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  1. Ta Ta After 4 Games

    I thought that when I saw the score..........tick tock Roy
  2. Anyone but England

    So you've moved on to ABDA, Anyone Boot Delle Alli................seems like progress to me.
  3. Have you cleared your cookies bud?
  4. Craig Thomson

    Totally agree. Though think he was an Inspector the last I heard. Clearly better at his day job!
  5. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    I realise that lashing out is one of the symptoms. Just remember though help is only a phone call away. 0141 248 4488
  6. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Bad day but I still think we'll win more than we lose. Like Raith away last season, we collapsed a wee bit but we'll bounce back.
  7. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    Just confused why a grown man is continually seeking attention on an internet forum. Honestly bud you need to work out why you are doing this as it's not healthy. I realize you have a lot of time on your hands with your job but you need something more constructive than coming on here making irrational posts and getting abused for it. Anyway best of luck.
  8. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    I just hope you are getting the help you need.
  9. Great performance after looking all over the place for the first 25 minutes. If Jack had any plans to move Sutton on then he needs to forget them, the big man was fantastic today. Both Sutton and Reilly linked up really well and caused Falkirk plenty of problems. Few wee things for the manager to work on but great start to the season
  10. Looked like the keeper had lost possession and then took the player out.
  11. Football Fans and Behaviour

    I agree with some of this but when I see it written down in such a prescriptive way I just think Sanctimonious pish.
  12. St Mirren V Airdrie - Third Place Decider

    John had a decent opportunity to go for it himself but unselfishly set up Reilly, great play from the big man and a good poachers finish from Reilly. So far the two of them have linked up very well.
  13. Harry

    Not disagreeing bud but we said similar this time last season and by the time we realized the players weren't cutting it, the window had closed and it took a massive January clear out and a miracle to keep us up. The difference this season is we have a better manager so I don't that happening again but the squad still needs a bit of quality added if we plan to challenge.
  14. The Jack Ross Interviews Thread

    Not sure we can offload Sutts unless he has someone who doesn't live with Snow White lined up to replace him. Looking more than a bit 'short' up front.
  15. Speculation Thread

    At allegedly £1700 per week Dundee more than cover the inconvenience.