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  1. Not recommended kids. Incest is bad.
  2. Well maybe I'm being naïve but I reckon I saw positives as well as negatives on display tonight. Pleased to see that we continued to attempt to build from the back after going behind rather than hump the ball forward aimlessly (apart from the stoppage time last gasp efforts). Disappointed in Stephen McGinn's performance, he failed to impose himself in his usual manner. And Stelios is still a bit of a loose cannon at times. Perhaps Livingston are due more credit - they were a bit better than many of us expected before 7.45 tonight. Usual negativity from the usual sources on the forum tonight. No surprises there, eh ? But quite concerned to see such negativity coming from SPS. I usually regard Gary as an optimist / realist so pessimism from him is an eye opener for me. Onwards and upwards though.
  3. Once again I bow to our legendary pendantry master from Chingy, BT One not BT too.
  4. BT Sport too if you want to understand the commentary.
  5. Why is 'bowling green' niggling me ?
  6. Me too. 15-8 with Bet365.
  7. Campbell, please ditch the Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves and Cheer Up Rajamaki songs for matches vs Morton.
  8. Good driving wasn't always a family trait. Your late brother Douglas (a friend and former workmate of mine) was unquestionably the worst driver I ever knew.
  9. Mrs Brown's Boys is a tv show I just do not get. Hugely popular with its audience so I suppose I must be missing something. The 'acting' is chronic. I actually find it cringeworthy, embarrassing and amateurish. Happy to acknowledge being in the minority though.
  10. Used to be a monocoque, now a zerocock.
  11. By not signing Samson ? Management blunder ?
  12. More great news for our promotion hopes for the coming season, ICT have signed former St Mirren goalkeeper Mark Ridgers.
  13. I bow to your better memory. Auld age, you know.
  14. Monsoon conditions and it rained goals that evening. 4-3 was it ? Best was still a star at that time, sadly he was past it by his days at Hibs.
  15. Oh No !! The last time something like this happened we signed Callum Ball.