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  1. Hospitality Prices 2017/18

    My badly heid is in that photo. I was at corporate for Dunfermline game and plenty of peeps there without ties. It doesn't actually say you have to wear a tie because you don't. [emoji41]
  2. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Will do! You can get Aldo and your dad along for the party.
  3. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Are we winning this title at Tannadice midweek then? In a cottage with the family in St Monans for that week so driving up to Tannadice on the Tuesday. Might have to turn up for holiday a day late if we actually win it at Brechin.
  4. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Queens 0 St Mirren 4 Think it is a day we will extend our lead at the top with United and Livi both dropping points. COYS
  5. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Livi game off! A brilliant chance to increase the lead to 11 points. COYS!
  6. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Corporate for this buddie today. First time in many a year and looking forward to joining the ranks of the prawn sandwich brigade. Totally agree with Wilbur it's all about the three points and closing in on the title. Dunfermline have given us some very difficult games this season and I dont see today being any different. Hearing from a reliable source that there is a chance Morgan may be missing today. With or without Morgan we are capable of winning this if we play to our potential. You feel that our performances of late have been slightly below par with everyone not quite reaching their peak in games. Hopefully today everyone plays to their potential and it's another landmark day where we win and Livi drop some points at home to Inverness. If we can increase our lead by a point or two in the next couple of games it will almost be too much for Livi to pull back a 9 or 10 point gap with only 8 games to go. Come on saints let's keep St Mirren Park a fortress and win again today any which way you can.
  7. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    It's defeats like today that will make winning the league all the more enjoyable come April. We have a great chance to regroup and bounce back against Brechin next weekend. Onwards and upwards!
  8. Any truth in the rumour it was Jack Ross that actually applied for the Barnsley job rather than Barnsley approaching St Mirren to speak to Jack?
  9. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    I think the St Mirren fans will be there in large numbers on Saturday and singing Jack Ross's name for most of the game. What a time to be a buddie!
  10. I don't think Jack will leave St Mirren before we win the league. Who knows what will happen in the summer but I just can't see him leaving now when he is weeks away from winning something very special which is all his doing and something he might never come so close to doing again. I appreciate he might well move on in the summer but can't see him going sooner. I am also not too sure how much truth is actually in this story about Barnsley's interest.
  11. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    I was thinking this too. I think games like this and Tannadice is what he has been brought in for to give that bit of steel to the midfield. Also we don't have a great deal of height and dig in the team that Livi seem to base their whole team on.
  12. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Can see a saints travelling support up around the 1,500 mark. Should be a great atmosphere in the away end in what I recall being a very smart stadium. We are marching towards the title in a truly memorable season. We could well win this title with about 6 or more games to go if we keep this up as I can't Jack and team taking the foot of the gas. This will be a tough test but think we might just edge it 2:1.
  13. St Mirren v QOS Sat 3rd Feb

    A Falkirk supporting mate at work was asking why our crowds are lower than both Dunfermline and Falkirk considering our incredible league form at home in 2017. Hard to pinpoint but being so close to the old firm is always a battle.
  14. St Mirren v QOS Sat 3rd Feb

    Cheers for the heads up. Planning to hang around anyway just in case it's not for them. Have seen a few girls at Panda Club in the past when dropping off my son so hopefully all the girls get together and enjoy the experience. I am hoping for a crowd of over 5,000 at the game and would be slightly disappointed if we don't get it as this side really merits a big crowd behind them in the remaining home games. Remember to chant out Bairdy's name on the 15th minute. Can't wait for the game.
  15. Absolutely delighted to see Jack Baird has signed a new contract. He has been outstanding this season and in my eyes our best defender. Baird and Davis make a formidable pairing at the back and hopefully both will gain promotion with the buds this year and play together for many years to come. Will need to sing 'Bairdy Bairdy Bairdy' on the 15th minute to honour the big man signing a new contract. Well done Jack Baird and keep up the good work.