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  1. Is it a league? Quite a simple question. If the whole thing was one league there would be no promotion and only relegation at the very bottom. Last season we'd have been classed as 19th. Not 7th.
  2. But is it a League? Do each team play each other to decide who finishes top? Do they amass points and goal difference? Is there relegation from and promotion to it from the, ahem, league below?
  3. I believe we saw a cameo appearance from O'Keefe in the Irn Bru diddy cup final. Under 10 minutes if I remember correctly and, even with that limited introduction a lot of us felt he has something special about him. This might be his breakthrough year. A silver lining in a very cloudy performance.
  4. You mean the Scottish premiership isn't a league?
  5. When did the Scottish Premiership League disappear?
  6. Hardly free. £45 for adults and £32 for kids to watch their strip fall apart.
  7. That's all well and good Poz but that performance was nothing short of shocking, Insipid, gutless and devoid of ideas. If we play twice as good against Falkirk I'd hazard we'd still be in trouble. I honestly spent a lot of the game counting the players as I was sure we were two men short. Couldn't pass. Couldn't keepm the ball. Didn't look up to see what was available and their keeper could have sat in the stand watching the game.
  8. I'm no paying for any buddie to take their kit off.
  9. He got "their" right but there you go, There are many who think they're always right but when they're spelling grammar, "grammer", they're wrong. So there. Their way isn't the right way.
  10. Their GRAMMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Not just the supporters that were steamin' then?
  12. That's certainly the way it reads but should it really take this long to fix a card machine?
  13. I thought Danny deserved another go given how his last season ended. BUT I understood why some folk felt otherwise. At the end of the day, the folly wasn't who we got rid of. It was who we kept and who we didn't bring in. Danny does deserve his accolade and, having met him during his tenure and since, I think he is a true gentleman of the game.
  14. Motherwell gave him his chance to play for the big team he craved so they're a different kettle of fish. We would just be a last resort. I.M.O.