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  1. Ah, English football, your REAL interest. your bill is in the post, lol.
  2. Those of us who actually go to football - not you Faraway- don't need to subscribe to satellite tv as Saints are never on that. The SFA have decided that as we don't get any money from qualification to major tournaments, they can scrounge some from Sky and let the fans watch our biggest rivals instead. The wisdom of those who run the game here can be measured by the national teams consistent failures. As for the next manager, the same people will be choosing so the same "qualities" for the post will apply. The last few decades of mediocrity have dulled my appetite for Scotland, so the predictable appointment of someone whose face fits the criteria does not overly concern me. Past caring really. Pity though, it could definitely be much much better than what we have at present.
  3. Normally wouldn't have attended a match like that on Saturday, but circumstances dictated otherwise. Looked like the team either weren't interested or thought they were above this tournament. Probably best they are out of it but that's three games in a row we have been rotten. Managed to get away with the previous two but caught out badly against Rovers. Must have a completely different attitude next game against what has always been a bogey team for us. League is the most important at present.
  4. I would like to hear an explanation from Messrs Regan and Doncaster of why Scotland has yet again failed to qualify under their stewardship. Never mind about Strachan, when are those two going to be held to account ? Incidentally, whilst taking no pleasure from the national teams latest failure - and I admit to having not seen one minute of the action - the signs were all there a long time ago that smarty pants Strachan has lost his marbles. his post match radio comments confirm this.
  5. I only saw the brief highlights, having to rely on radio coverage but the tremendous victory against mostly 10 men with a last minute own goal has not changed my mind about Strachan or the selection of non Scots in the team. Contrary to others opinions, I am not depressed about the national team. I don't go and watch them or even see on tv, but as a football fan I just have an opinion. Is that ok with you Faraway ? We may win on Sunday, I hope we do, but with the players available a much better effort could have been made if someone competent had been in charge. Jack Ross could do a better job in his tea break than Strachan.
  6. You`re such a wit.
  7. Why read it then ? You know it all makes sense though. Not that you would know this, of course, but the Erskine Bridge is more or less impossible to hop off, even for an amphibian.
  8. Sad days when we are desperate for two wins just to get a play-off place ! This campaign was ruined from the very start. At half time in the Malta game, Strachan looked like he had lost the place, although we went on to undeservedly win 5-1. Next game, a last minute equaliser against Lithuania before two 0-3 tankings which sealed our fate. Strachan had already conceded the group to England before a ball was kicked, such is his deference to the country where he resides. He is also deemed to be "loyal" to certain players, particularly those referred to by the press as "tried and trusted" ( in other words complete failures) whom he consistently selects for squads, whether they are fit, in form or even playing for their (English)club sides. The fact that these players have repeatedly failed to qualify us for any tournaments seems neither here nor there to Strachan. Should anyone have the audacity to question him on any point ( not that our lily livered press would even dare), his insolent, monosyllabic replies usually engender stifled laughter from the fourth estate. Such contempt does he hold them, and the fans, in. As for tonight, and without having prior knowledge of the team, I fear he will pick a team to try and thwart the opposition instead of going full pelt at them - something which has always been Scotlands best tactic - by using players who should not be in the team, to the exclusion of form players. I hope we manage a win but cannot see 6 points in the bag by Sunday evening. On the bright side though, it must surely mean us seeing the back of Strachan.
  9. Scotlands biggest game in a very long time, couldn't manage to get a ticket so will settle down to watch it on tv instead. Oh, hold on, its the England game that ScottishTV are showing. Will just have to settle for the wireless instead.
  10. Ive not much to moan about Saints at the moment so at least give me the chance to vent my spleen about the national team, lol.
  11. There are some who should be nowhere near a Scotland squad, namely, Archer, Cooper, Morrison, Phillips, Ritchie, Martin, Hanley, Whittaker, Bannan, both Fletchers, McArthur, Snodgrass, Anya. The first half dozen are not even Scottish, the rest are just hopeless. Strachan has already cost us the chance of qualification a long time ago and should be removed the minute we fail again.
  12. Free Football On TV

    Shouldn't you be up and awake at this time of day ?
  13. Free Football On TV

    I am obviously not as affluent as you (despite the money you donate to bookmakers, lol), so don't have Skygo or BT. Its a pity that for the poorer sections of society - not you of course - who cannot afford pay per view tv, that even so-called "free" events are restricted to more expensive HD tvs. Thankfully its still possible to receive a radio signal in my part of Glasgow. Lets also add that Sky, BT, Free Sports etc will be showing NO coverage of St Mirren. I take it you are a You tube fan only ? Never mind you can feast on English football, which you no doubt prefer, as you heavily sponsor it.
  14. Rarely go to away games but would have gone to this one but for prior engagements with Lady Frog. Will keep up as much as possible if radio coverage available. If Morton can beat them, so can we.