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  1. Almost. IF Hibs beat Raith and we beat Raith we will be 2 points ahead of Raith and AT LEAST 2 points ahead of Ayr so, given both teams can't win their final game, no matter Ayr's result we can't finish bottom. Ayr win. Raith relegated. Raith win. Ayr relegated. We're 9th. Draw and, no matter our result, we're 8th. I THINK. I'm away for a lie down!
  2. I think most were saying the same thing as myself. NOT that it didn't matter. Before yesterday the above statement was true. It's still true as, if we win our next two games and the playoffs we keep our Championship status. IF things go our way elsewhere we have less games to do it
  3. IF we go down it won't be because of this game. We were never favourites to win it. We still have it in our own hands which, given the pre January debacle, is nothing short of a miracle. Beat Raith and Ayr need to win both their games. Beat Hibs as well and worst case is a play off. Refs have been shocking all season and before. In fact. IF Raith lose to Hibs and we beat Raith we cannot finish bottom as Raith will be 2 points behind, Ayr will be at least 2 points behind and they play each other last game.
  4. She wonuldn't even allow questions when she was campaigning the other day. Wants the platform but afraid to debate. There's really only one protection fro this ThatchMay. Self determination. S.N.P.
  5. A much better effort TT.
  6. While I appreciate you calling Fartaway out for the idiot that he so surely is, I only read his posts if others quote him so, even if he chooses to attempt clever or humorous retorts, emphasis on attempts, it bypasses me like a fart in a massive field.
  7. Then maybe I'll relent but it really astounds me how poor our acting pool is in the UK. I like sci fi but even when we get something that might succeed we make it simply suck. Dr. Who is another example of poorly cast programmes. It has been filled with non actors ever since Davidson's portrayal of the Time traveller.
  8. I like the idea of Lucky man but I don't think much of Nesbitt as an "actor" so I haven't watched any of it. He's spoiled so many shows. IMHO obviously.
  9. The moment we knew we had thumped Morton at their own dump ground. And ye cannae ya auld wheezerburd!
  10. My intention was to go to this one but I am on call for the Saturday so it's been Kiboshed. I'll be there in spirit though and crossing everything crossable in the hope my absence is the luck the team need.
  11. I wonder where you got that from.
  12. It's always sad to hear about someone young passing. R.I.P.
  13. Let's hope it's not the former without the latter.
  14. Maybe I'm being pedantic but how can you say our benefit system IS as generous as it's EVER been while, in the next sentence saying the tories are "reining it in". Talk about squaring a circle.
  15. They abstained because it keeps their philosophy intact. No need to vote but it makes it clear they wanted to adhere to a fixed term. Win, win. 3 short of a whitewash and 2 terms as the largest party in Hollyrood? Looks like a mandate. Sounds like a mandate..........