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  1. Dumbarton back in it. Ayr lose on Tuesday, we win on Saturday and things will look a little brighter but I agree a draw in the Ayr v Dumbarton game would have been the optimum. We just need to back the team and hope they do the side of things they can affect.
  2. Wish you had posted this last night. It would have added to my grandkid's matchday experience but ordered tickets for the train last night.
  3. Heading to Paisley for the 09:53. First time on a train for more than a decade. What amazed me was the difference between single and return. How the F can it be cheaper to buy 3 returns than buying 3 one ways? Absolutely mental!! Then Weatherspoons for a pre match shandy and either bus or walk to the game. Post match dependant on eight year olds demeanour and/or result but drowned sorrows or celebratory swallay. Either way the temperance movement on this forum will be dismayed at my behavior
  4. More of this at Fir Park would be great.
  5. Bit the bullet and bought train tickets. £15 for the three of us return. A wee bit of a pain as we would have loved the camaraderie generated on a bus run.
  6. Are there any other buses been added to let late comers in? Originally we needed to hand the grandkid on to his estranged dad so couldn't get the bus both ways but that's been sorted so we've got him all weekend. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. No problem there. We'd just sit with a few cans and half bottle and share them with the kids!
  8. As long as they pick themselves up after the final defeat and grab 3 points midweek I don't care if they only brought 2 men and their dug to the final.
  9. Yes but aren't they're likely to be rip offs with the clubshop making nothing from it.
  10. OR. Ayr could lose both games and we could be facing them 1 point behind with a game in hand. All ifs and buts. What is sure is we'll have a full week to rest and train before facing Ayr who have 3 games in 8 days. It might just be the platform we need.
  11. At the end of the day we have to look at the positives. We are on a great run and were within one result, (Raith), of being 8th. Keep this momentum going and we will survive. Still looking for favours but not as many as we were.
  12. OY!! It's feckin' dinner time you know. Are you trying to encourage involuntary bulimia
  13. Memories are all that's left. Lest we forget......................................... Aye! That's likely.
  14. Memories are all that's left. Lest we forget......................................... Aye! That's likely.
  15. Even I am starting to believe. If it's not then it's likely to be pretty damn interesting.