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  1. Council needs to build up the coffers after spunking zillions on the Museum ( if it ever opens) Town hall & the High street Library . 🙄
  2. Google maps satellite will be having a field day 😲
  3. It’s what Falkirk Stadium should look like !
  4. They do play a pressing game and seem to know where the goals are , however their defence can be shambolic at times . It’s up to us to keep the pressure on. I’m sure there will be goals but game could be decided by which team wins the midfield battle. This won’t be easy but I’m hopeful of a narrow win.
  5. Shame if he goes , He hasn’t had the same opportunities as Mandron , Ayunga & Olusanya . 👎
  6. The Cameron / Pig thing is probably shite ?? Perhaps . But methinks someone is telling Porkies. 😉
  7. But he denied it . And we all know when an oxbridge Tory posh boy denies something - they’re definitely honestly telling the truth 😂🙄
  8. Could be a good Korea move for the young man .
  9. But he did f**k a pig ……& a dead one at that . Do you have a problem with the truth ? 🤷‍♂️
  10. I’ve already booked my hotel ( had to switch from the original 28th date ) as I’ll be up there working 😎👍
  11. Curtis Main did very well for us last season but let’s not forget, he was f**king mince the previous one ! IF he returned , I would hope it was the 22/23 version .
  12. If the manager thinks Olusanya is one of our best players, I’d say we should be worried. 😬
  13. The lack of genuine opportunities for our academy players is a concern for me. Yes one or two get a few cameos but precious few see any decent runs in the team. The model of bringing in “underperforming” players from lower leagues and hoping to turn them round to be sold for a profit seems to be to the detriment of our own youngsters.
  14. Pace is only effective if you remember to take the f**k8ng ball with you !! Olusanya is a national league south player at best !
  15. So is it people giving Ohara a hard time that has upset you or is it Baccus being a huge miss ? 🤷‍♂️
  16. Not really , he popped in for one drink & left about half a hour later with his hangers on.
  17. Sending off aside - Olusanya is f**king gash. Not good enough for this level. He had half a dozen good games early in the season but now he has reverted to the guy who couldn’t get a stats in an absolute shit Arbroath team . Why the f**k does he get a start. ?
  18. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-67827510
  19. Can’t believe I’ve just liked 3 of Baz posts & I agree 100% with this one ( although Ayunga was mince tonight !,) If we’re going to play 2 up front we need to persevere, no point in giving the likes of Nahmani 20 mins to try and salvage a point . As for stats, yes, we had more shots on target but really , how many looked like scoring ? Powder puff hits, sclaffed shots and one thunderbolt from Taylor which went straight at their keeper. And the last time I checked, you don’t get a bonus point for having most possession. need to ship a few out , Olusanya has reverted to the player who couldn’t get a start for Arbroath , Grieve seems like a decent wee fella but sorry, he’s not got it at this level. Taylor seems to have been taking the Charles Dunne defending courses ……you’re NOT Beckenbaur son !! We’ve got Mandron for another year so little chance he’ll be going anywhere . McMenamin needs to start showing why we paid so much for him, he did manage to get a couple of crosses in tonight but we need to see his early season performances more often. I sincerely hope we can turn this round but with Sevco, septic, Dons & Hibs as our next four games it’s a big ask at this stage.
  20. That game is off because of severe travel difficulties on A9
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