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  1. Mr Zo

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Looks a good solid appointment. I think the quick hero to zero from Hibs to Rotherham will stand him and St Mirren in great stead. I think we all feel like it's been a hard month or so since we won the league with all the speculation about Jack leaving then finally heading off to Sunderland. I think Stubbs will be a good fit at St Mirren given where we are and where we want to go.
  2. Mr Zo

    New Manager Latest Odds

    I think we will end up appointing McIntyre and Dodds.
  3. Mr Zo

    John McGinn

    I guess it depends who is in for him. If it's only Sunderland and maybe Leeds bidding for him then he will for anywhere between £2 and £3 million but if an English premiership get involved then it could potentially be several million more.
  4. Mr Zo

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Watched the press conference of the new Sunderland board and got to say they sound a bit slippery. Talk a good game but time will tell. Intrigued to watch how things unfold for Jack and James at Sunderland.
  5. Mr Zo

    John McGinn

    Could be some summer for money coming into the buddies coffers before a ball is kicked if John McGinn was to get a big money move, compensation for Jack and James plus this proposed sale of Kyle McGennis to Sunderland. The potential for close to £2 million coming saints way. Obviously not counting our chickens but an interesting thought. Surely John McGinn has to leave Hibs this summer for big bucks.
  6. Mr Zo

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    SMTID......or until a big club comes in offering me wads of cash. You got the feeling at the stadium that day and at the Bankhouse POTY when Jack did his speech that he was off in the summer. The guy has got something special about him and is extremely ambitious. he was only recently interviewed saying he wanted to manage scotland and he only been managing for less than 3 years. Sunderland has got such potential and he really could take that club through the leagues into the premiership in the next 2 or 3 years. Good luck to Jack and James and thank you for amazing memories over the last 18 months. Life is too short to be bitter and twisted about things like this and I only wish Jack and James all the best at Sunderland. Today I do feel we have lost out on something that felt really special with them leaving but that is life. It will pass and tomorrow I will be over it. Season ticket will be renewed as always and we will look forward to a brighter future. I have no doubt we will build on what WE as a support have created too. It's not all down to Jack so plenty to be positive about. The future is Black and White!
  7. Mr Zo

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I have a feeling Jack will have flown back to the UK yesterday and will be unveiled as the Sunderland manager at a press conference later today.
  8. Mr Zo

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Down playing football at the dome tonight and a mate spoke to Tony Fitzpatrick as we were leaving and he said that this afternoon was the first that the club had heard about the interest from Sunderland. Jack will be off to Sunderland and will most likely be appointed manager within the next 48 hours if not sooner. Sunderland are a massive club and a great place for Jack to move to now under new ownership etc. Along with Villa and Leeds they are one of the biggest clubs outside the Premier league. I know the club has been on the way down for the last couple of years but a mirror image of what he took over at us. Fans unhappy and detached from the club with little to be positive about. I think Jack would get them promoted and get himself noticed as they have surely bottomed out now. I would wish Jack all the best for his future at Sunderland and feel no ill feeling at all. Things maybe haven't been done quite the way they should but Jack was always going to be off after winning manager of the year and you can't blame him. Time for him to move on and for us to concentrate on what really matters to us all, the future of St Mirren Football Club. The board will have a shortlist of names for a new manager and will get acting on it once this is all resolved with Jack. I wonder who it will be? Onwards and upwards!
  9. Mr Zo

    John McGinn

    Hopefully the first thing Jack Ross does at his new English club is buy John McGinn for £3 million or more.
  10. A strong reminder this afternoon of why Jack Ross will be desperate to get that big move this summer while his stock is as high as it ever will be with St Mirren. Alan Archibald was getting all the plaudits last summer for guiding Thistle to a top 6 finish and this afternoon he has taken them via the play offs into the championship. He may well be sacked in the coming days and his chance of a move to a bigger club halted for the time being and possibly gone forever. i want Jack to sign a new contract, stay at St Mirren and take the club forward like he has done so admirably in the last 18 months. However, I understand that a manager with a young family who hasn't made a great deal from football as a player that he must be very keen to get that life changing deal with a top club in Scotland or England. Sadly I still think if he doesn't get the Ipswich gig that other clubs much bigger than us will come looking for him over the summer even if he does sign a new improved contract. Interesting times at St Mirren.
  11. Renewing my season ticket for myself and my two kids this week (5 year old boy and 8 year old girl). Both have been to the Panada Club several times this year and love it. I was just wondering if anyone knows what the set up is this year? I pay £3 for each child plus their season and a small fortune on hot dogs, drinks and sweets. I know in the past that season tickets used to get to panda club for free but this stopped this season because of the funding situation wasn't voted through by the smisa membership. My 8 year old daughter has been several times with some friends and loves the experience. There are very few girls go and I would urge anyone with young daughters, grand daughters, nieces etc to take them along at the start of the new season and embrace what is a great set up. Would be great to see St Mirren get their own girls football teams in years to come at different age levels on the back of the women's team being set up.
  12. I don't think Jack Ross is going to be offered the Ipswich job. If he was their number one target then they would have appointed him by now. We know Jack Ross has a very good chance of becoming a top manager in Britain but I am not convinced winning the Scottish Championship and manager of the year in Scotland cuts a whole load of mustered in England. I think Ipswich are a good sized club with plenty of potential and will be looking for a bigger name than Jack Ross. hopefully Jack isn't offered the job and St Mirren offer Jack an improved contract making him our highest paid manager and ask him to commit his future to St Mirren FC for the next two seasons. In Jack We Trust!
  13. Mr Zo

    Here You Are Boys And Girls

    Older fans always talk about how great the feeling was about the club when Fergie got St Mirren promoted. It feels incredibly special now with such an amazing bond between the support and the players. Individuals like Josh McGennis in the stands and Stephen McGinn on the park and jack in the dugout are bringing everyone together and all pulling in the right direction. It's so powerful and great to be part of. That March from the bankhouse to the stadium on Saturday was so impressive. Everyone involved who organised should be immensely proud. It wasn't young guys with their faces covered antaganising the police looking for trouble. It was individuals of all ages and sexes coming together to celebrate their love for the buds. I have never seen anything like Saturday in all my days of watching St Mirren. Anyway I was wondering if any of the older posters see big similarities between our time under Fergie and now under Jack?
  14. It was myself that contacted St Mirren to say Jackson Adams had passed away. My dad, David Wilson, and uncle John Temple used to go to games together many moons ago. I was at Jackson funeral a month ago and sadly at my uncles funeral in February. I was at jacksons house before Christmas when he passed on loads St Mirren mugs, glasses and tankards from back in the day. i think it's a great thing that club do to remember those that have recently passed away. Hopefully the club will release images or even a list of the names on the board as people have said many people sadly missed it due to game being underway.
  15. Doesn't bother me at all that Morton aren't giving us a guard of honour. It's not going to spoil my day. i thought the club might have said to Morton your getting 500 tickets for the away end and brought in a number of porta loos for under the stand, segragated the stand and sold 750 or so to buds fans and segragated the seats and had stewards positioned in the stand. Maybe not worth all the extra hassle and expense plus potential for a bit of crowd trouble as might not be playing Morton in a competitive game for some time. think we will win 2-0 tomorrow and have a brilliant afternoon in the sun and a pleasant open top bus tour. enjoy your match day experience everybuddie!