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  1. Ayr missed a sitter in the last min.McCall thought it was a goal and was on the pitch celebrating.
  2. I think we're only talking the end section of it.Most will still be behind the goals.Wonder if they allow drums!!!!
  3. Queens Park would be our Derby match.
  4. Du Du Du Du Steven Durnin
  5. http://gmfc.net/2017/03/28/aways-fans-to-return-to-the-cowshed/
  6. Mallan and Morgan both start the game tonight.
  7. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/39423102
  8. There was a lot more than 200 on the pitch that day.
  9. No mention of dress code here....... https://www.stmirren.com/news/matchday/next-matchday-hospitality
  10. You don't need to wear a tie,just as long as you're smartly dressed.......unless they've changed the rules.
  11. What's it called 3 Renfrew 2 Neilston 1 Burgh 2.
  12. Seemingly the Fans own the Club now.Maybe if we spoke to them they could help.
  13. I had a brilliant day yesterday.The Court Bar was great,nice to meet a few boys that I hadn't chatted with for a while.....especially Big Gary.Respect to the bar staff too,place was mobbed but they coped admirably. Really enjoyed the game,a bit disappointed at the end but proud of both Players and Fans.The Utd fans we met on way back to the bus were full of praise for us too. Good old fashioned pub crawl last night.We stayed in The Court til half five ish,they had Hibs v Falkirk live on TV!!!!,then went to The Cave,Kennedy's,The Library,Balnagowan and finally Tannahills for one for the road.The Wifes turned up at Tans so we knew that was the beginning of the end altho to be honest.......I think we'd had enough by that point. Back to mine with pizza and chicken pakora,no more drink was consumed,before my mate and his Mrs left around 11:45.I was in bed for 11:46. A smashing day out.Love my club and love my fellow Fans.
  14. So it's not even the polis stopping the drum,it's our own security man.You couldnae make it up.Get him told to contact the security men at the grounds we've visited and find out if there's been any trouble at away games...especially in the vicinity of the drum. Our support has been brilliant recently,there is a real feeling of togetherness between the Fans and Players again.It would be great if the atmosphere at home games matched that of away games. GET IT SORTED PLEASE.