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  1. Read somewhere that his family live in Southampton area . Can see him playing for the likes of Bath , Weymouth , Aldershot or Salisbury next season .
  2. If he comes I think he will come in as part of a player / coach package . Thing is my feeling is we already have digned that player when we offered Ryan Flynn a new contract . I do though would like him to sign .
  3. What I like about Gogic is that he,s able to play in Central defence . Wouldn't be surprised to see him play next to big Joe next season .
  4. I think the player that can break up an attack and very quickly drive forward with the ball is hugely underestimated . Against St Johnstone Gogic did exactly that , which allows our attackers much more space to play in.
  5. I would like to see Gogic play in a back three and be the player that can carry the ball forward from defence or move into a holding midfield role if there is a change of set up mid game . As for Brophy, I always thought he played well , even if he wasn't among the goals . Our play is often too tippy tappy and allows teams to get behind the ball to easy . I'm hoping the players we are signing will allow us to transition from defence to attack a lot faster .
  6. I wouldn't put it past Jim Goodwin to put in a offer for Brophy.
  7. I'm expecting at least six signings from England. Martin Foyle isn't going to be a paid a wage for just recommending two or three players .
  8. My first thought was that Goodie was on £100k a year and the £250 comp was the outstanding balance of his contract was his agreed release fee . With a further £50k being compensation for Lee Sharp . I,m also wondering if the £85k mentioned as Robertsons release fee was a years wages and was maybe agreed in his contract . Purely speculation..just what I think .
  9. So , in the first instance I would have Jack Ross, failing that would interview Sharp and McManus and see what they have to offer .
  10. He,s got lots of experience in that department. Can still see him end up at Thistle.
  11. Suits their game plan of playing long to two big guys .
  12. And cover for central defence too , and able to play alongside power . Would be a good signing.
  13. Does that include the keeper going to Stenny ?
  14. Or he could be playing for Clyde thus evening
  15. They were there last season and getting regular game time .
  16. Could we see Jamieson and Jack go to Clyde on loan ?
  17. Think it's going to be a busy week , I think the following could happen . Cammy McPherson to St Johnstone for a small undisclosed fee . McGrath will go to a Championship/ League One club , reckon there's a couple of offers been accepted and the issue is what cut of the incoming transfer fee Jamie wants , whether he will stay at St Mirren and St Mirren get no transfer fee . Or whether he is desperate to get playing in England and be on a contract offering £7k plus a week . Main will end up going to an English lower league team on a try snd buy basis . Christian Dennis,s Agent looking to get him to move to an ambitious national league club . Partick Thistle eying up a loan deal for Lee Erwin should Zak Rudden go to Dundee this window . St Mirren will announce two signings from Republic of Ireland and a loan signing from a Premiership club by the end of the week . Pure speculation, looking forward to a few comings and goings as the week moves on .
  18. If he has signed a PCA and we offer him a contract , will it be the case that a fee could be set by a tribunal , so that would mean it makes sense both clubs agree a fee this window . Clever I think . Would still prefer Cammy stays with us
  19. My hope was that it would be Wigan chasing him , to strengthen the squad to push for promotion.
  20. So it seems there is considerable interest in McGrath, let's hope its for a January transfer send not on a PCA.
  21. Are St Mirren shirts and W6er one of the same . BTW I too used to enjoy seeing the shirts .
  22. The only thing the person owning the shirt now could be criticised for is perhaps trying to buy the shirt on the cheap . But maybe he hasn't, maybe he,s Paul good money for it , and the money has been put to good use .
  23. I suspect that a lot of people are being played . The real issue is about who had ownership of the shirt and sold it and their relationship to the Bryceland family who think they should have ownership. That's not my business .
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