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  1. he wasnt offered more money, he was assured of more game time. if he wasn't better than what we have then whats allthe fuss about?
  2. if any club in the world knows that a manager needs time to be successfull then it's man united if they sack moyes then they'll end up in a real sorry state next year. moyes will be the only one who will know exactly who needs to leave the squad in the summer and who stays. if Moyes is given 3 years he'll win the premniership.
  3. haha poor old soap dodgers
  4. haven't played in a few months and just as my schedule changes and I'm now able to play I tear the ligaments in my ankle playing on a monday night. should hopefully be back in a month or so
  5. why wont you just f**k off to a mothwell forum?
  6. I'm on a zero hours contract, I do get holiday pay, it's paid at an average of the hours I've worked in the past 10 weeks prior. no sick pay but in fiarness that seemsto be standard everywhere unless you have a good job
  7. stop clogging up the Sir Steven of Thompson thread with this pish. seriously mods, get these trolling cunts banned.
  8. the clueless manager who won our first cup in a generation? away and take yer face for a shite
  9. gutted I'll miss the final as I'll be in work I look forward every year to beating they manky bastards
  10. He played for our club when called asked and didnt bitch and moan in the press like some other wee bitches have done about not getting regular football. he wasn't our greatest player but he was far from our worst
  11. he will no doubt score in the Renfrewshire cup final. provided he doesn't show the fans any disrespect I think he deserves the same for his services and for being part of the squad that won the cup.
  12. not my best game by any stretch of the imagination. oh well next week shall be better.
  13. Good luck to the guy. hope he does well. just a shame he's from that shitehole
  14. looks minted, i'll wait for the other 2 before deciding which to buy next season. i actually got all three this season...2 were gifts
  15. Danny should be down next week to take a look at our silky skills. great wee bit of banter, looking forward to next week
  16. can we please stop calling Mordor Castle Grayskull. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_Grayskull it's where the good guys live and these orcs are not good guys.
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