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  1. Let's hope so, question is how much of our £660K+ share will Stubbs be given to spend.
  2. This may of already been mentioned, but I take it if McGinn stays at Hibs and signs a pre-contract in January then we get nothing?
  3. Anyone needing tickets for the Morton game.. due to a poorly scheduled family wedding we have 5 tickets in the Main Stand that we can't use. Would rather sell them all together, face value £22 each (they are the padded seats). PM me.
  4. 1200 tickets sold with the ticket office open for 2 hours tonight and 4 hours tomorrow, should hit 1500 at least.
  5. Must be pretty windy at Ralston judging by his haircut.
  6. Can't make 23rd or 30th I will be in Cancun though so that's a slight consolation
  7. Yeh that's the one, I just assumed it was Froxylias as he looked like the picture I'd seen of him and looked greek/cypriot but you may be right.
  8. Pretty sure he was sitting a few seats along from me in the main stand on Saturday, had headphones in and looked thoroughly uninterested in the match tho.
  9. Exactly, and the only real facts are that we finished joint 9th last year. Whether we've built a strong team in pre-season is only a matter of opinion.
  10. I think the bookies will have Morton and Dunfermline and QoS priced slightly above us aswell, they'll be going more on last years positions rather than our late season form or good signings so far.
  11. Anyone know what the renewal deadline is to guarantee you keep the same seats as last season? Doesn't specify in the info on the website.
  12. I agree.. I've never seen a professional footballer (especially a midfielder) who took so many touches to control the ball and set it up for playing the next pass, by the time he had it under control there was an opponent in his face and he would panic and either play it backwards or lose it.
  13. No chance, we got Morgan from ra people's youth system
  14. Does anyone know what % sell on fee we get? Heard various figures from 10%-33% banded about.
  15. Apparently only about half the team were on the list to come to the bankhouse (due to size of the squad I'm assuming) and he just wasn't one of them for whatever reason, think he did turn up later on though. Don't think you can read too much into McGinn giving him a bollocking on the park, that's the captain's job.
  16. 4. Stephen McGinn to have John McGinn in his pocket again. 5. Leading to 1800 buddies singing..Ouuuuur McGinn is better than yours, Our McGinn is, our McGinn is, Our McGinn's better than yours!
  17. I'm looking forward to hearing it sung by a packed stadium providing we get the result we need. Seen videos of it sung at Hampden after the Scottish cup final and it's pretty special.
  18. In comparison, over the last 10 games and 6 games we're up with the top scorers in the UK.. Goals scored in the last 10 games Celtic - 27 St Mirren - 25 Tottenham- 25 Sheffield Utd - 25 Goals scored in the last 6 games St Mirren - 20 Celtic - 18 Livingstone - 17 Tottenham - 17
  19. They need to make up 10 goals so win by 5.. then they would go above Raith on goals scored. Raith would need to make up 9 goals on Dumbarton if we get a point and Dumbarton lose so I think I'l be taking the Raith - Ayr game in my both teams to score coupon at the weekend!
  20. Anyone know where the supporters buses park at Easter Road? Meeting my mate who lives through there.. hopefully time for a quick pint before the game!
  21. I still think he's been a lot better than Langfield and Gallagher were but there is certainly room for improvement.
  22. If we could keep the same back 4 as we have at the moment with Davis in for Baird and Stellios and Baird as backup then it's a defence which could challenge for the title. Not convinved about O'Brien though, think he is a good shot stopper but looks shaky with crosses and doesn't command his box well enough.
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