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  1. W7 Fans & Banners

    It's an OTT reaction from the club. The worrying thing is that we could be on a championship winning season so they have banned flags and banners until the end of the season maybe the BOD do not have faith in their club A stupid decision needs a rethink from the club
  2. St. Mirren ladies team

    Oh when we play them they will only lose by six or seven as we will not give a toss in the second half and probably let them score same as our professional first team
  3. I'm glad we are through to the next round, I'm Happy that we had a great first half totally professional The thing I'm unhappy at is how we approached the second half. Ask any supporter their honest opinion were they happy with the second half performance. I would bet that the answer is no
  4. No I'm complaining about the total unprofessional display in the second half. We could have set a new club record. We could have built up some confidence in the defence by keeping a clean sheet. Now we are back to having to score at least 2 goals to win a game as we can't keep a clean sheet against any opposition
  5. Yeah next time we play shite and get beat we can see how many posts are on here moaning certain players did not try or give 100% does not matter the result the least we should expect is a team giving 100%. Another gripe from the second half if we had not chucked it they would not have scored and we could have had a clean sheet. That could give confidence to our weakest part of the team
  6. There is something called being professional. I did not pay to watch my Team play for half a game. They could have soet a new club record but no they went in at half time and decided to chuck it and cheat the paying support
  7. Oh dear oh dear second half worse than Ray's team. Raes team had 60 minutes to score 1 goal against Edinburgh City This team had 45 minutes to keep a clean sheet and score but nothing they chucked so much for being professional.
  8. Attendances

    Really the big issue on this thread is some think the attendance figures were fudged. Should the big issue not be where the 1000 odd disappear when Morton are not hear. They should be at every game. So we are talking about where to squeeze in more support
  9. Even jim Duffy thought it was a penalty. I thought the ref was very slow with showing the cards but handled the game OK. Both penalties were correct in my opinion. If I was Ross and Duffy I would be knocking the living daylights out of the offenders. Morgan was heading towards the corner flag no need for the Morton defender to put in a challenge. And as for buchannan if the referee pulls you up twice before the corner is taken you do not haul the Morton player to the ground while the ref is watching you. Bad decision on Gavins foul but as I was in W6 I went on the reaction of our players and initially thought the ref got it correct
  10. Chairman's statement

    The issue I see is that we say yes to this. What happens next time a kids club is short of money? SMISA can't say no... As pointed out there are other ways we the support could have helped. A bin collection at a game or raffle etc..
  11. Should be happy with what we have got. Although the pictures above look great you never know once we own the club that could be our first project. Tesco lost interest in our stadium once they found out that there was no other serious bid on the table and they felt they were duped into buying love St. They basically lost £8m on the deal. Tesco gave us a great starting block we can only add to it
  12. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    A clean sheet now there is the surprise
  13. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    I'm sure alot of us said that last time we played Morton. The trouble with this team is we are liable for a shocker every now and again.
  14. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    If he does go in January it could be to another championship team I would let him complete his contract. Let him play for his next move
  15. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Sutton is past his best but still good enough for the championship to score 10 _ 15 goals a season in a decent team