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  1. Never cease to be amazed how the undeserving manage to get jobs way beyond their capabilities. My abiding memory of this chap is him making it into the record books by becoming the manager who was able to lose a cup final in extra time despite having a 2 man advantage. Should have been dismissed immediately but clung on due to having no doubt friends in high places. And no, I didn't forget the next match against Celtic which I, like the majority of the support, missed due to being severely irate. So, no welcome back from the frog.
  2. Stubbs showed what he really thinks of Scottish football. Like Craig before him, he considered that reserves and lower/non league English players would be good enough to play in our top league. That in itself would be grounds for dismissal but for the directors to actually allow him to squander precious funds on untried players is akin to dereliction of duty. He goes with my good riddance although no doubt he will be permitted, just like that other ne`er do well Alex Rae, to pontificate to us mere mortals about that which is above our intelligence....football. I despair.
  3. Will be giving this one a miss, season ticket or not. Anticipate a mauling.
  4. Very glad to see him gone from Saints. Would love to see his ilk having to do what the rest of us have to.....find a proper job !!!
  5. I think I am correct in saying that this is the biggest away win in the Scottish cup between two teams in the top division ever. We almost equalled the record of an away win last season in Edinburgh but just missed out.
  6. To go from the highs of last season, even the second half of the preceding season and then losing our best player and best manager in living memory is a real blow just when theres been a great atmosphere among the fans and in the town. It seems many already have us as likely relegation candidates. I am not impressed with either the new manager or any of the signings - I know theres no basis for the pessimism yet but I have a bad feeling - and sincerely hope we are not going down the Craig route of lower league English players which is a huge risk playing against the likes of the old firm, Aberdeen and the capital clubs. Only time will tell, of course, and I wish the team well this coming season. Hope not to be watching from behind a sofa at some matches,lol.
  7. Spineless jellyfish, well beaten but no fight whatsoever. The English guy who manages them should be booted out, he is hopeless.
  8. The amphibian view on this appointment is one of disappointment, which would most likely have always been such after a great success like JR. One thing I always pick up on though is that English people always have an eye on returning home as soon as a decent opening arises ( see Davis signing for Grimsby as a perfect example). He couldn't get out of Hibs quickly enough to the second division down there and made rather a hash of things. I may well be proved wrong but having sang froid I weigh these things up impassionately. One thing I do ask of him is, please do not bring in Jules Verne league players, Craig tried it and it doesn't work !
  9. Not looking very promising already after such a great 18 months. The wind has been taken firmly out of our sails having lost our manager and best player. My main hope is that the idiots who had selected the previous managers have now departed and sense may prevail. Fingers crossed. I do however think that either English managers or those who have been based in English football should be avoided like the plague, as the first sign of a job opportunity down there will see them leave in a cloud of dust.
  10. The amount of hype from the English media printed about Salah, comparing him to Messi, Ronaldo et al, shows how completely out of touch and unrealistic they are. Because a player does well in their league automatically puts him in the "world class" department, lol. Didn't take Madrid long to snuff him out and show Liverpool a clean pair of heels. Unfortunately lots in this country are starstruck by our southern cousins, also taken in by the media hype.
  11. Even I was able to watch a bit of it on Freesports. Pathetic display and result. The guy in charge - could hear him shouting from the touchline in an English accent - has a pretty poor record at this level and should be relieved of the position. some of Scotlands play was amateurish, could hardly string a pass together.
  12. Oh yes, the old "they bring in lots of tourists and money" rubbish that's wheeled out every time those parasites require mugs like us to fund their lifestyles. I don't imagine places like Paisley or anywhere outside the Home Counties made much from this charade. Incidentally, if its meant to "unite the nation", then why are all those events held in the same area ? ( the wealthiest region in the uk just by chance). As an earlier poster mentioned, the Russians, Germans Italians etc got shot of their scroungers long ago and must be laughing at us still forking out to pay for millionaire ne`er do wells` housing and holidays. Probably serves us right for being so stupid and subservient when behind their backs they despise the great unwashed. Rant over, lol.
  13. Ive never heard of James and hope he does well, but I have said before that players from England always have an eye on returning home at the first opportunity and rarely settle in this country. I hope to be proved wrong and that someone from lower league football can step up to our premiership.
  14. The Pontiff is a keen football fan, apparently a season ticket holder at San Lorenzo in B.A.
  15. I am never surprised when English people cite "family reasons" for their departure back home. In footballing terms I don't think Davis would have been good enough anyway for the step up so at least we have time to replace him. One thing I will predict is that he gets a club straight away near to wherever he comes from. We were more than reasonable in giving him the chance for first team football and he repaid that with some good performances last season, so he leaves with my good wishes.
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