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  1. St Mirren Contract thread

    I think the majority can see Jack's quality, which is improving all the time. Playing and training beside players like McKenzie, Davis and Eckersley will only help him develop further. Why are some so keen and quick to write young players off? And then to continue with the same spiel rather than admit they might have been hasty in their appraisal?
  2. Danny Mullen

    I agree. I've said before we could be doing with a defensive midfielder in there for certain games as neither McGinn nor McShane are defensive minded players. Defence gets little protection at times due to the team's attacking mindset.
  3. Danny Mullen

    Transfermarkt.com. 8 assists and 5 goals. [emoji106]
  4. Danny Mullen

    McShane is our top assister this season with 8. Seems to create plenty...
  5. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    He'll be on the bench as soon as he's ready imo, as he's one of our best centre backs. McCart going back to Celtic, Buchanan not in the same class as Gary. From there it's up to Jack Baird to keep his place with continuing good performances.
  6. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Yep - bench first as I said. No need to rush him back into the starting lineup.
  7. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    There was talk of Gary Mack being available for the Brechin game, so would hope that with another week's training under his belt, he would have a good chance of perhaps making the bench, depending on how he's coped in training.
  8. Danny Mullen

    Sometimes He leaves open goals, which I can't resist taking advantage of...
  9. Danny Mullen

    What is McShane so great at? Well, from midfield he's got 5 goals and 8 assists - that's the most assists of anyone in our team alongside Morgan. So along with his passes made and receied stats, he's also doing pretty well on assists, as well as goals. Get us more anonymous players Jack!
  10. Danny Mullen

    Because he's a bitter bawsack possibly?
  11. Danny Mullen

    Aye, saw that. Mystery injury before their Scottish Cup game then bumped since then. Looking forward to seeing him in the stripes.
  12. Danny Mullen

    Fair enough. We need a better squad. 1 or 2 injuries and we could struggle so might be a decent signing Injury to Cammy Smith v Dumbarton showed we needed something else up front. Great to have that now. Livi fans not happy...
  13. Danny Mullen

    It's not an emergency - that's just the name given to the short term loan. Could be that Cammy Smith has picked up another knock or could be no emergency at all. Gets him in before we sign him permanenty in January. Great to have with big games against Dunfermline and Utd coming up. Having a new player bursting to impress won't do any harm.
  14. Danny Mullen

    To get him in now as other clubs were interested.
  15. Danny Mullen

    Played 42 games for Livi last season, and has missed the last 6 weeks through injury. Not like you to be hilariously negative about something the club does...