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  1. That’s the problem, ‘we are a small club’. Where is the vision Steve? What are we aiming for? A no bad small club? FFS!
  2. Any chance the club will put Fergie’s video on the website?
  3. Probably the best post I have read on here. Fergie became bigger than the club and Willie Todd shafted him. Fergie’s impact on our club was phenomenal and the board didn’t match his ambition. We owe Fergie!
  4. Scott Brown, FFS! This is getting worse by the second. We don’t need a novice or a prick. Let’s get Jack back now and stop this agony.
  5. Hagleybuddies

    New director

    Can we get renaming the station Paisley St Mirren on the top of his agenda? The original excuse was it would take 2 or 3 years to rework the scheduling and ticketing etc. It’s been 10 years now, let’s hope Alex can deliver.
  6. If we can’t stay in the prem without griffiths, then let’s get relegated. I don’t understand why others think he can benefit our family club. Who we are matters more than a few goals. Even if he would ever score them. Dundee dont Want him, celic dont want him, so how come we think he can do a job for us?. Wake up,FFS! Jim needs to think wider
  7. I have had a word and decided that I am right. At no point did I suggest Griffiths and goodwillie were comparable, the point I did make is that fans don’t want arseholes and boards have to listen when fans demonstrate their views that go beyond football. Would you want your young son looking up to Griffiths? Would you be proud to say that he was a buddie? Not fit to wear our shirt. And before you say it, he has had more chances than most.
  8. The board and the manager need to look at Raith Rovers. Griffiths is not fit to play football let alone be a Buddie!
  9. Tony Fitzpatrick, club legend! The only place he hasn’t served is in the Northbank, hope to see you there soon Tony[emoji4]. Do we know his last game in charge, hopefully a sell out.
  10. Not fit to wear our shirt, that’s for certain!
  11. One of my best and I wasn’t even there! Listening to the radio when we beat Rangers 4-1 at ibrox in the league cup and Ally MacLeod scored all 4. Brilliant! Beating Dundee United by the same score in the Scottish Cup at Love Street on the ice when I was there!
  12. JN sat entirely on his tod yesterday in the St. J directors box. No sign of the other directors or Tony. He needs to resign before the sfa hearing or the club needs to come out in support of him and move on. We can’t allow the sfa to decide the outcome. For me he can’t stay with any credibility.
  13. JN would have lost his job in the bank for this, the tweets aren’t those of a wee boy who doesn’t know any better. It is embarrassing in the extreme. Time for proper leadership from him, resign now and pay the fine personally.
  14. I protested along with a hundred or so others at the back of the stand the day they sacked him. What Fergie did for us was unbelievable, crowds up from 1,500 to 15,000 and those games against Clydebank! I just wish he could do us a wee favour with a player from united.
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