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  1. Agree with this. Doesn't help that the two Kyle's- our two most talented players- have made no contribution this season due to either injury or lost form. We need our creative players to be on top form. Jim has a massive job on his hands to turn this season round and change our mentality. We compete and generally run teams close but we never genuinely look like we believe we can win a game.
  2. With you all the way Bud particularly if you win the lottery. You will struggle to get shot of me. 😉
  3. Should have bagged a brace against Killie. Fingers crossed.
  4. Poor Hearts team. Manager sacked. Let's get stuck right in about them. High tempo. Hard tackling. 3 points heading to Paisley.
  5. Same here. Just getting wee updates from the other grounds. It's a hard shift.
  6. Livi 2 up and the Livi fan is singing your getting sacked in the morning.
  7. Listening to it in Radio Scotland and Saints play being complimented. Particularly Jon Obika.
  8. Should we be busting a gut to keep Sean McLoughlin in January or be happy to welcome back the high goal scoring Jack Baird?
  9. And possibly also a centre half and a left back and a goalie. Tough season.
  10. Might be just post defeat blues but I though Collum made the game too stop start with all his petty and mostly wrong calls on fouls.
  11. Kyle wasn't at it today. One of his poorer games.
  12. I thought we looked really well organised today. Andreu should have scored and we made a couple of chances even after going one down late on. Nothing between the two teams . We just need a break. Hope the injury to the drum isn't too serious 🐼
  13. Tickets available for the away end on the day as per usual from the Killie ticket office for anyone just rocking up.
  14. Nor much faith in our full backs going forward and getting a decent cross in.
  15. Mind and set the clocks back 50 years folks.
  16. Simeon currently on trial with Kilmarnock. Bring him back.
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