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  1. We'd sing and dance forever for the Saints...
  2. the Scotsman
  3. I hope Renfrewshire Council acknowledge the historical and communal significance when naming the streets in the new development. Clunie Way Saints Close (again!) Fitzpatrick Gardens...
  4. Thank you to the Hibs fans for applauding the Saints off the pitch.
  5. Opps! A wisnae recording...
  6. Thanks D
  7. Are you watching it from abroad?
  8. Ta.
  9. Sorry guys, my suggestion for watching the game is not working. How do I get the periscope link?
  10. OK, when you click on the game from the list of all the games shown, do so a few minutes before the kick-off. Then click on the 'Recommended platform'. If a full page ad appears delete it. This may happen a few time after which you'll see the screen with the game. Click the delete button to get rid of the ads blocking the screen. As soon as you get a clear screen click on the full screen button which will get rid of the ads. As I say, you have to mess about with it but you WILL get there.
  11. No, don't 'sign up'. The match won't be viewed until a few minutes before the kick-off. As soon as you you get the screen with the game, immediately click on the 'full screen' button, that will get rid of the ads.
  12. BTW, you may well be confronted by a page saying, 'deceptive site ahead', if so, click on 'details' and proceed to the site.
  13. Check out this live streaming site... . I see the game is scheduled to view. Apart from messing about trying to get rid of the adverts, you will be able to see the game (hopefully). I use it regularly.
  14. For the record; born in Liverpool, raised in Paisley, worked and lived abroad for a few years, did a tour of Renfrewshire and North Ayrshire ending up, at present, in Elderslie.