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  1. Mr Optimistic

    St Mirren v Falkirk 17/4/2018 (defo)

    All about opinions. Ours differ on both Samson and Stelios
  2. Mr Optimistic

    St Mirren v Falkirk 17/4/2018 (defo)

    We completely dominated the game against a woeful Falkirk team. Samson makes a world class save from the penalty but then shows why we need a new keeper as he can't deal with ANYTHING in the air. And Stelios well..... was Stelios!!! Just remember this used to happen EVERY week not so long ago!! Roll on Saturday with a full team, full house home win and a massive party
  3. Mr Optimistic

    Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    Ok so who are you dropping from a team that has lost once at home in 14 months??? Jack has been very loyal to the players who have got us in this position so I do not see him starting. However I think he should have got longer on Tuesday and agree that he does have something to offer from the bench.
  4. Mr Optimistic

    Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    My point was that if we adopt the same tactics against Livi (and we surely will not) they will stroll through the game. A long throw for this St Mirren team is like having a gun with no bullet! If you do not agree then let's agree to disagree and leave it there. For the record John Sutton did not win a single header (and nor did any other St Mirren player from the throws) but did create a chance for himself. Had that gone in it really would have been Roy of the Rovers Stuff!!! (For those of you old enough to remember the comic ) Hypolyte did well to get in behind them late on but unfortunately thrashed at the ball when a little more composure was required. If we are to beat Livi on Saturday it will be by playing football on the deck, getting in behind them and being able to cope with being kicked up and down the park.
  5. Mr Optimistic

    Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    In case you have not noticed Livi are a HUGE team!! We are..... well.......NOT!!!
  6. Mr Optimistic

    Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    Couldn't disagree more. The throw ins were easily defended by United and Livi will be delighted if we resort to that on Saturday.
  7. Mr Optimistic

    Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    Yeah long throw ins to a team of midgets against a team of Giants. Great tactics!! Really worked on Tuesday! You're not Alex Rae are you? We have not played long ball football all season and if we do on Saturday Livi will stroll through the game.
  8. Mr Optimistic

    Inverness v St Mirren 31/03/2018(Maybe)

    No it's not
  9. Mr Optimistic

    Inverness v St Mirren 31/03/2018(Maybe)

    If Dunfermline beat Livi midweek and then Morton take something off them on Saturday we would be Champions with a win at Brechin on the 7th
  10. Mr Optimistic

    How many points will win the league?

    Livi Will beat Dumbarton on Saturday but I fancy Dunfermline to get at least a point against them on 3rd April. If that happens and we beat Inverness on Saturday we will will the league at Brechin the following Saturday
  11. I'd have thought 38 pages of guesswork and speculation would have been enough for one week!
  12. To be honest I am sure St Mirren board, players, management and fans could have done without the distraction. Lets hope normal service resumes on Saturday.
  13. official statement on website
  14. Pulls out or didnae get it!
  15. You really are having a laugh!!! IF (and it's still a BIG IF) Jack goes then the manager till the end of the season will come from within. There is great harmony at the club from top to bottom so the last thing needed would be a new face. If Fowler does not go it will be him and if Fowler does go it will be McManus.