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  1. First things first. We need that independent investigation into the SPFL ASAP. Surely everyone agrees, scottish football has been in long term decline. Nothing personal, no agenda, but for them to refuse this, tells you all you need to know. If Rangers are wrong, they will be proven to be, so why not go for it SPFL? To resist only makes you and our game even more of a laughing stock. Please agree to the independent review for the sake of our game.
  2. I was down in Hagley last year for a wedding in the Hall there! Not a bad part of the world.

  3. I didn’t miss my wedding day but my 25th anniversary was spent with the wife watching us win the league cup[emoji4] Falkirk away in the Fergie era was always tasty but removing the Arabs from our bit of the North Bank in the cup was brilliant (we skated it 4-1) Never forgiven Motherwell for what they did to McGarvey in the first minute of the next round. Tudor bus, always first to leave and last back!
  4. No one thought Ferguson would take the crowd from 1500 to 15000 but he did. Attaching football and total belief persuaded many buddies to stay local. We can do that again and this time we only need to get half the number to fill the new ground. We can do that again and staying up would mean 3 pretty exciting seasons[emoji120] COYS!
  5. January 1976 Saints v Dundee United on ice. How the game was played I don't know, we wore trainers and they wore studs. Torrance (2), Stark & McGarvie. Not sure which was the best but we scored some fantastic goals that day. Also remember listening to the 4 goals Ally MacLeod scored in the night game at Ibrox in the League Cup (I think?) SMTID
  6. Have you listened to what Stubbs says in arriving at your view he is a nice bloke? He is always blaming others and taking a step back from responsibility, little wonder he can't get the players working for him, would you? Unless he gets that he is part of the team that is struggling badly and that the fans care about the club and he should too, then we are in for a very trying time. Better to stick with him now, but someone needs to read the riot act to Alan Stubbs tonight. His atitude is not how we do things here, ask Alex Rae!
  7. Look at what Stubbs says, he criticises everyone, nothing is good enough, individual mistakes, lack of desire. Well Alan, desire stems from the top and you won’t get that if you criticise them all. I feel sick when I hear or read your comments. Do you care about St Mirren? If not then F off now!
  8. The key to getting the fans inside is being authentic. Jack’s row in the stand was because he cared for the players who he knew were improving and for the club. AS appears distant and detached from the club ,the players and the fans. I hope he is really successful but in the short term he needs to start giving us something even if that is off the pitch while he gets the players playing his way. He is making a difficult job harder and if the fans attitude hardens, the club will be the losers. Tony, have a word! We love you for all the good you have given us, help AS before it is too late. SMTID
  9. Why were we no in for him? Where are you Alan Stubbs? You didn't stand aside for your favourite club did you?
  10. who give a f*ck what Alex are thinks, tosser!
  11. Jack has delt with this with a huge amount of dignity and respect for St Mirren and, for once, St Mirren has delt with a very difficult situation with a huge amount of dignity. How refreshing is that given the shambles that is Rangers and the arrogance that is celic? Well done Gordon! At least we didn't sack Jack for no reason whatsoever (Fergie!) I am far more grateful for what Jack has done for us than gutted that he and James have left and believe me, I am absolutely gutted, but we could not stand in his way. Jack Ross is SMTID, he played, he led, he managed, he delivered. Our club, Love Street and the new ground, The Northbank, Paisley and all we have loved together over the last 20 months will remain in his heart and wherever he is managing, he will send us players and look for our result. Good luck Jack, thanks for everything! SMTID
  12. Jack is a Buddie first and foremost and has explained the importance of loyalty and team work to the team on many occaisions. Jack's plan for the sale and loan back of Lewis Morgan was centered around his values and played on Jacks's and Lewis's love for the club and worked brilliantly. Jack has a superb future ahead, he is as good as, if not better than, Fergie at this stage and he should know that he has time on his side. Skip the Aberdeen phase, stay at Saints then come to West Brom (who I watch in exile!) before Old Trafford. Jack, I am not joking, please don't rush away! Yes for St Mirren but equally for you. Take your time, trust yourself and storm the SPL with your club! SMTID (just like Jack!)
  13. Jack is a Buddie, he stayed when Dundee came calling and the relationship he has with Stephen McGinn is based on their love of our club. He is ambitious and will want to win the league, listen to his interviews, he won't walk now but whether or not he will stay next season depends on just how ambitious we are going to be. Better clubs than Barnsley will come calling! Don't assume James would stay if Jack goes and while Jim is a legend, he is not a manger I am afraid. Jack orchestrated Lewis Morgan's move to Glasgow and will know how to manage his own career which is best served by winning the Championship and then sustaining SPL status next year. After that, Aberdeen then Manchester United are both within his capability. Never seen anybuddie more Ferguson than Jack! As proud to be a Buddie as Jack!
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