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  1. In the good old days the kit was always revealed at the club annual dinner then the kit would be available a week before the first game. Why can't we go back to doing something well. We only seem to be getting worse with the kits. The quality is always going to be poor as it's made to the cheapest cost because we do not sell enough to go for the quality kits. The value against profit argument profit is always going to win.
  2. It was a two year plan. Now a three year plan and even a hint if let's wait until all the big clubs are out of the league so we have a chance. This is a make or break season the fans are backing the team on the back if four good months. If we are not challenging at the top that support will dwindle
  3. The only stand that has segregation is the West. So unless the club open the away stand there will be a mix of fans either in the family stand or main stand.
  4. A LC and two 8th place finishes out of Four years yeah a constant worry. Then came the worry free years of Tommy Craig, Ian Murray and of course Alex Rae. Even the first six months of jacks reign was worry free.
  5. There has been a number of open days at the club especially since we moved from love St without any restrictions. The first open day since fan ownership /SMISA got involved there are restrictions in place. Smacked of SMISA trying to justify their existence to say look what we did for the privileged
  6. To be fair the open day with restrictions was SMISA trying to show their worth nothing to do with the club. GS has given them a get out out of jail card with the Dundee promotion
  7. There was more than 8k there I would take attendance figures with a pinch all clubs were fiddling the figures in those days. I was at the game but in the bankie end remember the bottles cans and pies being thrown by both sets of fans. I would say volatile but friendly atmosphere. Much better than the stale atmosphere at grounds these days. That was when football was football both on and off the park
  8. I think this signing will take time to bed in. Like many it does not give confidence. If the lad is over his injuries and can reach the level that he appeared to have at queen's then it could be a decent catch time will tell
  9. SG stated we still own a third of John it is was a hibbee that told me that's dropped to 25%.
  10. The last Q&A with the old BOD did SG not say 33% if hibs sell within 2 years and then it dropped to 25% there after
  11. Fair point about colt teams and project brave I think we should be told what the thinking is as any decision made now will affect us when we actually own the club. Not a fan of the colt team idea but then again I did attend a few reserve games so maybe not that bad an idea if done properly and open to all clubs and not just the big two
  12. I thought it was a decent update a bit more clarity on us loaning the club against the club loaning to us. Are they being treated as totally separate transactions and not a case of we loaned you this and we loaned you this we will split the difference. We/SMISA are acting like a large committee and it is taking time to get things out to the members like the minutes surely we can compress that time or is there a process that is being followed but no one knows about
  13. Are the ones we use not just used for training thought Jack was looking for something that could be used during the game
  14. Even if it's £1.5 we still get 500k that is above our budget so hopefully the board will divert some of the transfer fee to the playing budget
  15. Surely anything to do with the constitution can be discussed in an open forum