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  1. Players can also help their club. Kyle could sign a year extension to allow Saints to get a better fee. Not something our lot do. No more badge kissing please.
  2. Let's bring him home!
  3. Totally agree on Jim caring about St Mirren and we all remember him knocking back Hibs to stay as a player. He is a top guy no doubt. The problem is the quality of the football that his team is serving up. The team is playing poorer than last season.
  4. We play like a sparring partner that's not allowed to punch. Not sure I would go straight to a sacking but Jim needs some sort of help albeit he might be too stubborn to accept it. Austin MacPhee on a part time basis.
  5. Insipid is right. Who will help Jim with the tactics? Hard work alone will not get us out of this. Every team in this league works hard. We have no idea how to get the ball into goal scoring positions. We can't pick out a pass anywhere on the park and we can't score. Our attack plan today seemed to be lump it into Danny Rogers as he is dodgy. Cue Danny catching aimless crosses whenever they got far enough to reach him.
  6. We have been grim since the Rangers game. Total lack of belief across the team. We do not have a style of play. We set up to defend and fulfil our fixture. Utter pish.
  7. Grim stuff. We seem to be going through the motions rather than a team that believes it can win.
  8. Great day to be at St Mirren Park. Big noisy crowd. Packed stands. The things we are missing.
  9. That's the game bought. Just looking at the background picture of 8 very decent Saints players. Time for these boys to stop worrying about Jim's ever changing tactics, just nod at him and go out and pump this lot. COYS!
  10. Most likely. And shattered by having to play with no midfield in front of him every week.
  11. Still feel the Club have made a huge mistake not re-signing Popescu. Seems we have given very positive feed back to Hearts on his ability and character. Sore one for me.
  12. For sure. Brophy has looked excellent for them this season.
  13. My recollection of our play is that we had more about us. More purpose. We don't seem to even set up to win now. Its all counter play and chasing down. One week high press next week low press and apart from set pieces no football from us
  14. We played better last season. We pressed better, passed better and seemed to have more pace.
  15. Hate to say it but regardless of what looked like a few good signings we have gone backwards this season. Strange tactics, individual mistakes, poor passing and as ever no goal threat. Killie look favourites to win on Saturday.
  16. I fear nowhere near as good as Killie.
  17. Killie are a good, gutsy team. Weakest link might be their goalie. Better all round than us I'm afraid and they play to a system that they all know and are comfortable with. Difficult to see us getting anything from this.
  18. Best we have played for a while. Punished for a couple of defensive errors. If that's the big goalie's last game for us then it's a big thanks. Did very well. Thought the whole team played well tonight. Morias put in a shift and Erwin and Connolly look dangerous. Optimism fully restored. In Jim we trust.
  19. Big goalie has fitted in well. Playing well.
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