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February Fictures

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I reckon a ficture would be a game between Saints and a team that doesn't exist in this dimensionĀ - I would like to see the current Saints squadĀ transported back in time & reality to play a team of 60s/70s Soul Singers (mixed sex) - all moneys raised to be used to pay our current outstanding legal fees.

The Soul Singers would be managed by Diana "Jack" Ross and captained by hardmanĀ James "Scott" Brown I would have two sets of siblings in the squad, the Franklin's (Aretha, Carolyn & Erma) and the Ruffin's (David & Jimmy). In goals I'd have a Gospel singer known to be a Saviour (Sam Cooke with Al Green as backup). It would be easy to fill out the squad with greats like Otis Redding (Stax) Harold Melvin & Teddy Pendergrass (Philly) & from Motown Smokey Robinson. Marvin Gaye & the improbably named Steveland Hardaway Judkins (it's no Wonder he changed his name)!

The last position in the Soul Singers squad would be the scapegoat, every team has one - my suggestion would be Gene "Cheesy" McFadden.


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