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  1. Buffs

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    Unexpected point. Well done Saints. [emoji106]
  2. Buffs

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    Three perfect goals in a row.
  3. Jesus f**k. We are a charity case.
  4. Not watching this anymore. Damage limitation exercise already.
  5. Buffs

    Kilmarnock v St Mirren

    Abysmal. God bless the winter break. [emoji112][emoji112]
  6. Buffs

    Saint Mirren v St Johnstone

    I hate it when I agree with elvis. I expect to lose but hope we win. Must be time for a beer.
  7. Absolute embarrassment. In 4 games against Livingston and Hamilton, lost all 4 scored 2 and conceded 11. Shambolic.
  8. Yet again, a team that can't buy a goal, score easily against us. Dismal.
  9. Buffs

    Hibernian v St Mirren 5 Dec 18

    Do we practice defending set pieces?
  10. Buffs

    Saint Mirren v Hamilton 1 Dec 2018

    In the name of f**k. They have scored 3 goals away from home all season before this. Awful.
  11. Buffs


    Kilwinning Rangers 3. Banks o Dee 1.
  12. Buffs

    Sportsmans Dinners.

    Was at a sportsmans dinner last night in Kilwinning to raise money for local Scouts group. Peter Martin, Tam Cowan and George McNeill were the speakers. Peter is excellent at being the MC, very quick witted and picks out his prey from the audience early on. Tam was outstanding. I had heard he can sometimes be a hit or a miss but was on top form last night with his non PC humour. For the auction he brought a signed Motherwell top which one of my mates won for £80. Decent price. I was also sitting at a table with Alan Mahood. For an ex-ton he was a decent guy with some amusing stories. I've been to a few of these nights and would say Peter Martin, Tam Cowan and Alan Rough have been the best speakers. Any other recommendations?
  13. Buffs

    Sportsmans Dinners.

    Great night in Houston last night. Chick held an interview style chat with Steven and Barry talking about growing up together and both playing number 9 for their beloved St Mirren. Obviously ripping the pish out of one another. A quick vote of the 200 guests put Barry as the bigger St Mirren legend. Great food and drink and the guest speakers were excellent. Chick was on great form. Very quick witted. Wallet a bit lighter and head a bit delicate today.
  14. Had to be Miller. First goal for Dundee. We are the gift that keeps on giving.
  15. Buffs

    Irritating Words and Phrases

    Another shit one is when a game is level at 2 - 2, they refer to it as Desmond (as in Tutu).
  16. Buffs

    Sportsmans Dinners.

    Going to a dinner in the River Inn in Houston on Saturday night. Chic Young is the MC with guests including Sir Steven Thomson, Sir Barry Lavety and James McFadden a long with another couple of guests. I have been warned by the missus to keep my hands in my pockets if their is a St Mirren related auction. Should be a cracking night.
  17. Buffs

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    Jammy scum bastards. Knuckle dragging fans wake up with more sectarian bile.
  18. Buffs

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    Brilliant defending.
  19. Buffs

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    Encouraging stats for a change. It is BBC stats, I know.
  20. Buffs

    St Mirren v Motherwell Wed 31st Oct

    Dreadful, f**king dreadful. Nothing else.
  21. Buffs

    St Mirren v Motherwell Wed 31st Oct

    Wish I had put a bet on this.
  22. Pizza and chips is bad for you? Shit. [emoji37]
  23. Buffs

    Irritating Words and Phrases

    Thrown under the bus. American shite.
  24. Buffs

    St Mirren v Motherwell Wed 31st Oct

    I suppose I'll make the effort to go to this. I now go expecting defeat but still hoping for a result. I predict 30 minutes in I'll be freezing and wondering why the f**k did I bother. You never know, I suppose.