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  1. Give the goalie a cup of tea at half time Jim and then rip 10 new arses because this is unacceptable.
  2. Another last ditch tackle saves a goal. Goal for Thistle coming here. We are so f**king poor.
  3. Thistle haven't played for 6 months. Got to hope they start to tire soon as this is way too even.
  4. Richard Tait is a class above. A couple more like him and we would be alright.
  5. No idea. Maybe like me they thought the captain wasn't available.
  6. I want to know. No reason for it to be a wee secret. I want to know if we sell off our best players for less than other clubs manage to get.
  7. No skill gap between the sides as far as I can see.
  8. Erwin ponderous - not slow enough to be slow but not quick.
  9. Thistle straight through tge middle. Great save by Alnwick. Could easily be 1 down.
  10. Agreed. But we should be told the fee. No good reason not too. BoD too used to keeping supporters and part owners in the dark. Not good enough.
  11. Shouldn't affect our bargaining position Mattman. We have a hard earned reputation for being tinpot and cheap as f**k.
  12. St Mirren as per usual playing the "undisclosed fee" pish on Magennis. Why does the Club make a secret of how much the Club receives for academy graduates? Not being open with the supporters who will of course be future owners. It will be an odd deal indeed if the transfer fee is less than the likely development fee. Get the facts out there!
  13. Ross will do us no favours.
  14. Seems to catch the eye of some decent clubs.
  15. Liam Burt without a club as transfer falls through. Attacking midfielder.
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