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  1. The only issue might be policing that end with bigger clubs bringing more fans I imagine. It is a travesty that we ended up losing the stadium that means so much to so many of us because of all the extra money we had to raise to meet their stupid requirements.
  2. They should have stopped being a bit stupid more like. If only we could turn back the clock - would mean so much to still be there.
  3. In that case they'd just be barred from using that end I suppose. Should've been sorted years ago, but wouldn't stop them going up.
  4. Trophy Day

    They better not move the Livi game to the 13th - I can't go to that. Along with not being able to make the Morton game the following week this would be torture...
  5. No requirement for undersoil heating - just a "pitch protection system", or covers as we used to call them. The 6,000 seats is also no longer a requirement. They realised a few years ago they were being stupid with these measures being required of clubs who couldn't afford them. And also that there was no reason for demanding them.
  6. I disagree with your Ton source, as I've read from a few Ton sources of my own - as well as knowing that the ground requirements were largely removed in recent years. So I would have to say *you're* wrong.
  7. Trophy Day

    Friday for me, for selfish reasons - make it happen BT/Alba...
  8. The requirements for the Premiership are the same as those for the Championship I believe, meaning no work will need to be done.
  9. Trophy Day

    Morton game moved to Friday suits me - I'm going on Holiday on the Saturday...
  10. Wouldn't cost them anything, other than funding players to help them compete, but that would come from the added cash they'd get from being in the top league.
  11. Hope Thistle stay up - always an enjoyable short trip and some great pubs. Hamilton and Ross County for me.
  12. As I said last week, Livingston at home looks like the day - 14th April at St Mirren Park. Having said that, I didn't bank on Livi and Utd both dropping points consistently as they have been recently, and did bank on us possibly dropping points. It's likely to be the first weekend in April if current trends continue...
  13. Ton 's Debt

    They got more income in, they paid out in wages to keep us up. Take a look at the accounts - there were a lot of differences in figures from last year if you took the time to look, rather than speculate wildly on here using your incredibly limited knowledge. Would you rather we made a big profit and paid a load of tax on it, and that we were struggling on the pitch? That would give you another angle to come from with your constant whining...
  14. Ton 's Debt

    Didn't want to get bogged down in accounting jargon - simpler to keep it simple for Lord Pitiful ya know...
  15. Josh Todd

    Well I suppose you could forget there was another Josh Todd thread, given that it hadn't been posted on for at least 7 hours beforehand, and was about the third or fourth thread down...