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    Will the buses be able to go the back roads , the north end isn't leaving till 2.15
  2. Panda Club

    The panda club will cost £3 for season ticket holders this season ,same price as non season ticket holders, so my son who has had a season book for 6 years and has never missed the panda club has this season had to pay 25 quid for his season ticket and another 54 quid for the panda club. Whereas a non season ticket holder can get the same deal for 54 quid..WTF! So much for looking after the future fans
  3. Latest Scores

  4. My top and my sons both had similar problems badge falling off, they said we could get new ones when stock came in , or the kit man could FIX it, got them returned today and they look good. I will keep you posted
  5. Really ! I thought it was the same guy lol
  6. Did we not used to have him
  7. Speculation Thread

    Will mcgennis not be his replacement ?
  8. Speculation Thread

    They can triple that or gtf
  9. St Mirren Photos

    God hope my info is correct I'm sure he died unless I'm getting him mixed up with someone else
  10. St Mirren Photos

    Martin Hicks beside combe
  11. St Mirren Photos

    A pre season friendly in dingwall early 90's ,a couple of buds sadly not with us anymore in this picture
  12. We are all stellios

    When he tackled Lennon , his cult hero status was secured
  13. The man is a legend !

    I liked ure going home in a Paisley ambulance....