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  1. Laurel and Hardy

    It used to be compulsory to get out of bed on a Saturday morning to watch those two on the telly. Them and Abbot and Costello. Followed by the likes of Batman or the original Superman.
  2. Music Gigs

    Good old Love Street chippy.
  3. Wake Him Up - It's All Over

    Not really prophetic. Merely a request. RIP Tim. ETA. When I die I want to be remembered for the threads I started. Well.... Except for the ones started while inebriated. Now could someone remember to put on my headstone, "See. I told you I was path, PROPHETIC".
  4. Club Deportivo Borgonyà

    I think it's just badly translated. Borgonya is the club formed by the Coats' workers.
  5. In fairness I was out for an afternoon gathering. Sobriety should be compulsory when starting threads. Take heed stricky.... and the other one both of whom I think may be a secret tipplers.
  6. Another one 12 lines too long?
  7. I went off to work this morning, and I was full of glee. Working the first three hours, then stopping for my tea. At this point I was lagging, boredom was setting in, So I phoned my better half, for a wagging of the chin. In a total fit of madness, I suggested a wee change, Perhaps the main room in the house, could be rearranged. When I got home this evening, I was ready just to scream She’d only gone and done it, but took it to extreme. To make the room feel open, was my cunning thought, But she’s taken it a bit too far, and look at what we’ve got. Covers over every chair, with debris all around, And just like the one of Jericho, she’s taken my wall down!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Atmosphere in the Stadium

    When the crowd in the west stand sing as one it doesn't need reflective noise. It was good enough when we all stood up and sang together. It was almost a shame it was curtailed by the McGennis substitution.
  9. Club Deportivo Borgonyà

    I believe it is saying that the Coats team played FC Barcelona.
  10. 'Fraid not. I too was sceptical but, boy am I delighted that I know Feckall!
  11. Squad For Next Season

    Jack Ross is aware of the deficiencies in the team. I'm pretty certain he's already working on rectifying the lack of height and toughness in the squad. In fact he's said as much in his recent interviews. KTF.
  12. Squad For Next Season

    It was always going to be the case if he wanted to progress. He's not naïve. If we knew we were lightweight I'm sure he did too. Just needs the right fits. Physically and philosophy wise. He seems to place a lot of emphasis on the interaction between the staff. Quite right too.
  13. League Prediction

    And, to be fair, he was consistent. I'm only surprised he wasn't predicting an implosion last week.
  14. League Prediction

    If you're gonna bump, do it completely.
  15. Well done !

    Thank you Wordsworth. Go play with your daffodils.