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  1. Bus for Brechin 11.30am £8 COYS
  2. Music Gigs

    Ricky Ross was FAB - so was BuddieInEk - oot that seat like a whippet at the end and grabbed the set list - which is now signed to Sharon love Ricky! Oh aye The Killers were feckin amazing!!!
  3. W7 Fans & Banners

    Without knowing exactly what was said between the set of fans and the club. It seems a ridiculous 'punishment' from the club. If the set of fans have apologised and said they won't do it/offend/whatever again then club statement if needed (if someone has complained) saying said fans have been told off, won't happen again, banner banned blah blah lets get on with the fibta. Again without knowing the full convos - for me personally the boycott seems daft. Still tho - a season long ban on all flags and banners seems nonsense!
  4. Here I've got a pile of tickets I printed for parties over the years - gonna make me a fortune hehe.. I'll show Lawson this tho!
  5. Music Gigs

    Got tickets for The Killers for a week on Monday - happy! A wee night with Sir Ricky Ross and his Piano the evening before - awful happy!
  6. Bus for Lothian Thistle 11am £7 Inverness 9am £12 Tickets from behind bar as usual.
  7. Bus for Tannadice - 12.30pm tickets behind bar £7. Gareth Bale is still missing
  8. Bus sold oot for the morra.
  9. Well the bus for Dumbarton has been and gone...........oops! Bus for Falkirk 1.30pm, £7, tickets can be bought from The Brewers Tap. We're on our way.........
  10. Another member had checked for someone else - bus now sold out sorry bud
  11. There was still a handful of tickets before game on Saturday. Need to check in pub bud
  12. St Mirren Wedding Table Names

    Aw then ye missed oot big time. Aber, and obviously the fact I'm from Paisley, is the reason I'm a saints fan - fav ever!
  13. Bus for Dunfermline 1pm £7. Tickets behind bar at The Brewer's Tap. COYS!
  14. St Mirren Wedding Table Names

    No Aber?????????? Gotta have Aber. I'd go with fav saints over the years not an actual team. What about mixture of cup winning captains and scorers and the rest yer favs?
  15. 1877 Club

    Yeah that's great - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't look for value/a good deal or get it. I don't mean blaring music or fitba sound just something - fitba without commentary is weird I think. Anyway I had a Cpl of pints of Tennents before last nights game and £3.10 - result - guid auld Glennifer.