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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This. No room for sentiment but if he's contributing effectively and we have room then I'll be delighted for the club to help Clarkson out during his recovery and rehabilitation.
  2. I'm not passing judgement prematurely Drew but I am concerned we may be going down the same route IM and DL did. This will only be a problem if Jack and Jim have picked the wrong players.. This is why I said I hope we have a "Fergie" type as our manager. Not overly concerned but cautious nonetheless.
  3. Seriously? Why? Did Celtic pay for the advertising spot? If so then, no problem. If they got it for free then, yes, disgraceful.
  4. And this song could make it onto the mainstream radio if it keeps selling. Hope it helps.
  5. And the rest. Been enjoying them while travelling between sites.
  6. Petty to say the least. The fans didn't win the game and any sectarian bias of the playing staff would have been counterproductive. I look on it as a triumph of a man who was well ahead of his time and took an ALL Scottish, in fact, all West of Scotland, Scottish team to the highest point any club can go. It's almost up there with the last all Scottish team to win a domestic trophy.
  7. I can't see anything but humiliation in this one. Strachan to be sacked soon after. Every cloud and that.
  8. I thought it was a great performance from the Dons until they ran out of steam. All round an enjoyable game. Stockley should have been off the park for the assault on Tierney though. Lucky man.
  9. Why is realism a negative? I haven't said it's all doom and gloom. I have simply pointed out a fact. We are going down the route of bringing in players from JR's previous club and other lower league players. This was done by a previous manager and it didn't work out too well. I reiterate. I hope JR is a gem in the Fergie mould and the players are a success. As far as us being tagged "negative". We are not alone in being cautious.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I must admit to being curious to see how anyone can answer their own posts THREE times. But,............ nah,....... not getting drawn in. Still on ignore.
  11. I hope I'm wrong but this smacks of a certain other manger's intake from predominately the lower league. Unless most of these lads are for the future I pray we have another Fergie as some suggest otherwise the feelgood factor could be replaced by the fear type.
  12. As his reputation grows, (if he is successful), so will the eagerness of players to join him in his quest. We've slid down the snake, now we may be climbing the ladder.
  13. I actually thought Wardlaw was just starting to get up to speed with full time football towards the end of his time with us.
  14. Kirkpatrick scored 17 goals from midfield last season so perhaps a potential replacement for Stevie. I think he was Alloa's No.10. If I'm right he played well in the second leg of the semi final play offs and took a good penalty in the shoot out. Welcome aboard Ross and Jordan.