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  1. saints fans survey 2017

    It doesn't breach the asset lock, if it did then Supporters Direct would have raised it as an issue. I also doubt the FCA would have approved the constitution. As for the Academy paying thousands back, what utter frigging nonsense. Seriously, absolute bloody nonsense. We're in a joint venture, we will support you and look to make you grow. But, hey, don't go bringing in extra funds as we'll only demand our donations back. I also think it's time to just let the members discuss things on here without SMISA board interaction. If you really want to make contact you can via email, twitter and even face to face. If an idea is important enough, flesh it up and send it on. If you're not getting enough news, make direct contact and request more. If the site is wrong, raise it via the direct contact avenues available. Thanks for joining, I appreciate it and hope you enjoy the experience. If you haven't joined, please consider doing so and being part of this major project. Bye!
  2. saints fans survey 2017

    From the asset lock portion of the constitution: 8.1. The society must not use or deal with its assets except- 8.1.1. where the use or dealing is, directly or indirectly, for the purpose that is for the benefit of the community;
  3. saints fans survey 2017

    Hearts aren't a Community Benefit Society so have no duty to do anything you want done. They're basically just a fundraising vehicle for the club. Having the £2 discretionary pot means there is money there to be assigned to projects, offers members involvement and removes any sort of "thanks for the money, shut up" debate. Indeed, without the discretionary spend things could be even worse. Other than the £2, there is no money available as the rest is ear marked for the purchase.
  4. saints fans survey 2017

    I've not once, ever, stated SMISA are only interested in the St Mirren Community. Community groups are perfectly free to propose projects. "Contribute to the projects I believe I could support", so literally no interest in democracy or the majority will of members. Why not just go and seek out community groups Stuart and donate to them.
  5. saints fans survey 2017

    Merely changing committee to community as highlighted.
  6. saints fans survey 2017

    I've corrected my post and, small correction for you, I was elected on. I did attend meetings prior to the AGM, but only gave guidance at those. It's more around the primary community that is served, the Paisley Community still benefits. Clarification was sought through discussions with Supporters Direct prior to the SMISA AGM. I don't think any pledges or promises have been broken as St.Mirren are in Paisley. I suppose it all depends on what type of benefits were being promised and/or personal understanding of those. To me the main benefit, through the joint venture, was ensure the St.Mirren support have a team to watch, which will naturally benefit Paisley and the wider Renfrewshire Community.
  7. saints fans survey 2017

    You do that. Of course, you'll mention that I haven't actually discussed the players wage spend here and that I wasn't a board member at the time of that vote. But, do feel free to accurately describe what I have discussed.
  8. saints fans survey 2017

    There's no rewriting of history, mostly because the SMISA board weren't actually sure of the definition of community within their constitution. What I am doing is informing you of the guidance given by Supporters Direct with regards the community we serve. In all honesty...it's pretty damned obvious. You're a St.Mirren Trust sooooooooo you're looking to primarily serve or benefit the St.Mirren support and other communities will benefit through association. Also, of course the Paisley Community is important. That doesn't mean it's the primary Community served by SMISA. A CBS has a duty to serve the wider community, so not just the community it serves. That's why we even have options that will, have or could benefit the Renfrewshire Community. So, we primarily serve the St.Mirren support and that will benefit the Paisley Community. There is also a duty, through regulatory requirement, to serve the wider Community and that's been defined as Renfrewshire.
  9. saints fans survey 2017

    Right, so after the funds were being used to fund the club purchase and went towards the disabled viewing platform. Remind me again how that doesn't benefit the Paisley Community, because I'm at an absolute loss there. I'm the only board member you've heard and will hear because, since the AGM, I've basically taken on communication via this forum. It should be highlighted that I'm not saying it as some loose cannon, it's actually the guidance that has been given to SMISA by Supporters Direct. "Trotted out" - You really mean offered, having been suggested, discussed, costed and laid out. I'm certainly not going to apologise for either option or for SMISA taking the authority of it's members forward. On one hand you're stating we were accused of something, then you take pot shots at us for addressing the initial accusation. Frankly, we'd have proposed community related options anyway and it wouldn't have been to appease five (I think it's about five now) people on a forum.
  10. saints fans survey 2017

    Of course it talks about the Paisley Community, St. Mirren play in Paisley. I've no idea how many members aren't St. Mirren members. When you get 300 over your targets then I doubt it matters. I'm not touching the last sentence, aside from to say that a forum is not a place for it.
  11. saints fans survey 2017

    There's two ways of discussing this in all honesty. I'll steer clear of the obvious one and, again, try to explain it properly. SMISA are in a joint venture with St.Mirren, ultimate goal being to take on ownership of St. Mirren from Gordon Scott. Being a CBS there will be things we can't do and obviously we're regulated by the FCA , with Supporters Direct also being involved in that. Guidance given has been that the community we are looking to benefit is the St. Mirren support, quite obviously we are looking to do that and have done that. Alongside that we have provided funding towards the disabled viewing platform, tickets for community groups, sponsored a local youth club and continue to investigate other ways to benefit the wider community whether they are football related groups or not. To be clear about it, the SMISA Board feel we're doing our job, the St. Mirren board feel we're doing well (recent meetings have been positive), the majority of members appear to be happy and the FCA/SD appear to be happy with how SMISA operate and are being run. To be blunt, there will always be members who aren't happy. But, I genuinely feel we've answered the issues around community benefitor use of finances, challenged the club where necessary and even taken things on the chin if we've screwed up. Time for us to move on really, because in all honesty the majority of members, the club and the regulars have given us authority to do exactly that.
  12. st mirren tv com

    He's also usually quite, quite, squiffy.
  13. John McGinn

    The same Scottish football that told SKY to f**k off, didn't research Setanta properly, tried having its own TV, can't get past Cypriot clubs in Europe and bores fans to death by playing each other four times? Aye, we've such a strong brand to base value on.
  14. Jack Ross...Notice of Compliance

    We're not discussing random potential instances, we're discussing a specific instance.
  15. Jack Ross...Notice of Compliance

    Yes, there was no time wasting. Stelios must have been treated for about 30 seconds to a minute after a challenge that was very obviously late/dirty. He had a wee verbal pop at the Ref and the management team got involved due to being asked to go off. At no point were 6 players round drinking from a bottle, the physio trying to get the bottles back or even a stretcher called. Are we now saying a minute is too long to properly check an injury?