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  1. Will you go back to sitting silently on your hands in the family stand then?
  2. Stephen Mallan

    His dad on Twitter making it clear he's fit and flying in training. Their manager has had some criticism from fans for not including him.
  3. Misery Guts V Happy Clappers

    I am an optimistic fan. I get as pissed off as anyone after a defeat, but I try to keep my frustrations to myself rather than infest the forum with them. I tend not to post for a day or two after a bad defeat, to allow myself time to think more rationally about things - it's easy to say or post things in the heat of the moment that make you feel silly later. Better to hang fire, or you might find yourself trying desperately to back up the stupid opinion you posted in the immediate aftermath of the offending match...which with careful thought you've realised is not as valid as you first thought...
  4. Darryl Duffy

    I'm sure he'll biryani chasnis that come his way and poppadom in the net. Hope to see our players kissing the bhajis if they stop falling off our tops... Duffy won't start tomorrow, but will chapati door of the first team with his performances before long
  5. Darryl Duffy

    If you mean Sutton, Duffy is 5 months younger than Sutton. Anyway, the signs are that Sutton is staying. I might be totally wrong in this, but i can see Ross Stewart (striker) being sent on loan for a few months now.
  6. Speculation Thread

    Unless you were playing football in the Indian league that's irrelevant...
  7. Speculation Thread

    Spot on. What is the point in slating the guy before he's even kicked a ball for us?
  8. Forum Upgrade

    Loving the new layout, and also the new features.
  9. Speculation Thread

    I've not seen how he's done in training and trials - the manager has. He starts with a clean slate for me.
  10. Speculation Thread

    Excellent - have fun with that...
  11. Speculation Thread

    Possibly, but we have been linked with Kane for months and I'm sure the player would rather come here than to Dumfries. Anyway, we'll have enough good strikers to not worry about Kane.
  12. Speculation Thread

    I'm assuming Jack prefers Du - the other striker... Having worked with Kane before, he would know all about his attributes so I'm assuming he'd rather someone else.
  13. Speculation Thread

    Let's hope he's not a huge tit...
  14. Speculation Thread

    Was actually thinking the only way he could come was on loan. Good signing for them.
  15. Brian Graham