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  1. So much for the promise that the official site would be the first to give St.Mirren fans news. At the time of writing they havent told us Shankland has left. We really are a bunch of amateurs at all levels playing and non playing
  2. We are in trouble with half the season gone but we have the ability to turn things round. One thing we need to do with clever PR is to get the other teams nervous of us . I remember John Brown at Dundee did this to us a few seasons ago and very nearly succeeded. It sounded over the top at times but it had me worried. Who better to come out with "we're coming to get you " threats than our CEO Tony Fitzpatrick who appears to be comfortable making statements a bit away from the norm
  3. Can anyone tell me if there is information anywhere on the size of StMirren support at away games. Just interested . Thanks
  4. Sorry. Sunday 19th February. On Alba
  5. Game scheduled for 16.10 on Sunday 18th February
  6. Born in Edinburgh. Supported St Mirren to be different and because they had a player with my surname. First game a 1 0 defeat at Easter Road in 1964. Really caught the bug that day. My Dad who had no interest in football took me to Love street for the first time in March 1966 to see a 3 2 defeat to StJohnstone. Bug turned into an obsession. Watched us play in Edinburgh and Dunfermline then on my second visit to Love Street on Christmas eve 1966 saw my first victory . St Mirren3 1 Ayr Utd -Archie Gemmell hat trick.. Next season in division 2 was old enough to travel to home and away games funded by paper and milk rounds. Since then I've been to most home and away games. Been easier since 1985 when I moved to Paisley for work reasons ( or so my wife thinks ). Lived in Paisley ever since
  7. I'm very clear that I bought it for one season only. I expected to pay for renewal but the opportunity was never presented.
  8. Official site at the time of writing is not advertising when the game will take place ( Tuesday 8pm). Do we not want to encourage people along. The heading on the home page still tells us its today although admittedly the article below does confirm the postponement. Newspapers and Spartans website have the information but not us. Spartans also euphemistically mention we have "challenges" with our heating system. We have many many "challenges" I'm afraid. Not convinced we are up to meeting them.
  9. I've never understood why people praise our youth system. It has produced a handful of players of premier league standard and revenue from sales probably only covers the running costs. Would we be any worse without it. The one hope is that HIbs flog McGinn for a tidy sum and we get our cut. That could be the saving of us.
  10. I am indeed puzzled in that case . Many people would be in that area and not all were thrown out. Methinks I,m missing something here . Perhaps there was concern regarding said gentlemans behaviour on the concourse. I dont know but hope it gets sorted
  11. Caldwell was indeed an excellent CEO. Regrettably the previous Board as one of their poor decisions appointed someone to succeed him who clearly is out of his depth. I can only assume SG and co presumed the appointment would please fans. Tony was a good footballer and loyal to the club. That doesnt mean he is a good CEO
  12. What is the concourse ? Is it the area between the wall and pitch. If it is , in 50 years I have never felt the need to enter it and wonder why anyone would wish to do so. What age is the person concerned. As he has a nephew in his late teens it seems he may possibly be of a relatively mature age and should know better. Perhaps a warning would have been more appropriate though.
  13. We are not a big club. But we are not down with the minnows either. As I'm an oldfellow with time on my hands I looked at our league positions in the last 70 years ie since WWII. Our mean average position is 12th. Our most common ( mode) position is 11th. We had a bad time in the early 70's ( we got as low as 29th)and in the early 2000's but that is balanced by our good spell in the eighties. So 12th seems about right. I've not looked at the figures but I imagine , Falkirk, StJohnstone and a few others are similar. I suspect that Motherwell and Kilmarnock would be well ahead of us . The 7 clubs from the major cities will be well ahead. At the moment we are 22nd which rivals the mid seventies and is certainly well below where we should be . Time for my afternoon nap now
  14. There are too many players with SEVCO connections , not just on loan. If it wasnt for the fact that Farrell is assistant I would have thought there were sinister goings on with Goodwin and Kelly leaving. I think its just that Rae is Rangers daft which is bad news for us as thats where his connections are. I thought there was a storm over nothing when he sat in with Rangers fans v Cellic but even that is now starting to annoy me.
