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  1. Shankland

    It's easy to forget that everyone was shit in the first half of last season, and Shankland certainly wasn't the worst. From what I've heard, McCall is good at getting his players to believe in themselves and telling them how good they are. Shankland probably needed that after his second spell with us and his time at Morton.
  2. Yesterday was tough to watch, but at the end of the day we won, and that actually is the be all and end all at this stage. It's actually brilliant that whilst missing 3 out of 4 first choice defenders and probably our second best midfield player we are sitting here at the top of the league. There were problems yesterday of course. We were far too casual in possession, and we always look shakey at the back. We struggled to build momentum because the passing was off, and therefore resorted to the long ball too often. Also, Morgan, McShane and Reilly all had poor games by their standard. Having them all struggling at once is unusual. I've not seen Reilly shackled so well this season, the big CB really had his number. I would say we haven't really played all that well since the Dundee United game, but we are 9 points out of 12 and top of the league. That's brilliant. Next two games are away, which is a real test. Home form has been great for a while now, but serious question marks over our ability away from the 2021. I reckon four to six points from those two games would really make a statement that we are genuine contenders this year.
  3. Lewis Morgan

    Yeah, Todd moved to the right to help Smith deal with Dykes. When he got injured we needed to bring on another big guy to play on the right, which Stewart did until Dykes moved up front, then subsequently got subbed.
  4. Lewis Morgan

    Stewart came on for Todd because Queens still had Dykes playing left wing at the time, and before Todd swapped with Cammy Smith, Dykes was absolutely dominating the two Smith's in the air. Needed another big man on the right.
  5. QoS Game

    I thought it was definitely a foul, but from where I was sitting it was obviously outside the box, and would have been a bad call by the ref if he'd given the penalty, though TV pictures maybe show differently. McFadden trying to take the free kick inside the box though was just stupid. Thought both Smiths, Reilly, McGinn and Morgan were all good today. Samson was really solid behind the makeshift defence as well. Dominated his box and took the pressure off. The difference between him and the flappy fat mess in the other goal was huge. Probably should have done better with the goal mind you.
  6. Disgrace

    It is absolutely mind boggling that people are still finding this so hard to understand.
  7. Disgrace

    But people did turn up early. It took them at least an hour and twenty minutes to clear the full volume of people. I turned up 25 minutes before the game, and stood in a queue for 25 minutes. At no point was there no queue. There wasn't no queue then five minutes before kick off everyone appeared, so what time should everyone have been there at? 1? 1.30? Was the ticket desk even open then? Trying to blame the fans for this f**k up is really poor.
  8. Disgrace

    The club were the only people to blame. If everyone had turned up at 2 pm, some people would have still have missed kick off. The queue started at around 2pm and everyone was finally in around 3.20, going by what's been posted on here. People arriving at different times should have actually helped, if everyone had actually turned up at 2pm, like some idiots seem to think they should have, it would have been worse.
  9. Disgrace

    In terms of the catering, they just f**ked themselves on that one. I would have probably got something, but due to the massive queue, the amount of time it took to get in, and the general air of incompetence around the place I didn't bother.
  10. Disgrace

    It was a total shambles to be fair. You can't really pin this on the fans who went to the game, not matter how very hard some people will try. I turned up at 2.35 and got in at three, and I thought I'd got there pretty early. It's not like 5000 fans turned up, it was a quite big away support, but there were probably more at Falkirk and Easter Road last season and they coped just fine. The guy in the ticket booth was blaming St.Mirren (not that I actually asked), but I find it hard to believe that Dunfermline honestly thought only a couple of hundred people were going to turn up. Whoever's fault it was, it definitely wasn't the fans, who were the ones who got shafted, again.
  11. We went to a back 4 early in the game yesterday. Stelios pushed up into midfield and was subsequently hooked at half time. We lost two goals against the back 4. Defence is a big issue as a three or a four. They are very exposed against pace and under the high ball, and we really struggle to pick up the second ball. Dunfermline's forwards barely won a header all day, apart from Higginbotham who destroyed Stelios. The ball either went over the top, or the second ball was picked up by a later runner. I thought Dunfermline were really good to be honest. They were quick, attacking and always had an option. They pressed hard and looked really fit, and were by far the best team we've played this season. That's the standard we need to be at to win this league.
  12. I agree to be honest, defensively we were not great yesterday, though it seemed to me more a collective problem with the system, rather than any one player. Their first goal is a bad one, three defenders there, and none of them come out to close the pass (McGinn was already beaten), and none of them pick up the runner. It's ok to say the midfield should cover better, but there are only two of them, one of the centre halfs should have stepped out there.
  13. We are lucky to have him. A cup winning legend, and hopefully a league winning legend this season. An all time St Mirren great, absolutely no argument.
  14. How come Collum is doing so many of our games anyway? Has his ineptitude become too apparent and he's being quietly shunted down the leagues? He was really shit today, though I was enjoying Stelios ripping the pish out of him at his substitution
  15. Great result. Probably not our best performance, but it's an important win, and we are very much in this here. Next week should be a belter. Ross really has been a breath of fresh air for this club. The new signings he's brought in this summer have all been good, but for me Samson has been the pick of the bunch. It's been a while since we've had a goalkeeper we can really rely on the way we can with him. Controls his box, makes great saves, and strong on the 1 on 1. In most games he's made saves at vital times which have provided a bedrock for our victories. Signing him was just another masterstroke from our manager.