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  1. I only hope it's a good amount and we're not selling ourselves short.
  2. And we've been told it was because the groundstaff needed time to get the pitch in order before the real stuff started! But when another tyeam wants to keep their pitch in order, we can suddenly have pre season games on the pitch!!!
  3. I think his injury in the final game has overshadowed a bit of how ineffective he was. I wouldn't be offering him anything. We need people on the way up, wanting to improve. He is definitely not in that category.
  4. How can you even think of having Smith in there when we have the star that was Cornell, or even Loy, who had potential, when we can have Bahoken!!
  5. They are playing three matches here July 1st - Den Bosch July 4th - Dukla Prague July 10th - Real Sociedad So we can rule out any home friendlies for us during that time
  6. We're looking for a right back and a centre half. Wonder if anyone at Dumbarton fits the bill?
  7. Thankfully any teams interested in taking any of our players are unable to read our fans forums!! All they'd see is 'he's Shite! Why do they want him! Wouldnae think he's worth that!' If someone wants to buy players from us we should be talking them up not slagging them off! And some folks wonder why we never get decent transfer fees!
  8. Only club to have won all three domestic cup competitions!
  9. Martinique! Does that really count?That's like not good enough for Scotland I'll play for Arran!
  10. Counting Scots, English, Northern Irish, Welsh, Irish there have been 31http://www.stmirren.info/id345.html
  11. Notice that the BBC didn't even think it worth a second thought! I wonder how long they would have debated it had it been Goodwin making the challenge! Serious question. For all the 'horrific' challenges Jim has been accused of recently has any player required stretchers off let alone a visit to hospital?
  12. Knowing our luck at present this is our new hotel!
  13. NOt sure our ground staff would be up for that considering they normally don't like us playing too many home pre season games to allow the pitch to settle
  14. Not in their eyes or that of their media pals. And neither of them would let us forget it!
  15. Much as I agree with pretty much everything Poz says regarding the pros and cons of each team, there is a bit of me that thinks the Rangers will still spend next season and will be a stronger team than they are. The new board members, good or bad, will steady the ship and buy their way to the title. Now my current thoughts are that I want them to go up now, never having won the first division or whatever it's called these days! Next season I feel they would win it and gloat about being the first team ever to win every league in the country and potentially win the challenge cup, making it every senior competition in the country they would have their name on!! I don't want to see that. So let them go up by the back door and always remember, they could only finish third in the second tier of the crappest Scottish football league in years!!
  16. Jeez! Don't let BuddieinEK read this! He'll expire if he thinks anything has happened to Doris!!
  17. http://www.stmirren.info/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/grounds/Barcelonaposter.jpg
  18. Why would the cup team's of 57 and 89 be legends? Knocked out at the quarters in 57 and third round in 89!That would make the semi finalists of the early 80s truly godlike!!
  19. http://www.stmirren.info/id149.html
  20. Whilst browsing copies of The Saint after discussion on another thread, I came across this:- http://www.stmirren....Saintsshop1.jpg Hope this will ease your thoughts of tripping!!!
  21. The issue 12 I have is dated 14th September. Assume the other one is the 7th?
  22. at work just now. Need to check tonight.
  23. and one of the 12s. I only have one 12.
  24. I'm sure I have an issue 11. The three I have been looking for are 3, 9 and 14.However I think there possibly not a 14? Do you have one? Think the two 12s solves my date sequence. Will need to check when I get home!
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