis is contracted beyond the end of the season. In fact I think it is only Eckersley, alongside Davis, of our full defence that has a contract into next season