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  1. I'll be 44 next month. First game I remember going to was Saints v Tampa Bay Rowdies, about 1980 I think. My dad took me and my younger brother to that but didn't take us to many games over the years - the 87 cup semi final and final were two notable ones he did take us to though. Another reasonably early memory was my uncle taking us to the Saints v Feyenoord game. We were in the away end if I remember correctly. I remember almost nothing about the game. Grew up in St James Street so went with my mates from about age 10 or 11 as it was just around the corner. Getting a lift over was a laugh, until some guy said I should be lifting him over, which stopped me in my tracks... I've never remembered being anything but a St Mirren fan.
  2. Ah, that old chestnut - squirrels love chestnuts. Squirrels are in fact pigeons - it's a little known fact that has nothing to do with black, or white for that matter, but leads gently off the path I mistakenly started going down before realising I was going the wrong way. And you probably wouldn't understand the logic - it's counter-intu...
  3. You're wrong - it was a squirrel. Don't worry about not understanding the...
  4. Just to let you all know that black is white. I know everyone else says black is black, but it's not. Dont worry about not understanding the logic. Not everyone is clever enough - it's non-intuitive. If you don't think that black is white, please demonstrate how you have come to this conclusion. I'll be setting a question completely unrelated to this later to deflect everyone's attention. Look - a squirrel!
  5. "Imagine it was something it wasn't rather than what it is..."
  6. I didn't think it was at the time, and the footage I've seen doesn't really convince me otherwise. He won't be taking any chances in future, that's for sure.
  7. Gary Mack POTY for me, McGinn goal vs TNS my goal of the season. Lots of great goals though, and lots of players in the frame for the big award.
  8. I see Hibs fielding strong lineups, but with a sprinkling of youth in certain areas. It's what other teams with meaningless end of season games do, so they'll be no different. A no pressure situation for youth to get a game alongside experience. What they will lack is intensity unfortunately. I see tomorrow night's game being the most intense of their performances, as the team will have got a bollocking from Lennon after their start on Saturday, and want to make amends with a more spirited display. After that, I think they'll find it tough to really go for it in the remaining games, meaning it's up to the opposition to take advantage.
  9. What are the chances, eh... [emoji102]
  10. From first glance, that would seem the obvious answer, which I sense you're going to tell me is wrong. It's not one in 7 is it? [emoji39]
  11. We'll know more after Hibs play Raith. It is in our own hands to stay up, and Saturday is as crucial as any match we've had for many years.
  12. To be fair that is what McGinn is like, and one of the things that make him a good captain. We have lacked someone to give bollockings to team mates since Goodwin left, and even he didn't administer the kind of verbals that McGinn has doled out a few times now. Remember Stelios after the 2nd goal in the 6-2 win over Ayr? McGinn leads by example so often, but is also able to motivate in other ways... On the O'Brien passback debacle, he clearly thought it was more of a clearance than a backpass as he would have been more than able to hoof it. He won't make the same mistake again. Time to show his mettle though, and start coming for crosses. Teams are now targetting us with cross balls and high balls into the box - if Billy came out and punched a couple it would give his defence a bit more confidence in him, and possibly stop teams doing it so often.