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  1. Speculation Thread

    Absolutely but the reported fee of £800K is maybe being paid in installments and Killie don't want them to stop payment by openly offering training facilities to a player in contract dispute with that club.
  2. Speculation Thread

    I assume Killie are letting him stay in one of their club flats next to Rugby Park while he trains with Hurlford, to give him time to sort out his registration so he can sign for Killie.
  3. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Really scrappy from both sides. Morton are flooding the midfield and for some reason we are playing aimless long balls to wee Gavin......... now Stewart is on we'll start playing the ball to feet
  4. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Or alternatively he is the manager of a team that just lost 2-0 at home and he is telling the home support what they want to hear? It might only be a game bud but to him it's what pays his mortgage, best not take any of it at face value. The good news is we are top of the league and they're no
  5. Lewis Morgan

    I thought we were going to give him magic beans.
  6. Sutton looked like he was forming a good partnership with Reilly but for some reason has become the ginger haired stepchild. Poor team selection cost us today. Guess Jack isn't taking this cup as serious as he said. League is the obvious priority but today was still poor and without Morgan we look very predictable.
  7. In fairness to Stewart he was barged off the ball, fairly but still did really well to get a cross in. Not a great performance but still top of the league
  8. Game is screaming out for Sutton.
  9. Whole team looks flat, no urgency, nothing. We look like we expect to win without actually working for it.
  10. Ta Ta After 4 Games

    I thought that when I saw the score..........tick tock Roy
  11. Anyone but England

    So you've moved on to ABDA, Anyone Boot Delle Alli................seems like progress to me.
  12. Have you cleared your cookies bud?
  13. Craig Thomson

    Totally agree. Though think he was an Inspector the last I heard. Clearly better at his day job!
  14. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    I realise that lashing out is one of the symptoms. Just remember though help is only a phone call away. 0141 248 4488
  15. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Bad day but I still think we'll win more than we lose. Like Raith away last season, we collapsed a wee bit but we'll bounce back.