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  1. About time we won and delighted for the players and management team who carry the burden for everything on their shoulders. The fans are rightly frustrated so this is a great night for us. Got to start reeling in the teams above us and Dumbarton took a hit tonight losing to Bonnyrigg Rose so they're the first target. I'm a great believer in bringing young lads into the first team and I'm impressed with how they're doing and with a good follow up to tonights result we will get out of this mess.
  2. The Highland League Thread

    Thought Formartine might be better than Annan today but gubbing them 4-0 was unexpected. Great result and an away day at Partick Thistle and I hope they do well.
  3. Lee Wallace Withdraws from Scotland squad.

    Old firm game next weekend so most Celtic and Rangers players wont want to risk injury playing for their country, sadly.
  4. You'll no get blood oot a stone but if you go to the beauty salon she works in she'll try and make you good looking[emoji138] Sent from my Nexus 7 using Black & White Army mobile app
  5. My daughter lives in Chapelizod so that doubles your membership.
  6. Great News For Scottish Jobs

    If the nuclear weapons are held in Scotland and we thought "f**k it lets have these cunts" would the rest of the Uk have a way of stopping it? If I was of a British persuasion I'd get "they mental nuclear blow every c**t tae f**k weapons" out of their hands.
  7. The Highland League Thread

    Shetland narrowly lost 3-2 to Formartine United in a pre season friendly on Saturday. Former Saints player Paul Lawson played for Formartine and set up a late winner against us. Hard match for us against a team that look like they might push for Highland league glory this season.
  8. New Away Kit

    I think its smart as is the home kit and I'm sure my family will love it when they get them as birthday presents.
  9. Season 16/17 Home & Away Kits

    Taking a bit of a gamble on that strip.
  10. British Pipe Band Championship

    Used to take a boys football team down to Stirling Uni for a tournament and the piping malarkey was going on from morning 'til night. Done my f**kin' nut in.
  11. Buy The Buds

    Signed up along with my son who has sold this on to a couple or 3 of his mates from Mossbank Shetland. Its a bit strange to think that a few folk from up here who are committed to this but don't support St Mirren are willing to support Smisa and GLS in there attempt to buy the Buds .Hope there are many more like us.
  12. And His Hotel Is Crap As Well!

    Stayed in the Ashtree numerous times and I would recommend the place. The folk that own it are very friendly and passionate about Paisley. That and it's only a few minutes stagger from the hostelries in New St.
  13. Thommo Farewell Interview

    He was on radio Scotland earlier tonight with Maurice Malpas and Malpas said he used to drive him nuts going on about St Mirren all the time they were at Tannadice.
  14. Totp 1981

    Won't believe it until I see it, colour television my arse.
  15. Storm Gertrude

    It hit over 100mph up here so I hung out my washing and got on with it.