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  1. Appointed manager of Clyde - good to see him back in the game.
  2. Chairman's statement

    There are plenty of clubs in the P&D that could do with investment, but as far as I'm concerned my extra £2 a month should be going toward improving the stadium, the matchday experience, or the chance of us picking up 3 points (Yes, there is the slim chance that we fund Glenvale who in turn produce a new Morgan who signs for us). This one looks too much like us playing camelot dishing out money to worthy causes. Who next fancies some of our pot?
  3. Remember MacPherson's take on it - if an outfield player had tackled like that there'd be no question he'd be sent off. Awful 'tackle' with a decision to match
  4. Love Street. Now & Then

    I thought the barriers were put up at great expense to comply with another one of the then SPL's comedy stadia 'rules' - before they said ah fcuk it, do what you like...
  5. Stephen Mallan

    He started on Friday for the under 23's, 2-2 with Colchester
  6. SMISA Wall

    It's between the Main and the South
  7. Liam Buchanan

    Buchanan has signed for Raith Rovers
  8. End of feel-good factor?

    Tongue firmly in cheek, I know he's going nowhere.
  9. End of feel-good factor?

    I meant Moyes to us after JR goes to the sheep! [emoji12]
  10. End of feel-good factor?

    Close, on the San Miguel at the moment! The emoji wasn't supposed to look like that either....!
  11. End of feel-good factor?

    David Moyes [emoji11]
  12. Was an improvement having immediate replays and all but at times I thought the two jokers commentating were watching a different match! [emoji38]
  13. Tuned in to (the embarrassingly biased) Hibs TV, rode the rollercoaster from 8th to 9th to 7th and after a very panicky last few minutes I can now reflect. Want to celebrate but weirdly can only feel relief! Feel a bit detached from all the partying I can see on Twitter etc. But toasting the pride of paisley with a beer tonight and thinking of 4th and above next season. COYS
  14. I use it for most home games, went in a huff a while ago with the picture cutting out and freezing - turned out it was my android tv box that couldn't handle it. Works perfectly on my tablet or phone.