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  1. They will have business interruption insurance however I have noticed on the majority of the policies I deal with there is an exclusion in the event of a pandemic announced by the World Health Organisation therefore insurance companies are not going to pick this up for the vast majority of businesses.
  2. I think he inherited a better squad than OK but has not yet showed that he is the man. Hopefully this comes and comes quickly as I see us hurtling towards the championship as things stand.
  3. I have gone to old firm games at SMP on and off over the years. The games last year really put me off though as there is really nowhere in the ground you can avoid them. I chose not to renew my season ticket this year for a few reasons but top of the list was having to sit next to them when I was in the ‘St Mirren end’. I might get a season ticket again when they stop getting the family stand.
  4. So, things we know: - GM has a list of players. - JG has a list of players. - GM has first say on players. - JG has rejected some players. Is it the case that GM is not going to entertain JG's list of players and similarly JG is not going to entertain GM's list of players? Something's got to give and I don't imagine it will be GM.
  5. What I saw of him when he played was a forward who knew where the goal was, could hold on to the ball and could make a pass. I think if he had been given a regular start we wouldn't be talking about Cody Cooke now.
  6. I think he will. He was never given a run in the team when we had him and the service to all our strikers has been dire for a long time.
  7. Did it not say his club would not stand in his way if he could find a club out with the Netherlands? Presumably they'd be looking for a fee then if he stays in the same league.
  8. I don't see how we build on that the season after this. We have currently signed two players on 1 year contracts and a reserve keeper on a 2 year contract. Assuming Hladky goes before the end of the season we will simply be signing players every window just to stand still. The only way we can build for the future is signing players on 3 year contracts and hoping they don't turn out to be sh!t.
  9. I'm pretty much scunnered with the merry-go-round of managers over the last year and a bit. I haven't renewed my season ticket and fear that we will be hovering around the bottom of the table once more. If I was a player and Saints came in for me just now I really don't know what I would think. I'm usually upbeat but I am highly pessimistic for the season ahead.
  10. I probably was. What I was getting at was that we are in a win win situation. If he goes we are on more than £250k, if he stays...…...
  11. If he stays, we have a decent keeper. If he goes, we get a healthier bank balance. Either way it's a good outlook for the season ahead.
  12. I'd rather see Gary Teale back than Goody. I think with a decent squad GT would move us on to the next level.
  13. I would play the opposite. Get on top of them from the off, shut their fans up and get an away win. There are no 'away goals count double' so we need to bang them in and give them a royal hammering
  14. Going back to the point of my original post, OK can go on and do what JR did. As I said, the futures bright, the futures Oran
  15. As good as they are now, they weren't then. I don't think it is irrelevant that they were underperforming with Alex Rae. The next 14 games after he left we only picked up 9 points.
  16. At the time JR came in they wouldn't have got a game for a league 2 reserve side. We were adrift at the bottom of the Championship if you remember. 2 points behind Dumbarton, 3 behind Dunfermline, 4 behind Ayr, 5 behind Morton, 8 behind Dundee Utd, 9 behind Raith Rovers, 10 behind Falkirk, 13 behind Hibs and 14 behind QoS, and we had only played 8 games!!!
  17. 1. Both Oran and Ross inherited a sh!t storm. 2. Oran had five more games than Ross before the end of the January window but both started after the summer window was closed. 3. By the end of January, both managers had picked up a total of 9 points through 3 draws and 2 wins. I fully expect history to repeat itself and we will win the league next year after avoiding relegation this year. The future's bright, the future's Oran
  18. ...and if the man has a public profile they mention it to the papers
  19. I wanted us to do that as well. Jackson never won or looked like winning a header. On pace though I think an early through ball on the deck would have had him one on one with their keeper. I'd fancy Jackson to score 9 out of ten one on ones with a keeper.
  20. This nonsense will be a great motivation to the players for the rest of the season a la Sir AF at Aberdeen. Everybody hates us, get stuck in boys. coys
  21. The fourth is a tougher hole. bunkers on the right, water on the left. I'm happy if I get better than a six on that one. You must hate that one too if you hook off the tee
  22. I agree with St Ricky. There are a few posters on here with delusions of grandeur and that anyone who posts anything other than what they think is a pest and clogging up the forum with inane drivel. They are the condescending ones!
  23. I think somebody else got lamped by a stray shot at halftime on Saturday there. Goodness knows how many times this sot of thing happens throughout a season. The player (not sure who it was) went over to check the guy was ok and then went back to play with his pals.
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