  15. I see that it was Ryan Hardie who played for SEVCO colts on Wednesday and, it has been confirmed, he could theoretically play against us if they are drawn against us . This devalues the competition even more . What was a reasonable if unspectacular competition is getting turned into a farce. Its only purpose now seems to be for the benefit of Premier League sides, two in particular. It is shameful that we could be expected to field our strongest team against colts teams we were above in last years league . Equal nonesense is the inclusion of non league as well as Welsh and Irish clubs. I go to all the home and away games, probably due to OCD, but even allowing for my blind loyalty will give this a miss unless we confirm we are fielding an under 20 side. Even then I will not be travelling out of Paisley . Rant over
  16. If we don't finish top I think its only the four best second placed teams out of the eight sections that go through . Second place is no guarantee of getting through although hammering Edinburgh City would help
  17. This would be the fifth relegation I've experienced in 50 plus years supporting St Mirren home and away . Apart from the seasons we got promoted the rest of the time spent in lower leagues was depressing . There is nothing romantic about the places we will visit and often be beaten at . Dont really get the big deal about the Morton games.We spent so much time in a different league from Morton that our local derby was Kilmarnock . Why would we want to play at Cappielow - Partick is a much more enjoyable derby. Younger fans may enjoy going to new places but will get fed up soon . The publicity we get will drop dramatically . These are not good times . Please everyone, players and fans , get our mind in gear and stop this happening. It looks too late but it isnt.
  18. The BOD should be praised for keeping us within budget and debt free. That ensures a future. The BOD should be thoroughly ashamed over the way they have spent the money we have on poor managers and players. They should be ashamed of the poor PR coming out of the club and the laughable attempts on the commercial side to raise income . They should also reflect on the poor payback from the youth system compared to other clubs. In short they have been poor custodians of our club .
  19. Agreed ( although Callum Ball will come good). We need a manager not a coach . He must not come from within the club or have played for the club. We need a fresh face not just as manager but at all levels of this stagnant club . I would love to see Stepen Thompson as manager one day , but not yet .
  20. Feel exactly the same. For the last 47 years I have attended , I reckon , 95% of our matches home and away, sometimes 100%. I'm not quite sad enough to miss Weddings, Funerals etc and have missed the occasional game because of work . I even try , not always successfully, to organise holidays around games. That has caused a lot of friction at home and lots of things have been missed because of my obsession. I have witnessed the dreadful early seventies and the poor nineties.. This however is the worst I've felt . Having said that Danny's four years apart from one thing were poor as well but not as bad as this. I really lost interest at Hamilton on Saturday. That has never happened before. I do not blame the manager or players . He and most of the players are out of their depth but they were employed by us and have rights. The blame lies with those who run the club . I applaud the BOD for getting us out of debt. They have been successful in that . They have however spent the money we do have foolishly and made poor decisions and thats why we are where we are. I also dont think our infrastructure is all it should be . Our youth and commercial set ups appear inadequate to me although I'm no expert so maybe I'm being unfair. We really have not developed at all since coming up 9 years ago. I sense an apathy around the club and a staleness at all levels. That needs a major shake up . At previous AGMs there has been a smugness from Mr Gilmour. It will be interesting to see if that continues tomorrow. Perhaps St.Mirren has been too big a part of my life but whats happening now is a huge kick in the teeth . I feel pissed off and helpless.
  21. Pre season training about to start and hardly any signings. Not a good start. Other teams are getting their act together and we as usual haven't started. Have we not learned from last year ? Five signings ( of reasonable quality ) that the manager has actually seen as opposed to watching on screen are needed to cheer me up , by the weekend . Then another two next week .
  22. Cant help feelinfg Liverpool are the party that will suffer most because of the ban and they are not at fault. I bet Suarez doesnt lose a penny one way or t'other
  23. Excellent news if it comes about with a 2 year deal. Wonder if the Chairman would prefer the compensation money now more than a brilliant player in our team . Big transfer fee in a years time may be after the sale of the club . I'm sure being a true Saints man he would prefer Kenny to stay and the club get a big transfer fee in a year.
  24. Good point . Same could be said for Friday night games as I suspect ourselves and Thistle may be enthusiastic to try that again . I appreciate that most changes are because of televised games and Brian has no control over that but for those games not on TV that we want to change can we please do so now .
  25. The BOD are being very selfish in this . The situation must be resolved if we are to start planning for next season . Another start like last season will make their asset worth even less so it may rebound on them . Leaving that aside their treatment of Danny verges on cruel and shows them up as a bunch of heartless amateurs .Not the sort of way we want our club to be represented . I wonder how much they have been to blame for this season in putting uncertainties in the way..
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