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  1. On the plus side. It was really great to see their faces after the victory.
  2. I agree entirely. I said at the match yesterday that, though every man was a hero, for me, the two that stood out were young McGinn and the aforementioned McAusland. Marc not only looked composed and calm in defence but his distribution in general was absolutely exquisite. He takes a lot of flack in here so it was great to see such a mature display from what is, after all, still a young man.
  3. On January the 27th, it was cold and grey, Four thousand plus Buddies, watched Saints play. On the field we had Samson, our goals he was in, With Van Zanten, McAusland, Carey and Goodwin. Teale, McGowan, McGinn and Newton, Not one of them afraid to put the boot in. Up front were Thomson and Goncalves the new lad, With a point to prove that they weren’t that bad. The scene was set, the players stood tall, Not one seemed afraid, to get on the ball. Right from the off they battled with heart, And we were rewarded, with the perfect start. Teale got the ball and moved it to Connor, Who made a great pass, Isma taking the honour. Now we were leading and showing our fight, Giving the mighty Celtic, a helluva fright. But just on halftime, a goal for the 'Tic, Made us feel almost physically sick. The second half began in the worst possible way, With the ref pointing to the spot, wrongly, I'd say. Mulgrew was the taker, Craig stood on his line, The shot was good, but the save was sublime. Samson was the hero, he kept the ball out, And the fans in the south end continued to shout. Then Saints were handed, a pen. of their own, McGowan was there, and how to do it was shown. In went the ball, and the Buddies were ahead, Black'nWhite fans celebrate, As Saints again led. It couldn't get better, you would have to believe, But another twist was given, by our hero Steve. He's been a Buddies’ fan, since he could recall, And he had cause to celebrate as he got the ball, A cross from the right, behind him it dropped, But with an athletic stretch, he still made the shot. In it went, now three one was the score, And Stephen ran over, there was an almighty roar. Danny rang changes, on came Barron then Mair, With the time running out, we didn’t care. Another sub for us, in the shape of Guy, But it didn’t matter, as we were on a high. And though Celtic scored, their tally to double, It was far too late, to cause us some trouble. The final whistle blew, and we stood to applaud, Not just the team, but the whole of the squad Another trip beckons, we’ll head for this ground, In expectation of winning, the final round! Edited to get the date bruddy right! Thanks Budthebaker.
  4. The day oh awe days, it seem right, Tae pen an ode about this plight. We need tae get the fans oan board, In pass through Glesga in thir hordes. Noo am sitting here wae drink in hon, Thinkin' ahead tae Sunday morn. When aff we'll go wae scarf n banner, No wae worry but in hopeful manner. A beg yeez awe tae follow suit, Get tae greenhill 'n part wae loot. then go tae Hampden, one 'n awe. In see the Saints win, that'll be braw. Even if it happens in we're beat fare At least ye kin say, "A wiz there!" Give voice, be vocal, shout yersel hoarse Singing whit?, Come On Ye Saints of course!
  5. I think it's closer to, Djalo does not care that it makes a noise. I take it it's about flatulence! edited to correct..... my english!
  6. As long as the boo boys don't get on his back when he lapses, as all young players are likely to do.
  7. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's in charge now?
  8. Paul McKnight... Waste of a jersey though, to be fair, he didn't get it dirty too often. Much the same as Annand.
  9. I don't apologise for bringing this up again. In fact I am totally at ease in pointing out the stupidity of this clubs suppporters. Can anyone be so naive as to believe this man Green? Well....a rhetorical question, as it is apparent some do. The other night in Northern Ireland a fan asked if there was any chance of Rangers wearing an orange shirt and Green said, yes, there is every chance. Another fan asked if there was any chance of the club entering a team in the Northern Ireland Milk Cup and Green put the thumbs up and said he’d look into it. All things to all Bears. He had a message for these people. As long as he was chief executive of Rangers then the club, as a mark of protest, would never agree to play in the SPL again given the stitch-up they tried to perpetrate with the stripping of titles ahead of a commission that hadn’t yet sat. It really does astound me. Their doltishness knows no limits! Oh. And my thoughts on his SPL refusal? YA DANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I have to say this result surprised me. Lennon's mob have now won two away games on the trot. Just got to say, though it does stick in my throat a little, well done.
  11. Surely it would have been more of a surprise if it were the reverse?
  12. They were given a conditional membership on Friday with a view to the transfer of oldco's membership being granted by next friday.Whether the illthought comments by their CEO will adversely influence anything isn't clear but I doubt it.
  13. Preferably a left back.
  14. Thought it was too good to be true! http://www.scottishfootballleague.com/football/third/table/
  15. Yes sid. Makes me wonder if he is still "playing to the galleries!" Is he anticipating an SPL capitulation over the dual contract investigation? If that were to happen the fallout would be akin to the recent fans' backlash. Perhaps even more vociferous.
  16. This was the latest I've readally oops.pdf
  17. I wouldn't want the League cup honour as I don't think we deserved it. On the bright side. Even after their dead, As the Rangers fans keep telling us. Fifty four and STILL counting . . . . .....fifty three, fifty two............
  18. If they did they wouldn't be playing professional football in Scotland.Eh... wait a minute.... YEP. I agree with you!
  19. "Wee Eck", as you call him, has no mandate to interfere in footballing matters. If the executives of the SPL can't do the job properly, which is becoming clearer by the day to being the case, then that is the problem of the SPL. Donkeyasster should fall on his sword and a more effective replacement should be found who wouldn't sell Scotland's footballing crown jewels for a song with ridiculous get out clauses attached.
  20. Good news from Hampden is that BBC Scotland's Brian McLauchlin says that Dundee Utd chairman Steven Thompson and St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour have told him there is 'no chance' of Rangers being catapulted back into the SPL.
  21. Well I suppose it would cover up the stench!Moving on. More than ever we need our board, and those of the other 10, to be bold and make sure they are holding firm and are not going to capitulate when they meet on Monday. Call it D Day if you like. Dundee or Dunfermline. After the majority of the SFL clubs refused to be Donkeyaster and Reekin's patsies the SPL chairmen need to show the same resolve and make sure the hangover of the past few months is put firmly behind us. Once again the Dons are first to put their heads above the parapet here asking their fans to get behind their team. Our board should issue a statement, NOW, before any vote and assure those fans waivering that they are not and are steadfast and sure in their belief that their is life after the demise of the Glasgow giants.
  22. According to this, http://sport.stv.tv/football/clubs/rangers/110361-charles-green-paid-275m-for-rangers-player-contracts-and-registrations/, Charlie boy bought all of Rangers fixed assets for the paltry sum of, NO..... NOT the £5.5 million first reported, but a mere £1.5 million. Apparently the majority of the money was for the players' registrations. Surely BDO have to be tearing up this carve up?
  23. I am really starting to wonder what your real motives are here.Is it to encourage people to follow Saints? Or is it an attempt to deflect from the issues and, by way of suggesting the demise of Rangers, (which, in case you didn't know, has already happened), will kill all clubs throughout the northern hemisphere given they are all but omnipitent in your blue eyes, make sure the surge of support for the right course of action is diluted somewhat?
  24. This is like an Island of sense in what is becoming a sea of p*sh.We need to focus on the real issues which are well highlighted in your post and not be sidetracked by the propoganda and threats coming from the boardrooms/heirarchy.
  25. Do we? Seriously.Of the clubs in the SFL who have expressed an opinion I haven't seen one which looked favourably on Sevco's bid for League entry so, unless Green does go down the "Harlem Globetrotters" route how can the hope to keep a team, any team, together?The end may be nigh for the blue brigade.
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