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  1. In essence, it's not from the club. In theory they still get paid by SMISA just as anyone taking over would have paid them the same money. But, the actual process around the accelerated payment is convoluted and very difficult to understand or explain in full. Luckily, that's what David Nicol is there for.
  2. SP2624RS as 1877 Society Limited
  3. No, no. We've already stated we'll look to consult in the future, but it's understood something may occur where we need to act. You just don't trust us to do it and I'm not sure how to respond to that. We're not being manipulated, you're mixing that up with working in partnership and coming to mutually agreed decisions or vote options. We do inform and consult, indeed we also identify and pass forward.
  4. Yes we do, so ensuring the members have a club to actually own in 10 years is surely being responsible to them. The members don't want a club in League Two, with assets that don't function or in need of major repair.
  5. Neil, You're obviously keen to push this, so would you like to attend the next committee meeting? Tony, The club asked on the 5th. They weren't going to pay up front, but the overall vote included actioning the package of work to go ahead. Nobody was steered. The rest of your post is fantasy at best, a personal attack on each committee member at worse, so I'm not gong to respond to it. In all honesty, the committee have moved on and can't constantly answer one or two people on the same issue.
  6. Waffle.
  7. That's my understanding anyway. Former board was payments up to summer 2018 and then growing the GLS fund to completion after that.
  8. Bit complicated to slice and dice everything, but the overall timescale is still the same.
  9. Yes, but SMISA as a whole shouldn't put the club or its operation at risk. It's a balancing act, that is true across so many aspects of the members, of the club and the joint venture itself.
  10. It's partially factually correct, if Graeme had done some research he'd know that. He makes it appear to be the full fee, which isn't the case. The former board will be paid quicker, but they'll only receive a % of the fee. This doesn't though impact upon the to timescales of our agreement to buy Gordon's shares. The only thing, currently anyway, that will speed that up would be SMISA having the full amount required and being in a position to conclude the deal earlier.
  11. What other recent deals, that don't involve the old firm, have been for large fees? The Hamilton deals were years ago. Agents and scouts who I've spoken to operate in Scotland and say the market is dead, perhaps they're wrong, Quick check, Greg Stewart from Dundee to Birmingham City is possibly the best comparison. He went for 500K, potentially rising to £1 million, having scored 22 in 71 games. He was also nominated twice for the PFA Players' Player of the Year Award. Dundee of course were in the top flight and had finished 8th the season before Greg left.
  12. Yes, but it's also understood that there may be cases where the board have to make decisions for the members. That was even discussed at the committee meeting on December 12th and we all agreed that going forward we would put as many things to the members as was practicably reasonable. Yet here we are in May being told we should be doing that, when in December we agreed to.
  13. As discussed in our PMs, clause 106 isn't the clause that the committee see as covering loans. With regards bespoke, Supporters Direct have seen our constitution, they know we've made a loan, know about the 50K rolling agreement and haven't advised SMISA to have a specific clause.
  14. About as complete a comment as his report on the Argentinians was. A half story is a lazy story.
  15. You know Neil, I bow to your legal knowledge and have asked questions. I'll also pick up the question of minutes, again. As for the claims of doing what they want, overall I think they've acted responsibly. Discussions had at meetings should stay there, if you're unhappy about a decision after a vote then keep it there etc. If you ask the committee to go check with a stakeholder, you can't then suddenly start slating the stakeholder you suggested. Regarding the USH, the request came to us on December 5th. I've had experience of project managing intervention projects and Tony Dorris, who was still on the board at the time, has been a QS. It was obvious that there was a high risk the work wouldn't be completed, in all honesty the order should have been in early November at the very least, and as such to give the best chance of that risk being mitigated the decision was taken to provide a loan. The loan payments have been been to date and I'd presume that will continue until payment is complete. That, we all hope, will be very much a one off. Personally, I think it's unfair to claim the committee are just doing what they want. I've had issues with some things, but the discussions were had and that's pretty much how it'll work going forward. At the moment, there's some good ideas for vote options going forward and perhaps there are some poor ones (the majority will decide). But, if you want to ensure that everyone gets a say can you really take exception to not getting your way or the way of three or four people you talk to. I don't think so, I don't think that's how engaging with around 1,300 members works. I think it's about the committee talking to the club, liaising with members, inviting proposals from community groups, coming to a majority decision and then putting that to members for a vote. Alongside that you will have activity that the committee will need to take on and make a decision on. If members want to get involved then they can do. That's in no way a "you never put yourself forward, so shut it", it's just me stating that each of the 1,300 can get as involved as they want. A lot already have by paying money, others will be happy to read updates and vote then you'll have other levels of involvement from there.