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  1. Scored a decent amount of goals despite not holding down a place. I've never met the boy, therefore it'd be completely unfair of me to question his attitude.
  2. Agree Hardie a good bit better than the opinion many on here have of him.
  3. Agree pretty much with what you've said. My reply to the the forum eejit was framed to respond to his ridiculous jibes aimed at Danny Lennon, as if it was obvious Mooy was a multimillion pound talent. I remember him being homesick, and always thought he was a little lightweight, but fair play to the boy as he's made the most of his talent. City took Mooy as he'd done well in Australia and was with their sister club, so it was always a chance for them to make a wee bit of money.
  4. I implied nothing of the sort - I stated simple facts. You won't have to go far to be proven wrong -Man City loaned him to Huddersfield. [emoji106] The fact is he was released by every club until his latest proposed move. That's not to say he hasn't shown talent & promise over the years, but at no point until now has he been a £10 million player, as one confused poster stated he was when we let him go...
  5. I never called him a reject. Melbourne passed him onto the sister club who then loaned him to a lower league cub. He was released from his contract each time he left a club - everything else is speculation... [emoji6]
  6. He's no the brightest mate. His obvious agendas are mildly amusing though...
  7. As classy as you still having a go at a manager who left the club 3 years ago? The boy played for 3 clubs with no transfer fee - plus a year on loan at another - between leaving us and the 'big windfall'... You managed to work out the percentage of managers working in Scottish football right now who have won more major honours than Danny Lennon yet? [emoji23]
  8. Going by Thick Cat's posts on here, Jack Ross will be hounded for life no matter what he does for us. Such a strange guy is TC...
  9. Any reputable source for that £100k figure? Or are you happy just to go with anything that will further your agenda...?
  10. He didn't. Wasn't a £10m player at that point. Arrived at Saints for nothing from Bolton. Left Saints on a free to go to Western Sydney Wanderers. They then also released the "£10 million player" for zilch, and he went on to Melbourne City. He left them - also for free would you believe? Signed for Man City and was immediately loaned out to Huddersfield, where he impressed and is now about to sign for them permanently for a fee in the region of £10 million - a drop in the ocean for newly promoted Huddersfield, guaranteed at least around £100 million even if they finish bottom of the league. Imagine every club he's ever played for letting Mooy go for nothing, until he finally went for what is huge sum to most teams, but peanuts to a team in the English Premier League... FFS...
  11. After the hullabaloo surrounding the Dundee interest, I'll be giving the speculation a miss this time. I'd hope Jack himself would rule himself out having just agreed a new deal, as we can't keep giving him a rise each time a club shows interest in him.
  12. Pleased with this signing. I think we might see the difference a manager/assistant can make to a player. Reilly as scored a lot of goals at this level, and is a great addition. Seems quite two footed and quite quick, some really composed finishes.
  13. I think if McCann wanted him we wouldn't be speaking to Dundee about signing him. Just my take on it - could be wrong of course.
  14. Dundee don't want Loy - they want him off the wage bill, so they need to cut him a deal for the last year of his contract or keep paying him for not playing. We won't be paying a fee.
  15. Aye, but it's mainly election shite...