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  1. Not disagreeing bud but we said similar this time last season and by the time we realized the players weren't cutting it, the window had closed and it took a massive January clear out and a miracle to keep us up. The difference this season is we have a better manager so I don't that happening again but the squad still needs a bit of quality added if we plan to challenge.
  2. Not sure we can offload Sutts unless he has someone who doesn't live with Snow White lined up to replace him. Looking more than a bit 'short' up front.
  3. At allegedly £1700 per week Dundee more than cover the inconvenience.
  4. Gall, Hinchy, Ian McCaldon, Gordon Marshall, Ludo have all been better keepers for us than Sammy but he's the only one to win a National cup with us so hopefully he is a good luck charm.
  5. Showing your age bud, faxes are more Gordon Gekko than Gordon Scott DocuSign on your phone would be more suitable for a high powered club like us
  6. Great news though I hope the club can add a significant release clause as I doubt Dundee will be the last club to try and get him.
  7. I hope whoever he goes to can develop him further as he really can go very far in the game but as you know getting the right club is key. He has been brilliant to watch and I can only imagine how proud you must feel!
  8. Hardie was always going to cause someone's relegation, thank Christ a Jack moved him on
  9. I really hope we keep Stelios as he has an unpredictability that you just can't teach. On the other hand, I'm sure Jack could teach him the structure and positional awareness needed to be a good fullback.
  10. I totally agree, Jamie has shown great professionalism and never seemed to sulk, not sure if he is a Buddie or just a local lad? I just didn't hear much to suggest he has a future with us. I think O'Brien is still a bit raw but I think there is definitely talent there but he needs another keeper to challenge him.
  11. I think in Gus we had a very old school manager who reflected the dour managers he played under but with Alex I always felt there was an ego and a general disdain at play. I would be interested to compare how Gus and Alex's ex players feel about them? You know enough people in the game Div, so how do guys like Vanzy etc feel compared to some of our lads who played under Alex? Like you say though Jack is from a different generation and has a more holistic approach to football management and a level of inclusion we haven't seen at the club for a long time.
  12. Guys just keeps getting better. Very self aware and is able to expand on his message and avoid getting drawn on certain subjects. I honestly think we should enjoy him as long as we can because I suspect he will go onto bigger things. As an aside, interesting to hear him talk about his coaching staff and not mention Jamie Langfield, I would be very surprised if he is with us next season.
  13. 101 things no one will ever say about Mr Rae
  14. Think you had rose tinted glasses there Poz, so I fixed it for you. Ah the good old days.
  15. If Utd stay in the Championship next season they could very easily go down next season. Basically a bigger Dunfermline.