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  1. Hibs will have downed tools after losing in the manner they did today. I hope Hibs win but just can't see it happening with everything that is at stake for Raith.
  2. If it's full prices for this game then don't see the crowd being more than 4,500 for what is undoubtedly our biggest game of the season so far and arguably one of the biggest in our history. This is Hugh Murray at Stirling Albion territory all those years ago. We have to win this game to give us a chance of finishing outside the bottom two and avoiding the straight drop or the pressure pot of the play offs. There seems to have been this belief amongst our support for a number of weeks that we will win this game and it's a bit of given but this is going to be extremely difficult. John Hughes is no mug and I can't see an Ayr 6-2 home win for the buds. This matters so much to Raith too and they will fighting for everything just like ourselves. Raith will beat Hibs midweek. This game will be massive and the nerves amongst the support and players will be tangible and hopefully doesn't adversely affect us as Raith will be no pushovers. Jack Ross has been receiving plenty of plaudits for what he has done for St Mirren in the last 2-3 months and this must rankle with the Raith and Dumbarton as they haven't done too badly themselves in the last 6 or 7 weeks when the pressure has been on them. Time is running out for us and we have achieved nothing yet but win our next two games and we can stay up. We have to win this to have any chance of finishing outside the bottom two. Still plenty of twists to come in the remaining two league games but what a game this is sure to be.
  3. As Shull said on another thread Hibs won't pick up another point this season. Raith will win midweek at Easter Road.
  4. My 4 year old son is running around our holiday cottage singing 'super Stelious'. I think it's a sign! It was great to get out bottom two on Tuesday but its a marathon not a sprint and we aren't over the finish line yet. We are due a result against this mob so here's hoping this 1200 or so travelling fans have something to cheer about at full time.
  5. Did anyone back us when we were rooted to the bottom and odds of 6/1 were getting banded about? Appreciate it's not over yet but just curious.
  6. Jack Ross won't be going anywhere in a hurry. He knows that the board have stood by him this season and given him a good opportunity to manage a decent sized club in Scottish terms. There is plenty to build on at St Mirren and increase his profile and reputation. He could leave for Dundee and be sacked by Christmas if the players he is left with aren't up to much. I think Jack has a genuine affinity for our club and I think he will really fancy a full season at trying to get us into the top 4 for next season.
  7. Langfield will be our top or one of our top earners and I think the money could be spent more wisely.
  8. I wonder how many of the signings were made through linkedin. The transformation in the team since start of early February has been phenomenal. It was a slow start under Ross but I think that was to do with the attitude of the bulk of player's at the club at the time. Most have been moved on and fresh players brought in who have risen to the challenge and embraced the fight that the club so desperately needed them to. I just wonder what of the current players on loan /signed on short term contracts will remain for next season ie Stelios, Davis, O'Brien, Loy to name but a few. Jack Ross is very committed to the buds and talks with a genuine affection for our club. Stay up and we could be in for an interesting season next year.
  9. I think if Billy was to sign on next season and we released Langfield from his coaching role and replaced him with someone half decent then we might see Billy blossom. He is still young and remember he has only played 3 months of first team football. There is the making of a decent keeper in there and would be great if he realised his potential with us. Still buzzing after last night's result and I wasn't even there.[emoji2]
  10. Brilliant result! Saw bits on periscope. Those Morton fans like a moan. Sounds like a terrific committed team effort tonight. Well done lads! Still on holidays so won't make Falkirk but will hopefully get up to Tannadice. #wearestayingup
  11. In sunny Whitby. Tuning in for updates. COYS!
  12. Disappointed to be missing tomorrow's game as it should be another cracking atmosphere with a decent crowd of around 4,500. My Celtic supporting brother in law is using my season ticket while I bought a £10 ticket for an Aberdeen supporting friend at work who is going along to the 1877 club. Dumbarton will be a together nut to crack and can't see another high scoring game as I feel they will be a bit more solid at the back and sit in. Desperate for a home win and hope the manager of the month curse doesn't apply to Jack Ross. A St Mirren supporting buddie at work has put £95 on us to win ht/ft at 7/4. Bonkers bet!
  13. Well done Jack! Hopefully you win April's manager of the month and keep our beloved club in the league.
  14. Enjoy your night out lads. Should be a belter of a day on and off the field. [emoji2]
  15. If St Mirren have any business sense they will get this new strip launched before the Raith game. Set up a porta cabin of sorts in car park or next to ticket office get current fringe / injured players popping along for a bit and selling them from 10am. I hope the club also announce ticket prices of £5 for an adult and kids for free. Get in a home crowd of over 6,000 and tap into this feel good factor. There is a special bond forming between the players and the support. We have to tap into while the going is good. I know we haven't achieved anything concrete on the field yet but together we can do this. #wearestayingup