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  1. Juniors

    Cumnock 1 Kilwinning Rangers 3. Up to 2nd.[emoji106]. Beith in our sights.
  2. Would have taken this score before the game but for us not to score and them to beat us over the second 45 mins is poor. Still happy to be through.
  3. Disappointing second half. Job done, I suppose.
  4. Latest Scores

    Absolutely pumped. Nice.
  5. Latest Scores

    4 - 1 Denmark. # lesson. [emoji106]
  6. Latest Scores

    Rep of Ireland 1 Denmark 2.[emoji106]
  7. Juniors

    You didn't disappoint me. Thanks.
  8. Juniors

    Kilwinning Rangers 2 Irvine Meadow 3. Scoreline suggests a better game than it was. Biggest disappointment was the Junior FA did not allow the public bar at the ground to be open for the game. Big financial hit for the club. Not a hint of trouble at the game. Load of Bollocks. What would shull make of it?
  9. Juniors

    Kilwinning Rangers v Irvine Meadow cup tie tomorrow. Nice wee bit of hospitality for this one. Should be competitive on and off the park.
  10. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Feckin Maribor!
  11. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Hence, only a pound stake.
  12. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Not won yet this season.
  13. Juniors

    Kilwinning Rangers 2 Larkhall Thistle 1.
  14. Juniors

    Beith, Kilbirnie and Kilwinning top 3 in Super Premier League. North Ayrshire owns Junior Football.