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Sevco /Celtic We Can Do Without Them

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2 hours ago, Cornwall_Saint said:

And there was me actually thinking for a minute she wanted to drive scumbag bigots out of Ibrox...until I read the rest of it.

Many of us make many mistakes in life, but thank f**k one that we didn’t make was the mistake of becoming a bigot supporter.

Certainly glad this person isn't one of our supporters 

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6 minutes ago, St.Ricky said:

Unfortunately, it's unlikely - there are too many vested interests already in the EPL that would put up barriers - not to mention the population (and police forces!) of places like Manchester not being at all keen on having thousands of bigots descend regularly.

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48 minutes ago, St.Ricky said:

 That reply almost makes sense. I'd keep using emojis if I were you. 


59 minutes ago, faraway saint said:



1 hour ago, St.Ricky said:

Yep. Bottom 5

St J on 30, RC on 25, St M in 22, Hamilton 19, Hearts 18.

St J were in deep trouble but have put a few wins in. Things change. 

What fecking Thread is this ? 

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