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  1. John Sutton

    He's a Master Baiter, some would say...
  2. John Sutton

    Total pish. There are some strikers who were as prolific as they'd ever be at 21, but these are the exception rather than the rule. Most take time to develop into the players they later become - especially bigger strikers. Players like Drogba, Shearer, Kane, Diego Costa - none of them were anywhere near 20 goal a season players at 21. Stop having a go needlessly at a young player and try to get behind the team - the one which is top of the league, remember? I struggle to accept that you are a grown man with the endless stream of nonsense you post. Getting back to the other player in your post, Sutton is nearly 34, and making sensible use of him will get the best out of him, which is what we've done so far, and will no doubt continue to do over the winter months, as the pitches become less accommodating for great football and the weather adds its own effects.
  3. Lewis Morgan

    Speculation only means something if there is some foundation to it. Time will tell I suppose.
  4. Gary McKenzie

    Jack said in his post-match interview after the Raith game that Kyle would be back in training from last Monday (9th October). I think Davis is possibly a week or two behind Kyle from other comments Jack has made.
  5. Lewis Morgan

    A report in the "ever-accurate" Record, quoting a report in the "defender-of-truth-and-integrity" The S#n On S#nday? Something tells me not to take this overly seriously...
  6. Injury Updates

    As far as I am aware there is no fallout with the manager, but unlikely to play any time soon.
  7. Injury Updates

    Have to say I'm also very disappointed Davis isn't fit yet, but when he is he will make a huge difference to our defence, and I am far more relaxed about the situation at the moment given we're top of the table without 3 of our most influential and important players.
  8. Injury Updates

    Magennis was said to be back in training this week according to Jack's post-match interview on Saturday. Unlikely to feature this weekend, Davis not far off being back in training I believe. Mackenzie another kettle of fish sadly. No idea when we'll see him again.
  9. Ross Tokely

    Well you manage to do that to your posts on here with such skill that we have you marked you down as a total buffoon of a man. Well done...
  10. Ross Tokely

    Undoubtedly...and thankfully - for me. [emoji6]
  11. Ross Tokely

    *Cringe* [emoji102]
  12. Ross Tokely

    Can't imagine anyone has ever described him as a "fun guy"...
  13. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Another tough away game. As stated before the Dunfermline game, we need to improve our away form if we want to be challenging for the title come the end of the season, and we need to end this Dumbarton hoodoo we've had since we got relegated. Hopefully McGinn enjoyed his rest and comes back with batteries recharged, and Morgan enjoyed the change of scenery representing the U21s, and we can get into our groove quickly on Saturday. An early goal could make all the difference - providing it's for us... Any chance of seeing any of our previously injured players make some sort of appearance I wonder?
  14. Entry was half price - if that didn't hint to you that it wasn't considered an important match, how come thousands of other fans managed to twig that it would be a team of fringe players and youngsters? Don't blame the manager or club for you being too dim to grasp the lack of importance of the game.