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  1. Based on that insightful gem of logic there is no way that Mallan should have been picked for this tie. So should Scott Gemmill be slammed for selecting Mallan tonight when no one could expect him to perform ?
  2. On this evidence Stevie Mallan has regressed significantly since he left Paisley. Nothing here to suggest he will be getting a chance at Barnsley any time soon.
  3. Where is Aaron Mooy on his dynamo bike when you need him ?? !!
  4. Forum Traffic

    Many of this forums most prominent posters don't give a horse's cock about the team's performance. Egotistical "look-at-me" post-builders have taken over this site and former regular contributors have withdrawn from here altogether. Empty vessels / most noise.
  5. So Arrivederci Then

    No Capricorn.
  6. Total Cunts

    Is it whooshitinmamince ?
  7. Spot on Callum. Of course you are one of our more astute posters.
  8. Personally I'm neither pleased nor disappointed by WGS's departure. His campaign was fecked in the early fixtures yet we almost crept in the back door because of improvements in the later crunch matches. No doubt in my mind that the more recent results were encouraging. However I am delighted to see that the horrible f**kwit ex-Morton moron that WGS chose as his number two Mark McGhee has found himself back signing on for jobseeker's allowance. Utter wankpot of a human being !
  9. So two teams that couldn't give a toss about this competition. Me too, I didn't bother today. Nothing to see here except for the usual negative posters finally sticking their heads above the parapet after a long period of sustained success on the field. Saddos
  10. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    A spot of betting education required for me. I didn't know you could bet e/w on first goalscorer. How can you win if LM doesn't score the first goal ? Genuine question.
  11. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Have you done the bizo then ?