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  1. I remember at the time we lost Lambert to Motherwell I read a story we'd been offered cash plus Davie Cooper but went for Jim Gardner instead. Cooper went to the Bankies and played out his career and we all know how it went with Gardner.
  2. Never going to happen. We have two strikers in Loy and Sutton who are proven scorers at this level.
  3. I thought his performances for us were as bad as Gary McVie and that's not a statement I use lightly.
  4. Brought up in Paisley, left in 1987 just after we won the cup to move to Fife. Been here ever since. Most active time would have been from 1997 to 2002 when I barely missed a game and had a season ticket. My attendance is pretty much limited to half a dozen away games now whenever we play Raith/Pars/Dundee/Dundee Utd/The Fakes/Hibs or Hearts with maybe one or two home games a season. Main reason being working most weekends and having young kids.
  5. Any idea what the tweet was from Santaponsasaint that got him upset?
  6. No it's not just you. I like many others thought we were getting a decent player who'd played at a higher level for his entire career and couldn't understand the sniggering coming from Dons fans I knew and the 'wait and see' attitude. Bottom line is he's not a good goalkeeper. It doesn't matter that he'll pull off the odd great save if he's going to keep giving the ball away and cancelling that good work out. Also doesn't matter that he apologises on Twitter after each calamity and that he's obviously a nice guy. He's a massive part of our on field problems right now and needs replaced.
  7. I'm gutted. That was me being sarcastic incidentally.
  8. Nope. But I really can't be arsed picking through all the inaccuracies in your original post.
  9. Seriously?
  10. Appointing Gus would certainly fit the short term aim of solidifying the team and steadying the ship along with countless other cliches to keep us up this season. Whether he has the desire and the ability to then transform us into a team challenging for promotion again is something I'm not so sure of, whilst encouraging and integrating youth players into the first team squad. I was definitely a Gus fan but I think he's low on goodwill among our fans which could make it difficult for him.
  11. Aye I heard that interview as well. Sounded bitter and slightly deluded.
  12. A pretty underwhelming list going by the bookies list. Not averse to a return from Gus. Pressley consistently linked with jobs since he left Fleetwood, now I know he's a bellend but he might be an interesting choice. Worked very well with youth players at Falkirk.
  13. Danny rightly took pelters, they were cringeworthy. Since you're into radical thinking, isn't it possible that any appointment would've been an improvement on Murray?
  14. I'm inclined to agree, he talks a great game but all the talk in the world to the media regarding standards and unacceptable performances count for nothing if he can't coach or motivate the players to improve.