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  1. Litter the place wi' bodies.......................................................................that makes sense.
  2. It's 33.333333%
  3. A game lasts maybe 96 minutes. To, at a minimum, take another hour to score after everyone has gone hame is no very good. Am ah missing something?
  4. https://danielgraywriter.com/events/
  5. The Funny Thread started by Shull? An oxymoron
  6. The team should have this ringing in their ears from one minute before they leave the dressingroom until they are on the pitch.
  7. I think we should adopt this song. The 3rd verse, the chorus, where we the fans join in, on the 3rd line, we could belt out "St.Mirren" instead of "sweetheart". And on the last line, we could belt out "Saints" instead of "sweetheart". Try it and see what you think. Our DJ could even turn down the sound at those key words while we sing out "St. Mirren" and "Saints".
  8. A plane trip? They coundnae afford Ryanair!
  9. I worked for Coats Patons, the parent company of J & P Coats, from 1972 75. I remember them sending me down to Nottingham to meet a boss I had met before and they put me up in a city centre hotel. After breakfast I waited in the reception area to be picked up. Numerous similarly suited twenty somethings joined me and they all seemed to know each other. A bloke came in a few steps in front of the guy who had come for me. I caught his eye and he said "Boots?", I said "No.........Coats" and walked past him and left with my boss. The look on the guys face was a picture as all the other suits stood up and said "Boots". Apart from being the home of lacemaking, Nottingham was the home of the headquarters for Boots the Chemist. https://oldestscottishcompanies.wikispaces.com/J+and+P+Coats+Ltd http://www.coats.com/index.asp?pageid=20&time=year1800s
  10. Aye.................. They should leave the NHS alone and concentrate on this.
  11. A rocket explorer named Wright,

    Once travelled much faster than light.

    He set out one day,

    in a relative way,

    And returned on the previous night.

  12. I think the band clever enough to warm up by playing Oh When the Saints, or even outside the gates as they arrive, would attract local support.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-39977618 Surely "O' When the Saints Go Marching In" will be heard.
  14. So who would have the casting vote?
  15. A good few years ago an English Championship team supporting friend of mine told me they were offered to buy a 2 year season ticket at twice the Championship price and as they were amongst the favourites to go up. he, and his friends saw it as a good deal. I believe they were promoted. i think he was a Birmingham City supporter.