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  1. When a current cycle retailer takes over another cycle retailer's premises, is that called recycling?
  2. FFS

    Two days after Brutus had made his play to take over from the boss?
  3. Tommy Gemmell, only 73 1967. i had an o'level exam the next day. i don't remember the o'level, but i do remember the game on our black and white telly.
  4. What's with oor (tannoy) Phil holding hands with an Ayr steward and having to explain himself to the local constabulary? Both over sixteen!
  5. Contract till 2019. probably paid up now. At his age....................thank you very much.
  6. What's with the pope standing on the chair leading the singing? Of course, he's Argentinian.
  7. I'm on the Ticket Store. The "buy tickets-select seat" bit is blank.
  8. That surprises me. i would have thought, especially if you arrived early enough, your boy could at least walk up the stairs at the entrance and admire the photos of our past glory.
  9. Get a couple of good seats in the main stand near the home dug out and if your boy abuses the manager enough he will get an opportunity to have a chat after with him after the game. Being serious now, contact the club, and ask what they can do.
  10. Typical poor journalism. He didn't "confront" "fans". "Confront" meaning "come face to face with (someone) with hostile or argumentative intent" It was a solitary gentleman who believed that he was entitled to a one way conversation with our manager. Very poor indeed of the Daily Record.
  11. It's a shame you know who is going but don't know we are bringing in.
  12. Died 78 with dementia. Thoughts with his family.
  13. Young Jason Naismith does a power of running. He is consistently good and is improving all the time.
  14. I may place mine on my season ticket seat I have from Love Street. That will confuse Baldrick and his Time Team in another 10,000 years. Close to the Antonine Wall. They'll maybe think this St. Mirren were an Italian team. The dream continues.
  15. I do remember that I expected to renew the plaque every season for a fee, but I was never asked and the original plaque is still there. I would prefer it to stay, but I'm happy to take my plaque and let someone, unknown to me at present, great great great great grand wean find it and ask what's it about.