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  1. Lord Tennyson's take

    No need to apologise for going mental on the bus. [emoji3] Honestly though in all the years I've followed the Buddies that was up there. Not a great day fitba' wise but a great day none the less.
  2. Should add that the remaining Shetland Saints are still not home and will be bouncing along on the North sea tonight.
  3. It was a hard shift for us yesterday, playing a team well above our current level and the only team in Scotland who pressure Cellic for the league. Stupid mistakes cost us and that is the difference at the top level
  4. Time for a half then we're on our way
  5. Good wee sing song in the spoons on Union street.
  6. Meeting a couple of boys off the Choo Choo at 09:30 and heading for breakfast. See you there Malky.[emoji501]
  7. Think the Weather spoons on Union street should be open early doors so we'll probably be in there.[emoji485]
  8. 10 of us coming over on the ferry for the game so I hope the weather is ok. Leaving on Friday at 5pm and into Aberdeen for 7am. Hope we can get a few beers at that time of day. Straight back on the boat for me but the young team are going to make a night of it in the city. C'MON ye Saints.[emoji469][emoji469]
  9. Merry Christmas EveryBuddie

    A black and White Xmas to all buddies everywhere but especially to the fans from Paisley who back our team. It inspires the team and gives this buddie a motivation to get to the games. C'mon ye Saints.
  10. Was going to book flights for this one but the early kick off means I can get the ferry down on the Friday night and catch the 5 o'clock sailing after the game.[emoji5]
  11. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    Any thoughts on going to Egypt or the zoo are firmly on hold pending further investigation. Great summary Malky[emoji106]
  12. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    Great day out yesterday. The support was amazing and the team responded with a great victory. Good to catch up with some other far travelled buddies from Orkney and North Berwick. Still in Inverness going for a couple of beers before flying back to Shetland this afternoon. Also had a bit of money on a St Mirren, Morton and a draw between Hearts/Ross County so £300 to the good. Happy days[emoji3]
  13. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    Flying from Sumburgh so fingers crossed. Scatsta is only 4 miles from my house and flights have been going to schedule this morning. Might be a bit tougher out in the Atlantic where you are[emoji305]