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  1. Have we signed a sponsorship deal with Ralph Lauren as well ?
  2. Ex-St Mirren diddy keeper Mark Ridgers gets his big chance in goal for Partick Thistle today. H-T Partick 0 Aberdeen 5. Anybody surprised ??
  3. Yes congratulations to the Paranoids. A truly fantastic achievement considering the handicaps they have had to endure. Apparently every 50:50 refereeing decision went against them all season, they had no luck in any game they played and all Scottish football officials are Masonic Orangemen.
  4. LOL shull. AFAF.
  5. A bit surprised that none of my fellow old-timers have considered John (Cowboy) McCormack for the legends list. He was a big favourite of mine, a fantastic tackler.
  6. Anybody got the phone number of the fashion police ?
  7. I was one of Jack's sternest critics earlier this season, especially after his stupid red card at Falkirk, but I now agree he has done enough to earn this extension. Humble pie, yum yum !
  8. As long as we don't name a stand after Major Cox.
  9. One day after signing up Adam Eckersley for 2 more seasons ............ From BBC website, "St Mirren boss Jack Ross urges education drive to combat gambling in football." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39871679 From Adam Eckersley's Wikipedia page, Eckersley credited Alex Ferguson for helping him to stop gambling after Ferguson grew concerned about Eckersley's habit; Eckersley stopped playing poker after Ferguson told him a story about Keith Gillespie and his gambling habit. Just coincidence I presume.
  10. IMO John Hannah is one of the worst actors this country has ever produced. Gary Lewis is the best, he would excel in the role.
  11. BBC reporting Tony Fitzpatrick's opinion of JR's achievement. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39832642 As we all know Tony doesn't ever exaggerate things. And I'm no just saying that !
  12. Billy Ray or Miley ?
  13. Low point - allowing Kyle McAlister and Jason Naismith to leave the club in January. To me this was the manager conceding that our season was as good as over and that he had accepted that relegation was inevitable. High point - in retrospect, allowing Kyle McAlister and Jason Naismith to leave the club in January. The money we received for them funded the influx of new players that turned our season around. Genius Mr Ross !