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  1. Stelios just tweeted a photo of himself at St Mirren Park...
  2. As a father of a 13 year old daughter who is a huge fan of Ariana Grande, wanted to go to this concert and has several friends who did go (all safe thankfully), I am heartbroken when I think of parents who will have lost their children, or children who will have lost parents. All so senseless and unnecessary.
  3. Someone's having a tantrum... Must be past your bed time - cheers for the suggestion by the way... [emoji23]
  4. He's way out of the picture at Aberdeen. Can't see anyone paying a fee for him so would've been pointless and harmful to the boy for them to try to get one. Has a real chance of reigniting his career with us.
  5. I agree completely, but I think I have a point when I say nobody would weep at his absence... ETA: I think the season ticket counter, and the "sell 1,000 season tickets" line, is largely a marketing ploy to get people driving towards a target, getting friends, relatives, strangers on the street to sign up to a season ticket. I would imagine the club will agree to the fans request for the whole stand if they get anywhere near 1,000 STs.
  6. It's a defiinite tactic to sell season tickets, and to engage the fans, what with the counter and the fans trying to get mates and relatives to sign up to try to get over the line. It's a good ploy.
  7. Give it a rest. The other stands are available to you - I'm sure nobody will weep at your absence...
  8. Would expect Stelios to stay - maybe get that tied up this week...?
  9. Aye, shame for the big lad. Never really got a look in, so not sure if he could have done a job. Jack and James saw him at close quarters for a few months though, so I trust their judgement.
  10. Great signing. Was one of our best players in the run in, despite the lack of goals. Always posed a threat, always causing defenders problems with his movement and tenacity. Well chuffed, and a 2 year deal is good business.
  11. Cammy Smith.
  12. Stelios & Cammy Smith.
  13. Right, here goes. Money Wilson McLaughlin McWhirter Black Teale Fitzpatrick S. McGinn Scanlon Torfason McAvennie This may change, by the hour...
  14. All done now, according to Douglas McNeil on twitter. We await the announcement...
  15. Too difficult to name an 11, so I'll name a few in each position, which might help me decide. My memory spans back til about 83 I think. Goalkeepers? Campbell Money, Ludovic Roy, Billy Thomson Full backs? Tommy Wilson, Derek Hamilton, Tom Black, Jack Ross Centre Backs? Peter Godfrey, Barry McLaughlin, Norrie McWhirter, Scott Walker Central midfielders? Tony Fitzpatrick, Billy Abercrombie, Jim Goodwin, Ricky Gillies, Andy Dorman, Stephen McGinn, John McGinn Wide Midfielders? Ian Scanlon, Junior Mendes, Gary Teale, Kenny McLean Strikers? Torfason, McAvennie, McDougall, McGarvey, Thompson, Goncalves, Lavety, Yardley Some shoehorned in, some perhaps not the favourite of some, but all players who I have admired. I may try and narrow it down to an 11, but I'll not be happy...