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  1. Last few of these have been pretty tame affairs....with all the comments on here about lack of signings, poor quality signings and bombing out of certain players this one should be interesting.......
  2. There’s no way you are waiting til December to judge this manager and team.
  3. Let’s be fair, Rogers has a good reputation and fans of all clubs he’s been on loan to and rate him massively.
  4. I think it’s fairly certain this won’t be the team we go into the Dundee game with
  5. FWIW I like Doolan and think he would do a turn, but let’s not forget he scored 6 goals in 33 premiership appearances last season. So either last year was a one off and he would bang them in again, or he’s a striker on the slide who’s best days are behind him. Someone mentioned previously that we have been bitten by this type of signing a fair bit in the past, Wyness, Dargo, Annand and Fenton all spring to mind.
  6. Just reading online that Salford supposedly offering Rooney £5k per week. If any truth in that at all he won’t be one of the mystery men.
  7. £105m by all accounts...for a 33 year old.
  8. Posted elsewhere but Rodgers will be a good signing. Really good keeper
  9. Three separate posts all from 2 Robert Grieve tweets? Rodgers is a fantastic keeper, I know a few Dons fans weren’t happy he didn’t get a run when Joe Lewis was injured
  10. I would take Tony Watt. Guy clearly has ability and someone will get a good year or two out of him! Guess it depends if he realises he’s bordering on the last chance to revive his career. I remember when Killie signed Kevin Kyle and everyone thought he was a headcase and finished and he was superb for them before his move to rangers
  11. 6’ 3 left back or left sided centre half We are going to be full of giants next year...not the worst strategy, works for Motherwell
  12. Does anyone know how to add my sons season ticket onto my online account? When I log in it’s only mine that appears, I emailed the club on Monday but haven’t heard a thing back. It’s not a huge issue but been working down south so don’t get as much chance to pop to the stadium.
  13. That's some dedication to prove a point about a manager that left us 2-3 years ago and most generally don't particularly care about
  14. McCann at Dundee and Canning at Hamilton spring to mind, also Ross County did it with Kettlewell towards the end of last season to try and keep them up Killie with McCulloch and Hearts with Cathro two examples where it didn't go well
  15. I reckon it will end up going to Gary Caldwell. Has experience in lower leagues in England, decent ‘name’ also imagine he will be able to talk a good game about contacts etc. (I’m surprised he’s only just turned 36) Not saying he would be my choice.
  16. Kulivert is an interesting one. Obviously a top player which doesn’t stand for much but has been coach or assistant manager at a number of decent clubs as well as director of football at PSG. On paper he should be getting a job at a far higher level than us considering guys like Lampard and Gerrard are walking into decent sized jobs.
  17. He actually was poor at Wycombe, failed to get promotion twice with one of the biggest budgets. He left there and went to Colchester, done ok, thumped Norwich 7-1 and got that job. Lamberts obviously a big name, other than Norwich he has been average at best as a manager but gets jobs due to his name
  18. Neilson would be my first choice. To everyone saying it was Levein pulling the strings then not sure how they would explain the Ian Cathro disaster. McIntyre would be really underwhelming whilst doing ok he hasn't exactly been outstanding at any of his previous clubs. Goodwin isn't for me either, think this could be a hearts over head argument for Jim. I would be interested to see who applies, we are a pretty attractive proposition for the first time in years. Interesting times ahead anyway
  19. Neilson at 3/1 looks tempting, are those from McBookie?
  20. Keith Downie usually spot on with info from Newcastle and Sunderland Excellent move for Jack tbh, IMO taking over the club at bang on the right time If he gets it right he's a hero, if he gets it wrong he can blame it on the club being a basket case. win-win
  21. Central Midfielder from down South according to Dougie McNeil
  22. Robbie Neilson or Alan Stubbs for me. Both on the back of poor runs down south so would come with a point to prove. Not convinced by Goodwin to be honest but wouldn’t be completely against him.
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