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  1. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Sour grapes? Beeeeeeeeeeeecause? I was on the SMISA board, I resigned. I actually stood up, offered my time, enabled some community engagement and received praise for it. Exactly why would I have sour grapes?
  2. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Yes, someone such as yourself who is so very obviously heavily involved in SMISA at a high level really should be familiar with it. I must admit, I doubt SMISA have any rules as such. More a case of ensuring the accounts will look okay, so invoices for things. Aside from that, nah. I certainly never saw a rules document, though there was plenty of talk of having one.
  3. Protect The Asset Lock

    But, that will is only being actioned upon pre-determined options with very little prior input from the membership. So, it's not really as they see fit is it.
  4. Protect The Asset Lock

    There's cosy and then there's allowing the club to run/direct the society. The club has a Fans Council, which could easily fundraise and be used to drive covering essentials or whole life cost funding. "As they see fit..." spending shouldn't be at the behest of what the club do or do not want to run with. That said, SMISA also need to be a damned sight more pro-active, which I quite frankly never see them doing. I say that, having offered to run elements of certain things and been all but ignored because two or three people didn't see the need or the point.
  5. Protect The Asset Lock

    Nah, never mentioned here. Right, there is a board made up of elected members and they also form part of the committee. I've no idea why SMISA keep saying committee, there's a board and non-elected members sitting on the committee shouldn't be voting at meetings. They've no obligation really, but obviously being on the committee gives you a flavour. The board could have various committees working underneath, but at the moment there's only one. Non-members can't hold any sort of position, obviously they can attend sessions at the pubs...but, who goes to a pub pre-match to discuss SMISA? Even when I was on the board and still a member I think I had maybe 7 people ask me a question. I even recall chatting to yourself in the bar, but that was prior to being elected. I had interaction on twitter, but again twitter bad/email good!
  6. Protect The Asset Lock

    Ah, you can attend...every 2nd Monday from 6PM in the UWS hub. I think we had one member come along and ask a question. You could also argue that the non-elected committee members count in that regard. Most of them have now been elected, with only David Riley and Louise Swanson not having been in the election. Plus I suppose John, but he's an SLO anyway.
  7. Protect The Asset Lock

    Not the most constructive way of putting it across Tony, but yeah. Of course, there should actually be a book of minutes that the members can freely gain access to. The upkeep of which is the responsibility of the societies secretary. As for the above, they've no intention to have a members only forum and would prefer this section of B&W Army was removed.
  8. £2 Pot SMISA vote for April ?????

    I was offered a proxy, but didn't take it as I had better things to do. As highlighted before, SMISA is in no danger...it's just not operating as it should.
  9. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Oh, you're back...ahead of preparing for the AGM. "Throwing your toys" makes me cringe in the same way Gordon Scott saying "idiots on a forum" does any time he said it. Here's a toy...you ready? The vast majority of the SMISA committee felt the Glenvale option was a good option. Gordon raised an issue, which was put to us as "he may comment". David Nicol took it upon himself to not inform us that Gordon would indeed release a statement. David also didn't see an issue in the statement, with Colin Orr feeling SMISA shouldn't respond or even clarify things. Suddenly, various board members gauged every option on Gordon's view. The women's team were even told "we don't want another Glenvale" when presenting their proposal to us after they'd been launched BY THE CLUB! Right, anyway, enjoy the game and here's to at least a draw. COYS!
  10. The 3 Monthly Spend

    You are correct, but there will be very few options outside of what the club put forward. Panda Club has to be next, Sports Scientist may even compete with that one or both get split. Every other trinket, SMISA will be right there and David Nicol will advise it, Colin will agree, others will agree so long as there's an invoice and around 600 members will vote it all through. There's a survey to back it up on, not to mention a series of options the club have no appetite to take forward. The club have no appetite, so neither do SMISA as the committee just won't progress any of it. That's fan involvement, not control. Indeed, it's near enough the 10,000 Hours model with the members controlled by a sub-board the is entrenched in with the club board. If you're at the AGM, ask why it needs more than three people on the board. Ask why David Nicol feels he can withold key information. Ask why elected board members weren't given access to the takeover agreement. Ask why the club have asked SMISA to reconsider no votes.
  11. The 3 Monthly Spend

    660! The game's a bogey, end the £2 pot and just have the money going straight to the club. I wonder what the 597 others have been up to the past wee while. 660 is well down on previous votes, you can only imagine the vast majority of the 597 approve also.
  12. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Arrogance has nothing to do with stating that some people may be following like sheep. He's not saying everyone is, hell the SMISA committee members have used he phrase. Why get so upset if it doesn't relate to you? Now on to the AGM. Have you noticed they're not exactly going out their way to promote it? Last time was pretty poorly attended, can't see much difference tomorrow.
  13. The 3 Monthly Spend

    In all honesty, one man does and the rest really don't. If they had a forum, costed numerous options a month and looked in to a series of their own options then yes. They make it tough for themselves occasionally, but don't mistake that for it being tough.
  14. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Stunned you entered the raffle without first telling us all you had! As for "spitting the dummy", if you'd like to see how far I could spit it then just keep going. I've actually held off on a few things, which you'll know if you're as close to things as you've consistently displayed. So, for the good of SMISA and the club we love can you please stop patronising everyone.
  15. The 3 Monthly Spend

    What an absolute cluster #### of a response. The £10 will still be used, albeit via some of the £2 and though we're using some £10 we still see it as ring-fenced. "All we have done...", like a child with chocolate on it's face denying he/she stole the easter egg then ate it. Oh and "...complex...", really? Just total patronisation.