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  1. Phoned the club yesterday afternoon and spoke to reception who advised that the strips might be in end of next week if not then start of following week. With regards to the farce of yesterday's tweets I just wish the club had put out an update saying that the strips would be here within a week or so and on sale for say the 4th of July. Wait til the proper photo shoot has been done before releasing crappy photos of wrong strip. I wish the club had been updating the website giving fans an update rather than silence with regards to strip release date. I would imagine practically every club in our league has their strips on sale by now. Shoddy! The fans 'closed' day is also a farce. We still seem to be struggling with doing the basic PR stuff right.
  2. An Open Day on 9th July exclusively for Season Ticket holders is ludicrous. An Open Day should be open to everyone who wishes to attend and allow the club to spread the good name of St Mirren. Non season tickets holders might attend an open day and be inspired to become season ticket holders. I have just read the message on the website and find that a really strange message to be sending out to St Mirren fans. I thought we were all in this together malarky was working well with the club... but only if you are a season ticket holder.
  3. Like the Murphy's.........
  4. Fowler and Reilly should have swapped shirts. [emoji41] Still a very smart photo though.
  5. Tommy Wright seems like the most likely candidate should McInnes move on. Alex Neil won't be anywhere near Scottish football for some time. I would say Alex Neil would be a far better appointment at Sunderland than McInnnes as he knows the league and how to get promoted from it. He learned a great deal last season and mistakes that he won't make again at his next Championship club, as he will get another championship managers job sometime very soon. Regardless of this, Jack Ross, won't be getting the Aberdeen gig anytime soon. He has so much more to learn about management before landing a job at the 2nd best team in Scotland. Aberdeen will aiming for someone with a bit more experience than Ross has at this moment.
  6. Any truth in the rumour that stelios is getting £5 for every strip sold at the new club shop with 'Maverick' printed on the back?[emoji41] Rumour has it could make him the highest paid player at the club. Welcome home Maverick!
  7. Just wondered what the chances were of the St Mirren Scoreboard being turned around during the week to face the traffic driving by the stadium. Could it be turned or could it be set up on something that would allow it to be movable. It could be used to advertise future saints fixtures, tickets, strips, corporate etc. There must be thousands of people passing the stadium everyday. It's a fairly prime spot. Surely there would be demand to sell as advertising space to airlines etc. It seems a waste that its only used for a few hours about 20-25 days a year. It might not seem a great idea but if we could generate an extra few bob here and there at the club it all helps to what happens on the pitch.
  8. Oh wee Gavin Reilly! I was wondering who was going to benefit from the Mallan chant. If he signs, I believe he could become a real goal machine again under Jack Ross. You get the feeling that Jack has terrific man management skills and this young lad could benefit massively from Ross. Look what he has done for Loy, Cammy Smith and Stephen McGinn to name but a few. Our squad really is shaping up nicely. Roll on Monday!
  9. I hope he isn't driving by Carlisle on his way to signing.[emoji41]
  10. The return of Stelios 'Maverick' Demitrious will surely see us go through the 1,000 Mark in the west stand.[emoji2] Happy days!
  11. Good luck to the youngster.
  12. Absolutely delighted to see Stelios could be on his way back. A very positive signing. The guy is an entertainer and I am excited by his return and I think most fans will be to. With the loss of Mallan its vital we find goals from the rest of the side and I think Stelios will chip in with a few assists and goals plus the defensive cover he offers for either full back positions. When we are at home to the likes of Brechin and Livingston and we need to change things and get a goal then bringing the likes of Stelios off the bench for eckersley or Irvine to lift the crowd and the team. It's a win win for everyone. #culthero I think in the coming weeks we might actually land Rory Loy too. Even signing Davis doesn't seem too far fetched now. It's been a mad a few weeks so I think anything possible.
  13. It's my boys 5th birthday on 4th of July and we are away to Spain in 3 weeks so was hoping to get it before we went away. It's like Groundhog Day with regards to the buds and football strips. We keep hoping the next year will be different and we will get it released for last home game of the season etc. Alas it was not to be but maybe next season. I really do hope we get this seasons strip out before end of June.
  14. I think this is a good signing that ticks a lot of boxes. I always wanted O'Brien to do well and sign on for another year or two but the money he would have been looking for would have been unfeasible for us. He looked promising but didn't look commanding enough in any game and can see why Jack hasn't followed that one up. Good luck to Billy! I think Samson will do well for us this season and will be just what our squad needs. He came to us from Ayr when trying to rebuild his career after being released by St Johnstone and did very well. I can see a similar set of circumstances where he is trying to build back up his confidence and reputation after a few ropey years at Killie and Motherwell. He isn't guaranteed a first team start every week either so he will get pushed and that is good for everyone. I think we will be the winner with a committed goalkeeper who will win us a good few points this season. Welcome back to the club Craig.
  15. I feel it's a bit of a chance missed in not signing Stelios. The guy offers a great deal on either side of defence. I don't really buy into this he is a poor defender talk. We will need cover for both Eckersley and Irvine and I feel stelios fits that bill perfectly. Throw in the fact that he has a great attacking side to his game and linked up really well with Morgan and you have those positions effectively covered by one player. I heard he was offered reduced terms from what he was previously on and the fact Jack didn't play him in the final and in several other of the key games in the closing weeks I can see why stelios is keeping his options open. An opportunity missed should he move on but I live in hope that he signs up for the title winning season.