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  1. I did. I watched him twice. He scored twice. I'll let you figure out who the opposition was......
  2. Lets give some of the new and young guys a chance ffs. Yes, we know we need more new faces, yes we know we're inexperienced. But let's look at it with a bit of perspective, we've lost a preseason friendly, only our 2nd match, against a lesser side who are both more up for it playing a bigger team and today finished their preseason schedule.
  3. Brilliant player, despite what some maniacs on here say about him. He'd be thriving big time in our team now as we'd be encouraging him to make those amazing late charges into the box, rather than dragged down by negative tactics.
  4. Agreed. But it seems that Dilo is being signed as our U19 replacement this season. We'd still be left in a bit of a predicament if one of these guys were injured. I have no problem with us signing youth, I'm simply paraphrasing what DL himself has said. No-one had ever heard of Connor Newton six months ago. Now there's not a Saints fan around who wouldn't be desperate to see him back in the stripes.
  5. With two of these signings earmarked as 'future prospects' I can see another goalie coming in and at least 3 or 4 more experienced players.
  6. The fact that he impressed at Birmingham is a good thing. They wanted to offer him a contact in January but had literally no space left on their wage bill.
  7. Cracking source. Clicked on the link to look at all the stories linking us with Griffiths. Oh wait, there are no stories on that link, linking us with Griffiths. Who'da thunk it?
  8. Unfortunately for you, Jazza told you so.
  9. Is this another exclusive you'll claim as your own and shout 'told you so' about, if it happens? Despite somoene else clearly getting the scoop on you.
  10. Certainly wouldn't be happy with this turn of events. A horrible wee arsehole of a guy in general with a lot of baggage attached to him. I don't want to see this horrible little rat at St. Mirren for the same reasons I wouldn't want to see a horrible little rat like Paddy McCourt, Anthony Stokes or Scott MacKenzie anywhere near us.
  11. Anything on football rumours' website should be taken with a massive pinch of salt. It's frequented by spotty wee geeks with no insider knowledge whatsoever.
  12. I wish I had £100 a week at 18 to do with as I pleased.
  13. I was impressed with him at Dundee.
  14. FFS! : The point of it (if you read the preceeding discussion) was that it doesn't matter what gets typed up as fact, Someone, somewhere, especially within the plagarising press will be gullible enough to swallow it, publish it and pass it on as their own fact. Much like MarreZ and his 'Jardel to St. Mirren story' of 8 years or so ago. I'm sure it's happened a few times since then too. I'm not in the know, I completely made it up, though I expect at least one paper to run with it at some point over the weekend.
  15. I'd see Billy Mehmet back at St. Mirren in a heartbeat. He's not a goalscorer as we know (although he chipped in with about 10 a season) but he's an exceptionally good footballer and a good target man. Stephen McGinn would be an ideal replacement for McGowan as well if his injury troubles are behind him. Easton and Steven Smith, either would be a good signing for this level. Easton has always looked good ever since his Accies days.
  16. Absolutely worth a shout. Almost 100 games at league one and Championship level and he's still only 25. I expect a Hibs or Aberdeen to sniffing about though.
  17. I've liked Stevie May any time I've seen him. He's big and powerful, good in the air and has plenty of time still to improve. I'd certainly take a chance on him.
  18. 6am - Woke up and felt no nerves for about the first 30 minutes of the day. Then it kicked in. 7am - 11am Hanging about whiling time away to leave. 11 - 12:30pm - Old man's for beers and Jack Daniels with the mates before heading along to Tartan Rose for the bus 12:30 - 1:30pm - More beers, Hammy finally shouts the buss at 1:30pm 2:15pm arrive at Hampden and go straight to ground 3pm- 5:15pm - Absolute scenes, tears and snotters, no voice, head thumping. Amazing. 7pm back into Paisley and into Finlay's for one before heading up to the ultimately disappointing parade. 8pm - Into Caffuffals as it was the only place we could get into. Atmosphere really good, DJ plays 'just can't get enough' for the Saints fans and is roundly booed into turning it off. 9:30pm - Paddys. The only place we wanted to be. Mobbed and getting kicked about, but celebrate like mad, then when the highlights come on, everyone up the back is jumping about and celebrating like the game is live. Amazing scenes. 12am - Viennas. Vanzy, Isma, Sammy, Cheesy, Geordie Mafia and Gowser leading the riotous scenes from Campbell's DJ booth. Absolutely mental. They are loving it as much as the fans. 2:30am - Kicking out time, do a jig with Lee Mair outside Viennas, watch Gowser being bundled into a taxi, laugh at big Parking screaming 'yaaaaaaaaaaaas' out his taxi window all the way up New Street, tell Paul Dummett that I thought his name was 'Joe' for the first month he was with us and still call him Joe to this day and get a picture with Isma. Bed at 4am. Taxi driver wouldn't stop at Maccy Ds for me. Even that can't bring me down. What a day, can we do it again sometime soon please?
  19. I honestly feel a bit priveleged watching the guy playing for us after only three matches, a bit I suppose like Killie fans when the had Eremenko. There's something really special there that seems to say he's destined for far bigger things. He's a total joy to watch with ball at his feet and every time he picked it up today, you could hear folk in the ground rippling with excitement. I promise you this, there are fans all over Scotland casting envious glances at us for the likes of Isma, Thommo, Teale and McGowan. It feels nice to be on the good end of the glances for once.
  20. This is just it. He's apparently going to be offered a short term deal with Killie, then sign for Sevco in the summer upon which he can register to play from 1st September onwards. I'd steer well clear, a total waste of space who is blatantly using any club as a stepping stone to drop down to play 3rd tier football next season, we certainly don't need him.
  21. It is wrong, but more so on the part of the SPL and the club chairmen who accepted such a ludicrous contract as 'four OF games a season' in a league with a split and for relying their budgets so heavily on that money, considering this exact scenario has been rippling beneath the surface for almost three years now. Sky will cut the best deal they possibly can, that's their prerogative. It's the SPL's fault for the desperation kicking in when Setanta died that they'd sign any contract placed in front of them. I fail to understand how they can confidently predict losses of up to £16m without NewCo, yet none of them even let it cross their mind of there being a faint possibility that Rangers' financial issues may come back and throw a spanner in this entire works.
  22. Fan ownership is going to be extremely tricky without a fanbase, I'm sure you'll agree. It would probably be the most painful thing most of us could imagine to turn our back on and denounce something we all love so much, but there is little doubt that it would be warranted.
  23. I'm afraid you're not getting it Div. A lot of people will have nothing more to do with the club if it transpires that we've been in on this from the get go.
  24. Same for me. The answers to these four questions are as important to the future of the CiC as the four they sent us on Monday.
  25. How aware were the consortium of today's SPL document and plans laid out within, prior to it's public release? If they were made aware of it, when did it come to light? Again, following this why weren't we, the people who voted on the NewCo issue, made aware of an impending release and the questions altered accordingly? What is the CiC SG's and REA's personal viewpoint on the document released today by the SPL?
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