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  1. Two out of the other three did ok.
  2. Yes. But what about Ross County, first season, 5th, Partick Thistle, first season 10th, Dundee, first season, 6th and Hearts, first season, 3rd?
  3. St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    Eckersley for me was the one player who played reasonably throughout.
  4. St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    I know we can't always win "pretty" but that was Kardashian ugly today. Almost eye-bleeding after a reasonable start. After the penalty miss we looked slow and predictable. I wasn't alone in finding it difficult to work out who were the part time, away side. And the choice of subs? Beyond belief. Still one more step in the quest but we better play better next Friday or we could be the team that turns the tangerines around.
  5. While I think this thread is premature, I'll dive in. The last few teams to be promoted DIDN'T end up in a relegation battle. Quite the contrary. They challenged at the top end. Given the belief we have in our management team and the backing they got from the new board, what makes you think it a certainty that we would be strugglers
  6. Hardy didn't look interested when with us on loan. Seemed to think he was too good for the likes of St. Mirren. He was subsequently let go by his parent club and probably bfelt he had to up his game to get a gig. It happens on a regular basis. Jack had to go with the assumption Hardie would have been, once again, an uninterested loanee.
  7. Hate is just a word. A descriptive one. Strong, on the other hand, is a strong word.
  8. Jack Talks Tactics

    JR's philosophy is to win the second ball. Punt the ball up and the defender clears it. Your players are faster in mind and body to get to that ball. It has the same effect, if played well, as punting the ball and not caring if it goes out of touch in the oppositions first 25 yards.
  9. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    5? Are you sure? They must be among the ones nobodies quoted.
  10. Jack Ross the Hero By My Grandson(aged 9) Jack Ross came here, To have a little argument I thought. But soon after that, The grip on Ayr United was caught. We finished in seventh, And stronger than ever. And as the season came to a close, Everyone thought he was clever. He got to the top, And we were excited. But Dundee United hot on our heels, Was everything needed for a league to be lighted. He nearly moved down South, To where The Colliers were playing. But stayed up North, So there he sits laying. He will always be a Buddie, From playing days to managing young. And within the Black and White Army, The name Jack Ross will always be sung.
  11. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    I've said for a while now that Livi are our main contenders but we shouldn't be beaten 4-1 by any team in the league with 11 on the park. This will certainly show if the players are up for it enough to bounce back.
  12. I might be wrong but my reading of this is that porks is just saying JR was diplomatic in his rejection of Barnsley.
  13. I heard he changed his name to Fu Manchcity.