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  1. Unfortunately, this is what I see. Not a fan of the strip.
  2. Buffs


    Hope they get pumped by Connahs Quay. Killie fans are giving it the Billy big baws attitude. Need brought back to their level.
  3. As long as you laughing. All is good.
  4. Change the title then the thread could be relevant.
  5. Title of this thread is disrespectful to the man who who orchestrated our great escape and preserved our top league status. Pretty poor thread In my opinion.
  6. If St Johnstone hadn't been on holiday mode against Hamilton, this farce would have been avoided,. It's all their fault. [emoji41]
  7. Unfortunately we are shite at putting chances away. * Hamilton keeper still not had a save to make* *Trying to tempt fate.
  8. Great 3 points after an awful start. Great comeback and the team showed they do have the stomach for a fight. Well played.
  9. That's the full set. Penalty miss Defensive f**k up Red card. Really disappointing.
  10. I'd take a point right now. Off the bottom. Psychological advantage over Dundee for Saturday.
  11. f**kIN LACES THROUGH IT!!! FFS 1 down.
  12. Unexpected point. Well done Saints. [emoji106]
  13. Abysmal. God bless the winter break. [emoji112][emoji112]
  14. I hate it when I agree with elvis. I expect to lose but hope we win. Must be time for a beer.
  15. Absolute embarrassment. In 4 games against Livingston and Hamilton, lost all 4 scored 2 and conceded 11. Shambolic.
  16. Yet again, a team that can't buy a goal, score easily against us. Dismal.
  17. In the name of f**k. They have scored 3 goals away from home all season before this. Awful.
  18. Buffs


    Kilwinning Rangers 3. Banks o Dee 1.
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