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  1. On the train arriving in airbles. Glorious red sky over Paisley last night. Let's hope it was good sign and the buddies get a win today 2-1 Mallan and Sutton.
  2. I have a spare adult and U12's ticket for the Phil O'Donnnell stand. Not a big concern if I don't find a home for it as bought and paid for by a friend who is stuck in London with work and can't make it. In Paisley from 10ish then Electric Bar from 11ish so maybe find a home for it/them. I really hope we win tomorrow and get some reward for the upturn in our performances in the last 5-6 weeks. Will be some atmosphere before and during the game amongst the St Mirren support and should we win it will be quite an enjoyable party back in the pubs of Paisley.
  3. Hopefully heading for a sell out in the St Mirren end. Looking forward to what should be an enjoyable day out.
  4. Would love the St Mirren website to announce on Friday morning that we have sold out our allocation. The smaller the backing from United the better. Hopefully if their fans don't turn up in numbers then their players won't be as inspired as our players will be when they hear 5,000 fans giving them a backing to remember.
  5. That is quite an incredible stat for young Stevie Mallan. I don't ever remember a player who has scored so many wonderful free kicks for the buds or any other side in Scotland. People waxed lyrical about nakamura's free kicks for Celtic but I think Mallan's are better. The goal at Easter Road is sensational. I would be very surprised if Mallan isn't away in the summer. We probably won't realise just how good he is until he is gone. What a talent!
  6. This is going to go to the wire. Raith, Dumbarton and Ayr are now required to up their game massively as they are in a relegation dogfight now. Every weekend will see freak results and unexpected results from these side. Expect the unexpected. The games at home to these three are massive. Win them all and we will be in pole position but lose one or two let's not think about it. It's going to be a very interesting last month or two.
  7. I have a season ticket but would love to see the club do something like a £5 for adults and kids free or a £1 for Raith game get a 7,000 plus crowd. Alternatively as you say maybe do something like £25 for both Ayr and Dumbarton game. Something to think about and publicise straight after we hopefully win the cup. Tap into the feel good factor while the going is good. The club have to think on their feet el pronto as you won't get this level of interest every season with so much to play for. My Celtic supporting brother in law has been to about 5 games in last couple of months and seen us win everyone of them. He is now hooked and took my wee nephew down to Dumfries today for their first saints away game. Both coming to the final next week and absolutely loving the St Mirren experience.
  8. Terrific win. Disappointing Raith and Ayr got wins but can be viewed as two points gained on Dumbarton. Our destiny was never going to be completely in our own hands as Raith, Dumbarton and Ayr are fighting for their lives too. Ayr in two weeks is going to be massive. I predict over 5000 for the game. Every game between now and the of season will involve at least one team with something big to play for. What a last couple of months we are going to have.
  9. Hope you enjoy a great day out today buddie. Should be a decent away support of about 800. If we get a result and come off the bottom the place will go wild.
  10. How much is a return from North Berwick? Good effort bud.
  11. Was thinking about getting the 10.34 from Glasgow Central that gets you into Airbles for 11.08 then head to the nearest pub which I believe is the electric bar or head to JD bar for one or two before the game.
  12. I see the ticket office is open 5-7 next Thursday night. Hope this helps those that have previously been struggling to get down to the club during working hours.
  13. I still think the board should have had a meeting this week about this and tried to organise opening hours of say 5-7 next Wednesday or Thursday evening or even both. Just a thought but if the club is needing man power then they should be turning to the likes of the fans council and asking for a few volunteers to help shift tickets by helping people to register in the queue etc. I know this is all easier said than done but this should have been a priority for the club as soon as we beat The New Saints. The club should have tried to source additional assistance for a short period to help the people currently working in the ticket office as they do a great job. We never seem to make things easy for ourselves. I still think we will sell out.
  14. I hope Davis makes a speedy and full recovery. A bit of an unsung hero at times and probably been Jack Ross's best signing alongside McGinn. He quietly goes about his job and does it extremely well and will most likely be one of those players you won't realise how important he has been for the side until he is not there. Hopefully Baird and Mckenzie format good partnership for the run in. Harsh to say but his injury may make the possiblity of him signing on for 6 months or a year with us more likely. If this injury means he could be out for a few months then I am not sure too many clubs will take a gamble on him in the summer.
  15. That was another great team performance. Nerve racking for most of second half but felt that came about as a result of the influential Davis going off and the uncertainty shown by O'Brien who seemed a bag of nerves tonight. I really hope that injury to Davis isn't as bad as it looked. Doesn't look like he will play again this season. He has been a massive part of our recent turn in fortunes. The prospect of staying up looks a lot more promising tonight but still plenty of work to be done.