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  1. Remember MacPherson's take on it - if an outfield player had tackled like that there'd be no question he'd be sent off. Awful 'tackle' with a decision to match
  2. Love Street. Now & Then

    I thought the barriers were put up at great expense to comply with another one of the then SPL's comedy stadia 'rules' - before they said ah fcuk it, do what you like...
  3. Stephen Mallan

    He started on Friday for the under 23's, 2-2 with Colchester
  4. SMISA Wall

    It's between the Main and the South
  5. Liam Buchanan

    Buchanan has signed for Raith Rovers
  6. End of feel-good factor?

    Tongue firmly in cheek, I know he's going nowhere.
  7. End of feel-good factor?

    I meant Moyes to us after JR goes to the sheep! [emoji12]
  8. End of feel-good factor?

    Close, on the San Miguel at the moment! The emoji wasn't supposed to look like that either....!
  9. End of feel-good factor?

    David Moyes [emoji11]
  10. Was an improvement having immediate replays and all but at times I thought the two jokers commentating were watching a different match! [emoji38]
  11. Tuned in to (the embarrassingly biased) Hibs TV, rode the rollercoaster from 8th to 9th to 7th and after a very panicky last few minutes I can now reflect. Want to celebrate but weirdly can only feel relief! Feel a bit detached from all the partying I can see on Twitter etc. But toasting the pride of paisley with a beer tonight and thinking of 4th and above next season. COYS
  12. I use it for most home games, went in a huff a while ago with the picture cutting out and freezing - turned out it was my android tv box that couldn't handle it. Works perfectly on my tablet or phone.
  13. 16/05/09

    The best performance I've ever seen from a saints team. Remember our now gaffer flashing a shot closely past the far post early on
  14. Baby change facilities?

    I'd expect the club to provide all the facilities I need to take my two young daughters to the football, and I think it's reasonable that these are solely located within the south 'Family Stand'. These services should be provided by club alone, without our SMISA input.