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  1. I'd have thought 38 pages of guesswork and speculation would have been enough for one week!
  2. To be honest I am sure St Mirren board, players, management and fans could have done without the distraction. Lets hope normal service resumes on Saturday.
  3. official statement on website
  4. Pulls out or didnae get it!
  5. You really are having a laugh!!! IF (and it's still a BIG IF) Jack goes then the manager till the end of the season will come from within. There is great harmony at the club from top to bottom so the last thing needed would be a new face. If Fowler does not go it will be him and if Fowler does go it will be McManus.
  6. Yeah football clubs in England have become the rich man's toy!! In my opinion that has ripped the heart and sole out of football. However I suppose fans just want to see a winning team. Regardless of what happens regarding Jack, with Mallan down there I hope you get out of relegation trouble. Will watch with interest, hopefully without Jack as the manager.
  7. OK I surrender. I'm forgetting in Engerland even average players go for millions!!! Pity you have not invested the money in a team capable of staying in the division though. ( I'm sure you would agree 1 win in 17 is relegation form ) As you say relegation from this division comes at a huge cost.
  8. Yes Stones sorry. It's a stressful time being a buddie today!!
  9. The Fans Council Burns Supper is sold out!!
  10. Players out 17/18 PLAYER TO FEE DATE Josh Scowen QPR Free 01 Jul, 2017 Jack Cowgill Boston Utd Free 01 Jul, 2017 Marc Roberts Birmingham Undisc. 01 Jul, 2017 Elliot Lee Luton Free 04 Jul, 2017 Cole Kpekawa Colchester Undisc. 17 Jul, 2017 Kayden Jackson Accrington Undisc. 21 Jul, 2017 Stefan Payne Shrewsbury Unknown 18 Aug, 2017 Sessi D'Almeida Blackpool Undisc. 18 Aug, 2017 Angus MacDonald Hull Undisc. 31 Jan, 2018 total £0 Players out 16/17 PLAYER TO FEE DATE Paul Digby Ipswich Undisc. 28 Jun, 2016 George B Williams MK Dons Free 01 Jul, 2016 Harry White Solihull M Free 01 Jul, 2016 Lukas Lidakevicius E Thurrock Unknown 01 Jul, 2016 Otis Khan Yeovil Free 20 Jul, 2016 Christian Dibble Boston Utd Free 20 Jul, 2016 George Smith Gateshead Free 20 Jul, 2016 Alfie Mawson Swansea £5,000,000 28 Aug, 2016 Reece Brown Bury Unknown 06 Jan, 2017 Sam Winnall Sheff Wed Unknown 13 Jan, 2017 James Bree Aston Villa Undisc. 25 Jan, 2017 Conor Hourihane Aston Villa Undisc. 26 Jan, 2017 Callum Evans Forest Green Free 22 May, 2017 Marley Watkins Norwich Free 01 Jun, 2017 Ryan Williams Rotherham Free 19 Jun, 2017 Total: £5,000,000 PLAYER TO FEE DATE Dale Jennings MK Dons Free 29 Jun, 2015 Kane Hemmings Dundee Signed 01 Jul, 2015 Rhys Oates Hartlepool Signed 01 Jul, 2015 Ross Turnbull Leeds Free 15 Jul, 2015 Milan Lalkovic Walsall Free 16 Jul, 2015 Martin Cranie Huddersfield Free 22 Jul, 2015 Luke Berry Cambridge U Unknown 22 Jul, 2015 Dominic McHale Ramsbottom Free 01 Aug, 2015 Mason Holgate Everton Signed 13 Aug, 2015 Keith Treacy Drogheda Free 25 Sep, 2015 Jean-Yves Mvoto Leyton Orient Free 20 Nov, 2015 Reece Wabara Wigan Free 14 Jan, 2016 Simeon Jackson Blackburn Free 15 Jan, 2016 Leroy Lita Yeovil Free 04 Mar, 2016 Mike Phenix Salford City Free 25 May, 2016 George Maris Cambridge U Free 03 Jun, 2016 Jak McCourt Northampton Free 24 Jun, 2016 Paul Digby Ipswich Undisc. 28 Jun, 2016 Harry White Solihull M Free 01 Jul, 2016 George B Williams MK Dons Free 01 Jul, 2016 Lukas Lidakevicius E Thurrock Unknown 01 Jul, 2016 Total: £0 Yeah a real batch of household names there!!! Apart from £5m for Alfie Mawson, not a penny brought in. Am i missing something!?
  11. Here we go...as if the past 28 pages have not been bad enough let's fill page after page of more irrelevant numpty guesswork!!
  12. If Alex Neil can do it?.......
  13. Yeah one win in their last 17 league games (and that to the worst run club in England namely Sunderland) is certainly the type of form that will keep them up!!!!
  14. Yeah we weren't involved in a relegation battle at all last season. It was all just a dream.