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  1. Don't you have horse racing or some other gambling outlet to pursue ?
  2. Wasn't he sacked in disgrace by England ?
  3. That's my thinking as well, unfortunately. I have a terrible feeling the best we can hope for is a play off with lower division teams, having studied the remaining fixtures. I feel we will have to rely on Ayr losing both their games, which is a possibility. Raith have always been difficult opponents for us historically and victories at Easter Rd are rarities. Wont make any more games until the play offs if we are in them. Looking back, its criminal some of the points we squandered earlier in the season, even one more victory could have eased the pressure. No point in crying over spilt milk , need to try and get something from Saturday.
  4. Hibs and Raith have both beaten us twice in the league this season. I never used the word shocking, rather I said it was unconvincing. I think its the play offs for us, unless Ayr win in midweek, then its really worrying. These recent dropped points wouldn't normally be worthy of criticism, but its been patently obvious for a long time that we needed to win EVERY game in order to avoid the drop. There is no margin for error, such was our abysmal record until January.
  5. Ah, where is a Newton or Archimedes when you need one ? Looks like even the cynical frog was lulled into a false sense of security with the good run of form. Seems we are back to square one again. Two must win games in a row and only one point. Of course it could be that the prospect of extra play-off games and the revenue they might accrue is the reason for our recent slump. That now looks a best case scenario as our record against both Raith and Hibs is none too convincing. Unable to make any more games scheduled so far, so a bit of nail biting is a cert over the next fortnight. When I last saw them against Morton, it seemed our worries might be over. How different now.
  6. Unless Sky is free, its extra money. Most of the money they distribute goes to the English.
  7. Sky. Isnt that where you pay extra money to sponsor English football and never see Saints ?
  8. Firstly, it goes without saying that Celtic and their fans are and always have been, beneath contempt. So the thought of them not trying to bend the rules is laughable. Their co-conspirators likewise. It should be remembered that whenever money is involved in sport, cheating has always been part and parcel of it. Of course its against the rules but professional footballers will strive to gain any kind of advantage and if anyone thinks that one of them could be "embarrassed" by being caught cheating, they are mistaken. Mammon is more highly regarded than sportsmanship in the professional game. For example the oft repeated myth that if "contact" is made in the box , a penalty should be awarded sums things up. In order to win a penalty, a player must be fouled ( i.e. tripped, pushed, kicked etc) NOT just tackled. Those who have been watching football for a long time will remember that referees used to completely ignore blatant divers and would often remind them that the next time they are genuinely scythed down in the box, play would be waved on. Same used to happen with spoilers who played the offside tactic. Motherwell were infamous for using that. Back to Celtic though, and it would be miserly of me not to congratulate them and their manager for their achievements so far. It would also be remiss not to mention their massive financial advantage, nor the concession of two of their most miserable defeats since their formation, in the same season. Doesn't everyone like to see a flat track bully brought to heel ? ( even by little Imps, lol)
  9. Great game last night, won everything in the air and scored a fine headed goal. One of several outstanding players recently. Whilst I admit I had Saints relegated up until recently, and surely it would have been hard to argue with that prognosis, I feel we have turned the corner now and will be staying up. The difference since the turn of 2017 has been night and day . Of course personnel wise its a different team but several previously poor players have turned into footballers under JR. My gripe about last night is solely with Morton who thoroughly don't deserve even a chance at promotion, given the way they treat away fans. No cover, no change at the turnstiles, no holding up the game to let people in who have had to queue due to their incompetence. Thankfully on last nights showing they have no chance of promotion. Galling thing is, if we took their place I think we would win the play-offs and beat whoever comes from the Premiership.
  10. This is a game we absolutely must take something from, therefore the best players have to be played. Saturday was a chance to steal a march on our nearest rivals but we didn't take it (nor did we deserve to), so any failure to gain points could be fatal if we are to countenance staying in this division. I will be hopping down to Greenock having not missed a game in weeks. The prospect of Morgan playing is a welcome one as he was missed on Saturday.
  11. Current favourite programme is Catastrophe on Ch4. Two really funny co-stars. Think the Irish lady is very beautiful.
  12. Questions the rulers of our football ought to be forced to confront. Why hasn't Scotland qualified for any tournament for 20 years ? Why does the same team win the league every season ? Why does it cost so much to watch an inferior standard of football ? Why are grounds all seated ? Why cant fans get a drink at football ? Why does our game get such a paltry sum from tv companies ? Why does the international manager always dictate when he decides to leave ? Why, when fans want a bigger top league, does it not happen ? Why are those two clowns still in a job ? A combination of inertia and being accustomed to much of the above will continue to see our game further deteriorate. Everyone knows what needs to be done, but will it ever happen ?
  13. Hi, just to balance things up, I am not on holiday abroad but if I was I wouldn't be bragging about it in a puerile manner. Isnt facebook etc for that kind of tittle- tattle ?
  14. Agree. This of course is the same SFA which has employed Malky McKay. He has now been issuing edicts on the lifestyles of young footballers and seems to be taken seriously. I rest my case ! Rotten to the core.
  15. Having to get 3 tickets for tomorrows game, not able to get to ticket office until before the game.