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  1. Lewis Morgan

    Absolutely disgraceful !! Surely you mean "Who's the daddy ?".
  2. Sorry to challenge your opinion but I actually thought poor Willie C got unjustified stick from many of our fans today. A couple of very strong penalty shouts went against us, maybe a braver referee would have awarded them. But he can only be praised for over-ruling his assistant for ICT's second goal. He got pelters from dozens of fans near me in W2 but it was the assistant who got it wrong, Collum was dead right. Makes a change, he usually is a complete tit.
  3. The Boss - BBC1 Monday 2.15

    Herbie , is the St Mirren fan's appearance being broadcast on Monday or at some other point during the scheduling of the series ?
  4. Anyone but England

    100% agree with this. The English / British media are responsible for the resentment felt against England by the other home nations. The 1960s can't be mentioned in any context on tv without a reference to the World Cup. Apparently England won the trophy once back then.
  5. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

  6. Tunnel panel ideas

    Wasn't there a Malky McCormack cartoon / caricature of members of the St Mirren squad and management from around the mid-80s ?
  7. John McGinn

    All very interesting but what has any of this to do with John McGinn ????
  8. Revised Predictions

    Agreed. Or at least wait until after the August transfer window has closed so we have a firm idea of what all ten teams have to work with.
  9. ELVIS !!!!!!!!!!!! LORD PITYFUL !!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOUZE ????
  10. Albion Rovers In Trouble

    Aye go ahead.
  11. Sacked by Berwick Rangers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41019507 Watch your back JR.