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  1. With a target of 1000 season tickets set for the West Stand does anyone know how many were sold for West Stand last season?
  2. Just renewed season ticket for myself and the two kids in the west stand over the phone. Sorted in 2 mins. Bring on season 2017/2018!
  3. The disappointing aspect to next season is that there are going to be very few big away supports coming to Paisley with only Morton, Falkirk and Dunfermline bringing any supports worth of note. Brechin, Inverness, Dumbarton, Queens, Hamilton (assume they will lose play off) and Livingston all bringing less than 250. It's therefore even more important that the home fans turn up in good numbers to compensate for this loss in revenue. Really looking forward to the new season and genuine chance to make a real push for the top 4 or even top spot. Morgan and McGennis will only get better plus I am sure we will get some of the players from last season signed up plus there will be some new signings in the next month or so. I think we are in for a very special season.
  4. Any chance of a pre season trip to Barnsley? A few of the folk on here say it's a lovely place.
  5. If Aberdeen release Cammy Smith then I would be quite confident he will sign a 1 year contract with the buds. I think Jack Ross has built up a terrific relationship with a number of the players and they will feel a year at the buds could improve them and their careers. There is something special slowly but surely building at St Mirren Park these days and I think a few of the players like O'Brien and Davis will really fancy being part of that next season.
  6. Good luck to Josh Todd! Things are bubbling away nicely down at St Mirren Park. Hopefully see a few more of this seasons star players sign up in the coming weeks.
  7. Several people on here over the years have been slagging off the youth academy at St Mirren but they haven't done too badly for the club recently. We must have made £750k from the sale of Kenny McLean, John McGinn, Kyle McCallister and Stevie Mallan. Plus we have Baird, Morgan and McGennis playing regularly and contributing to the first team with more coming through the ranks. Well done to all the coaches and staff behind the scenes at the youth academy. Keep up the good work!
  8. I have never seen such a consistently talented striker of a ball than young stevie Mallan. A great number of his free kicks were sensational and right up there with best goals seen scored by a St Mirren player. A true pleasure to have seen him play for the buddies in the last few years. I don't think I will see his likes again and I think as supporters we won't realise just how brilliant a player he was until he has gone, as is almost always the case. I think in time Stevie will make a success of his move to England and long term have a very good career. Young Lappin was a talented youngster, not as much as stevie though, and he went to England and made quite a bit of money in his time there. Didn't play much at Norwich but came back north after making quite a tidy living for a few years. I think Mallan has got more to his game and will do reasonably well in England. It's fair to say that Barnsley have got a bit of a bargain. I wish Stevie Mallan all the very best and will watch his career with interest. Good luck Stevie!
  9. I will get my season ticket and two kids for the west stand this week. I spoke to Gordon Scott a few weeks ago and he intimated that almost 50% of season tickets are for kids which shocked me. I always thought we had around 1500 to 2000 adult season tickets but not be. It is encouraging that we have a target of 1,000 season tickets to aim for in the west stand. As a support we have risen to the challenge this season so would be great if we could reach that. I thought we might have tried to achieve something like 2021 adult season tickets for the whole given its the 2021 stadium. Maybe a bit ambitious but aim big and see what happens. I read recently about Bradford aiming for 20,000 season tickets with huge discounts if bought in March and so on. It looked impressive and would be great if we could tap into the feel good factor and get more bums on seats on a regular basis at St Mirren Park.
  10. Stevie Mallan is such an exciting talent and for us to sell him to an English Championship side for a mere £200k is staggering. Rangers sold Lewis Mcleod for nearly a million and he barely played a game and all at a lower level and he is very average. Surely with the talent he has shown in his few seasons at St Mirren he should be going for a minimum upfront fee of £500k. He has been puting in these performances, scored the goals and numerous assists all for a side that has been struggling each year with players of limited ability. Just look how influential he has been in a side in the last three months when playing alongside talented players. I can't think of many other young players playing for a less fashionable club like us that is banging in such wonderful free kicks and assists week after week. I appreciate he was always going to move on but for a mere £200k. Very disappointing stuff. I feel if this was Dundee United, Hamilton or Falkirk they would be getting anywhere between £500k and £1 million. I wonder if Barnsley interest is real then it might alert other clubs and result in a bidding war that benefits both Mallan and St Mirren FC. Just frustrated that we never seem to get the real going rate for our better players.
  11. I remember attending the first home of the season a couple of years ago. It was a midweek game and Hamilton came calling when Alex Neil was in charge. St Mirren Park was like a morgue before and during the game. Hamilton ran out comfortable winners, 3-0. It was desperately soul destroying and has been like for quite sometime if we are being honest. At the start of this season too. What a change we have seen in the last 3 months. People are desperate to attend games home and away. The usual boisterous support you associate with our away support has been found at St Mirren Park throughput all the stands making for a terrific atmosphere. The buzz is back and I haven't enjoyed my football so much since 1999/2000. It's all down to Jack Ross and his coaching staff for getting together a group of player's that are playing to their optimum with a bit of flair for our beloved club. Long may it continue.
  12. Who was the lad who fronted the show? I know his voice but can't think of his name. He was saying his daughter was an avid saints fans and goes to all the games. A few people working at the BBC these says with a buddies connection.
  13. That was a great listen. Lots to be positive about and can't wait for the new season to start.
  14. Have we sold these last 50 tickets yet? Would be great to get something iut from thr club this afternoon confirming its a sell out. Only one more hour of work then it's the weekend. COYS!