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  1. I have to say , I voted yes to approve the Kibble deal . I wouldn’t vote that way now. Where is this new level of professionalism they promised ? Stories of unrest behind the scenes , long serving staff leaving , systems and contractors replaced by Kibble “approved” contractors with no appreciable increase in service levels do nothing for me to think their input has been positive or beneficial to the club. I wasn’t at the AGM but from what I can gather, the kibble employees contribution was underwhelming at best, incompetent, out of their depth & lacking credibility - this is not what we should be getting from a “world leading” organisation. As for the massive losses incurred ? Why was this allowed to happen with all that expertise behind us ? A suspicious and sceptical person might say that putting the club in that position could jeopardise the whole future of the club and leave them in such a perilous position that might make them desperate for rescue capital ……. Perhaps from a local cash rich organisation, in exchange for a controlling interest in the club ? 🤔 perhaps 🤔 Hindsight is a wonderful thing - I hope I and all those who voted like me don’t live to regret our actions in welcoming Trojan horse kibble on board.
  2. I can tell you that about 7-8 years ago , Hearts were offering £10k p.w to tempt an English Championship / league one player . I would imagine the others you mentioned wouldn’t be far from that figure now.
  3. Given the recent revelations of significant losses , I can’t understand why the Stadium name is still The SMISA Stadium. I would have hoped the commercial dept would have been trying hard to find a new sponsor and generate at least a bit more cash.
  4. 😂😂. Aye, course there was !! I take it 15000 of them came in fancy dress as empty seats ? 😂😂. They count non attending ST holders in the figures, I’m sure once they have to divvy the proceeds with us and they ( best support in the world ) have to pay for their seats you’ll see a very different crowd figure . The crowd was Just over 40k on Saturday against ‘Ton .
  5. Add a wee splash of Guinness to that and you’ve got a Caribbean . Magic stuff 😋
  6. Bar Point , cracking pub run by Sergio & Pierro . Only down side was the location. 😬
  7. I heard someone say yesterday that Eamon Brophy has not scored a goal for Saints at St.Mirren park . Is this true ? 🤷‍♂️
  8. I believe that became and still is Jacks convenience store / takeaway . It was our regular haunt for morning rolls when I was an apprentice at Lochfield garage . I’m sure it became Jacks about 1979-80 ish .
  9. Our home form on the the other hand should give us hope . We just need to start converting a few of those draws into wins .
  10. I’m sorry but fact is…. Our form has been poor . How we are playing is one thing but form ultimately is judged by results and they simply have not been where we want them to be .
  11. You’ve slightly misunderstood Cairters pic title and what is being discussed here. As has been pointed out to good effect here, the Courtyard / Gleniffer is indeed on Glenburn road as Cairter said but the bus has turned off Glenburn road and is “hurtling” as one poster put it - down Fairway avenue. Although that last part I’m dubious about - knowing the nick those McGills buses were in , I’d say hurtling was somewhat wide of the mark 😂
  12. Don’t you just love it when folk try to use big words to look clever or funny and get it totally wrong ? 😂😂😂
  13. Sad he’s leaving BBC 2 - glad we won’t be seeing the last of him & Popmaster.
  14. 😯. Eh , naw 😡 I wouldn’t visit or click on anything relating to that lot or their ugly sisters 😡 I did pass on a lot of Jokes & Memes about the former Popes funeral and the Catholic Church , would that count ? 😂
  15. That was also down to the enlarged facilities the club eventually got. & The massive increases in raw materials costs 🙁
  16. what a f**king dick Richard Foster is !! & his bum chum ref pal 😡 From about 1:30 they discuss Frasers red card . A few things to pick up on . 1. Stuart Dougal says there were no complaints or claims from players on either side regarding the incident - exactly because it was our foul !! 2. Dougal says the linesman didn’t see it as he was looking for offside 😯 really ? Why ? The saints player was running with the ball when he was tackled and fouled , no need to even consider offside as he had been fouled and play had stopped. 3. Richard foster said the Ref had given the foul to hearts initially - watch the video , there’s CLEARLY signals for a foul for St.Mirren , no ifs, buts or maybes about that one . 4. on another item - I think Gogic one was a Penalty but there no was ex ref Dougal is going to contradict his ref pals. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/64208828
  17. 21 % more fans this season are also enjoying their home games . Long May it continue 🤞
  18. This is gonna be a toughie. Will be happy to come away with a boring, dull, backs to the wall draw.
  19. Watching BBC news . What a pile o pish , how can the Beeb get away with showing so many f**king repeats ? Almost exactly the same plot as the 6:30 news. 🤷‍♂️ I’ll give it one more try tomorrow, if it doesn’t improve - that’s it !! 😡.
  20. I see that useless bastard Álvarez had a Glaring miss in the 44th minute of todays game against Chelsea . Ball whipped in at pace from the left side of the 18 yard box and although he stretched out as much as he could he couldn’t get a touch to guide the ball home .🤷‍♂️ imagine that , a full time professional missing a sitter like that - he’ll never amount to anything - any other striker at any level of football would have scored that one . 🤔
  21. Apologies, I didn’t pick up that you were now throwing last weeks chance also. The chance where the player had to swivel 180 degrees and grab a first time shot at goal . Would you put that in the glaring miss category also ? Really ? I feel you are being very harsh . 🙄
  22. Can’t agree with that at all . There’s a big difference between “Glaring miss” and “could have done better” I don’t think there’s a striker on our books or in most other teams who could have converted either of these half chances. One was almost certainly a shot rather than a cross and the other was crossed at speed too far behind the player in the middle.
  23. I thought that . The one behind him he had absolutely no chance of making anything from that as you say . The shot / cross across the goal from the left , again he had no chance . He would need go-go gadget stretchy legs to have reached that .
  24. I remember his one at the back post where he sclaffed it over the scoreboard but I’m struggling to remember a second glaring miss .
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