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  1. St Mirren Targets for the Season

    Would like to think we can keep a clean sheet against Brechin but then again we did not do that against EK.
  2. St Mirren Targets for the Season

    It was the clean sheet target that is at risk. Yes we do have players that are due back but they are not here now so can't help. Do I think we will keep two clean sheets in the next two games no. I would be surprised if there were a lot that think we can keep two clean sheets
  3. St Mirren Targets for the Season

    Not a chance with our back line
  4. QoS Game

    Just in from the game thank God they had a poor keeper we did not play well but we got the result. Again nearly lost an early goal but I suppose that's the difference between the SPFL and the championship. Close call on the penalty look outside but should not have been caught like that. A good result I think best leave it at that and move onto Brechin
  5. QoS Game

    Stranraer, thistle Falkirk and morton all within the first 20 minutes
  6. QoS Game

    Agree with the above need a win tomorrow and no more losing an early goal
  7. 140th Anniversary Kit

    Think it's OK nothing special very mundane. When compared to our last all black strip it is pretty poor
  8. Watering the pitch

    I think Jim Goodwin said in a Q&A the player's preferred the pitch to be soaked before the game as it helped in more accuracy.
  9. St Mirren's stance on SFA EBT

    The reason I asked the question was to see if there the new BOD had a different stance than the old BOD. Are we keeping quiet and letting the other club challenge or are we going to say what nearly all the poster's on here think the SFA are corrupt. If this happened to us would we still be in Scottish professional football? My personal view is no and the SFA bent the rules to make sure they survived.
  10. Do we know the new BOD's stance on the SFA handling of the EBT fiasco? Or is this down to one club as Reagan states?
  11. This is turning into a habit. Losing early goals and bookings
  12. This could be a tricky tie for us if we don't turn up for the first half like we did on Saturday.
  13. Saints v Hearts.

    Trouble is hearts aint very good at the moment so is a 2-2 draw anything to go by?
  14. I grant you I would blame Samson for the second goal
  15. How can hearts first goal in the final be Samsons fault. If there was any fault then it would be Goodwin