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  1. I've put a post about this on reddit's football community "r/soccer". It has half a million subscribers. I believe this is where the slight surge in subscriptions has came from since last night. If you have a reddit account then up-vote my link so that it increases the visibility of the post and hopefully we could get it on the front page before the Euro's start. (High amount of traffic) Also downvote the dirty hibs fan with the snarky comment! http://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/4ndhbp/st_mirren_fc_is_for_sale_to_fans_for_12month_do/
  2. Where is best place to keep up with matters on this issue? Smisa website?
  3. Any source for this apart from Wikipedia? Edit: See it on the Spur's website RIP
  4. They made an atmosphere out of a shitty day and at one point songs could be heard from both stands. (I've never experienced this at the new stadium) I recommend getting these guys in to hospitality as much as possible. Of course the team did their part today, but it makes such a difference to have some atmosphere and not the usual soulless morgue
  5. Maybe we've played better but we haven't looked that solid for a while. Goodwin and Genev should be first choice whenever available.
  6. What are our stats since we moved stadium?
  7. Technically it is to do with Paisley though because the town was producing so much material at the time and customers were demanding the Indian Pattern on it. So Paisley whilst not inventing it, made it well known throughout the world.
  8. Gauld said in his 442 interview a few months ago that Sporting Lisbon have 3 training sessions per day compared to 1 at Dundee United. I used to see Conor Newton going to the gym on weekday afternoons which impressed me but also made me think that St Mirren/Scottish football don't provide him with the correct situations to satisfy him and help him improve as a footballer.
  9. Kelly hasn't been playing at Left Back recently. Still no clean sheet.
  10. A Madrid glory hunter from Tunisia with only 6000 twitter followers? Pic is even of Kenny
  11. Sean Kelly got as many offsides as Arquin
  12. I totally disagree with your post. The defence need to change. We have not had a single clean sheet this season. In half of our games teams have scored at least 2 goals. In a quarter of our games the team has scored 3 goals or more. We had plenty of clean sheets last season. Maybe Darren McGregor was a bigger player for us than many gave him credit for? To have any hope of staying up we NEED at least 1 new first choice central defender.
  13. Watch out, you'll make him Paranoid
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