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  1. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Language, Timothy !
  2. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Keep me out of that. Ive been to more games than you`ve had hot dinners. I have been nothing but supportive of the team this year and not missed a home game. Get your facts right, sonny.
  3. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    Probably the worst performance and worst game I`ve seen in a long time. Couldn't see the Stelios incident properly as I was at the other side and took my eyes off the ball but even before that, I suspected the worst as Dumbarton looked to have the measure of us from the start and deserved their victory. They are, however, not a good team to watch and would drive fans away from football. They have always been a bogey team for us, its one of those football quirks. Main objective should still be a play off position, if unable to win the title. I think we need another forward though, as we are a bit lightweight in that department. Three points a must in the next game.
  4. Livingston are a decent team and will be hard for anyone to beat this season, so last night was a great 3 points. Their defenders dealt well with our front players , sometimes a bit roughly it has to be said, but we kept at it and I thought Eck had a great game, as did Morgan of course. First viewing of Davis and he is a good passer and organiser, Jack Baird will benefit from this I think. The last two games have put an end to the dodgy run recently, so if we can beat Dumbarton on Saturday ( not an easy task) we are back on track. Only down side of last night was driving home and having to avoid a yak which was being pursued by a polar bear. It was that cold !
  5. You just keep your foul language and abuse to yourself, sonny.
  6. Would you at least agree its an awful draw ? Takes the wind out of your sails when barring a real upset we are likely out of the cup in January. I know they are not unbeatable but its some task up there. I have no interest in either chips or beer, even in Stonehaven, so wont countenance going up there. No, the league is number one priority and if we can get one of the 4 places at the end of the season it gives us a chance of promotion. You can bet that Dundee Utd will have funds in January as they are desperate to exit this league. We are more likely to lose a player or two, so replacements will be important. Jack Ross has more than proved his worth in that respect, however. Sorry to be pedantic, but last season we were leading Celtic then lost 4 second half goals and it could have been much more, so no, we didn't compete against them.
  7. Celtic aside, worst possible draw. Only target now is to be one of the 4 clubs fighting for promotion. And before anyone accuses me of pessimism, please look at our historic record against the Dons up there. Enough said. We had 3 cup competitions this season, failed miserably in the first, didn't try a leg in the second and have been given the worst draw imaginable in the third. The league would always have been our priority anyway, so lets concentrate on that. The next game is one we must get something from or we will be back among the pack after a great start.
  8. Good Riddens Italy Football Club

    Funnily enough, exactly 40 years ago another country cheated their way to the WC finals when a centre forward deliberately punched a cross ball into the air resulting in the incorrect award of a penalty. Admittedly it was the referee who messed up but a sportsman would have owned up to the chicanery. At least when Italy cheat, it gets them somewhere, unlike that other country who fail ceaselessly. incidentally, its Riddance.
  9. The Queen Is A Tax Dodger!

    For our indolence and subservience we deserve the royal family.
  10. BBC Breakfast News - Irony Alert

    I`m not vegetarian but as the pig is the most intelligent animal after us, we should think before eating them. By the sounds of it, some on here are digging their graves with a knife and fork, lol.
  11. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Would you not concede that at least until January it seemed certain we would be relegated ? Bottom of the league and with barely a win all season. When a completely new team appeared after that, it was a different story and by March I was convinced we would stay up, even if it meant a play off, such was the improvement and quality of players. I defy anyone but the most wildly optimistic to differ from that opinion. As for this season, we have started well, tailed off a bit recently and need improvement. I don't think we will win the title but the play offs are a must, and I believe we could emerge from that in good shape. Perhaps a player or two added to the squad could make all the difference between automatic and play off promotion. I have, until this season been a pessimist for several years, with very good cause. A succession of completely dud managers and decisions by the board have seen us plunge from a regular top league team to where we are now. Thankfully an unusually good decision(to appoint JR) has halted and reversed the slide. The emergence of a few very good players has helped to re-invigorate the team and more importantly the fan base which had shrunk to a small hard core in recent years. Its fun to go to games again, something missing for a very long time. I don't expect agreement from you, but that's your entitlement. I do, however, take exception to your suggestion that I go and support another team. One may change many things in ones life, the football team is for life.
  12. Celtic are already out of the CL, they make no bones about it. I normally support all Scottish teams in Euro competitions but will make an exception tonight.
  13. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Morton on what as an away win , exactly ? Last season I thought we would be relegated, so did everyone else in the country. I could support Celtic if I felt so inclined. Please post (if you absolutely must) in a coherent manner.
  14. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    I thought that had the game lasted another 10 minutes, we might well have lost it as Morton came on strongly in the second half. That's quite a few weeks now we have been below par but thankfully still holding on at the top of the table. I was right in line with the first penalty and it was a wrong call. Morgan was having his shirt pulled but outside the box - a foul only. Contact inside the box does not constitute a penalty unless its a foul. Couldn't see the Morton one but not surprised that ref gave another wrong decision. We badly need injured defenders back to strengthen things ( where is Davis ?) I`m not a great fan of Sutton but he should have been on against Morton for his power and strength. Anyway, need a bit of improvement for next week at Dundee or we could lose top spot.
  15. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Remember this game well, for one particular reason. I was so disgusted by the penalty award to Celtic (hard to imagine why, as it was nothing unusual really) that I left the ground before it was taken and heard the roar from outside. I walked back into town , still wearing my scarf and was greeted by a chap in town who said "Good result today, eh " I replied, "we should have won though", only to be told of the last minute winner ! If I remember correctly, the game was on tv so I saw it later that night. Note the attendance, 16,000, and that was with Saints taking a decent crowd in those days.