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  1. Juniors

    Kilwinning Rangers 5 Girvan 3. [emoji106]
  2. You too mate. Hopefully Saints give us a present.
  3. It's my birthday on Saturday aswell. It'll be a great day.
  4. Jack Ross

    Outstanding elvis, a positive post, unless Jack tells us Lewis is leaving.
  5. Juniors

    Diddy cup. Can concentrate on the league now.[emoji106]
  6. Brilliant performance today. Decided to go with my eldest and got our tickets 5 minutes before kick off. Went to the main stand for a change of view. Glad we made it. Every player was superb today and 3 nil doesn't tell the whole story. Long may the good form continue.
  7. Going today as a last minute decision. Can I still buy tickets at the ground up until kick off? I normally buy them in advance.
  8. Juniors

    Kilwinning Rangers 2 Irvine vics 2. Kilwinning win on pens.[emoji106]
  9. The 2017/18 Champions League Thread

    3 more to go. CMON ASTANA!
  10. Superb result. Would have been with 11 men but playing so long with 10 makes it even better. Still think that red strip is honking.
  11. Get in. Shut up shop. Switch off the lights. 10 at the back. Kick it anywhere.
  12. FFS! Indiscipline again could cost us dearly for second week in a row.
  13. Juniors

    Kilwinning Rangers at home to irvine vics in the quarter finals. Irvine wanks!