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  1. I believe we missed out on a right back target and evidently haven't got a ready made replacement. I'm not sure Morgan is blameless either, there were a few occasions where Whyte was exposed because there was no cover.
  2. Awful, absolutely awful.
  3. Status is the standard of facility, not how you use them. There was a shared area with Partick in the past, evidently not every support will be able to mingle.
  4. That was led by the club though, with SMISA evidently agreeing to pick up their share via member agreement through a vote. So there was no major gnashing because SMISA's involvement was limited with regards getting the costing to a workable point. At least I don't think SMISA ran the surveys etc, I did of course miss all of that. If SMISA had to pick it all up it becomes a different proposition entirely, you of course require the backing of the club. I look at the platform, more as SMISA and the club working together to assist disabled supporters and ensure gold status (think I have that right) was given to the club again. Disabled supporters get better facilities, the club can host certain games again and gain a better reputation. I see nothing wrong in that or in the option being put to the members.
  5. Option 3 would need to be fully costed before it got anywhere near a quarterly vote. You'd also need to answer certain pricing issues, matchday controls and no doubt other matters before adding it. You can't have an option that isn't costed or fully thought through if it's something that's a material change to the ground and/or a change to club operations. Some of that costing would involve surveys, which don't happen for free, and you'd probably need a vote to approve the spend on the survey(s) and subsequent design work. You then have the planning app, but it may even require a vote for members to decide if they want it in the first place. That vote would need to be supported with detail of the spend required to take it to beyond planning. I suppose you could survey the full support, gauge interest and have those interested asked how they'd envision the build being funded. Once you strip out the "the club should just dae it" responses you may get something to work with.
  6. Woah there Tony. I'm not insisting, I'm saying that at times it would help. Everyone was sold a joint venture, that joint venture would see SMISA progress towards ownership and work alongside the club in the interim. If you believe different I guarantee you're in a minority. As stated, there's every chance there will still be a society upon deal completion because there is an AFC Wimbledon one, a Newport one and possibly other societies owning a club that are still functioning. Would the overall model change, of course it would, but again people were buying in to that. Now, the whole independent thing...away back in the early days it always seemed that SMISA was independent of other supporters associations. That is still the case, just so happens that Buy the Buds has opened the door to "oooh they're not independent of the club". To me that's mischievous at best and not a huge issue. They still are an independent supporters association. My view, others will agree, others will disagree and frankly, it's not enough of an issue to be a discussion point over and over and over.
  7. Cheers [emoji106] No damage done then, aside from maybe some people missing the light hearted mood of my post.
  8. I'll talk about it. It's not true and it's not supported. There is no will to avoid the processes. There is a will to present the will of the club to the members and allow members to make their choice, but why wouldn't there be. Just to close off even more of the above musing. Even when SMISA do have full control there may not be a need to wind the society up. There may have been a statement from the club early doors, but I believe that was discussed and dismissed early on. I believe that and will continue to work within the commitee and with/for the SMISA members and wider fanbase.
  9. All good points Graeme. On the flip side, if you're saving away then you can't support the 2K or 5K here and there from the club. I know the response to that, I'd the highlight that the 50K loan isn't actually in place yet. We've not had that over 8K suggestion yet, but yes being able to facilitate one may raise itself. I haven't fully thought out any potential side fund, so at the moment it's just a point for long term planning more than current. The 50K could, of course, become the rainy day fund as it would be paid back/be there for use. As we progress I'd hope SMISA would get better clarity on cashflow, which gives better clarity over size of what sort or rolling fund you require or even float that would be appropriate. We're not there though so hard to start working to anything, whilst at the same time we have members who'd like to fund x, y or z.
  10. I don't think we've worked our magic on the PA. We've just not had a chance to pick the costing up. Tenders may be suitable, just from having worked that way in my day job. It's certainly on the to be looked at list. Just, you know, I can't make promises or give timescales so hopefully members and fans in general will appreciate that it hasn't just been dropped. It's not even just the installation, it's the tying in with St Mirren TVs coverage and even whether there's a rights issue of providing coverage in any form.
  11. That's a cracking first post Sharon. [emoji23] I probably shouldn't mention that there's no food tomorrow night.
  12. Must admit, if anyone wants to offer assistance in pricing an item like that then SMISA would be more than happy to work with that person. As it stands, so far, it's not something we've had time to look at.
  13. I suppose the first obvious question is rainy day for what? Things are fairly healthy now, the club is in a good place financially and SMISA's projections are healthy too. I did mention looking at developing a side fund, but it's not been looked in to yet in any detail. There's all sorts of potential ways to handle the £2 fund, my personal view is that saving it all means you can't look at supporting the club. As this is a joint venture, you can easily argue that we should offer some support. By doing that you potentialy remove the need for a rainy day fund.
  14. I got a refund on my away shirt. I'm awaiting home shirts in XXL being back on stock so I can exchange, but like you I'd like assurances about the badge.
  15. They're not, never have been!