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  1. No, non members bought on bus on saturday and any left put behind bar to purchase.
  2. Bus for Inverness 9am tickets £12 behind bar at Brewers Tap 0141 237 3504 COME ON YE FECKIN SAINTS!
  3. Two Doors Down

    I'm rewatching the first series as series linked it and it had been on gold. The one where Beth and Cathy go to Ian and Jazz's - Cathy and the downstairs neighbour? Eric andColin playing swing ball? That was funny.
  4. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Tweets were genuine and not privately sent to BTP. They were obv picked up and retweeted to feck...then came the ban...then he deleted his account.
  5. I've no been well...the bus leaves the morra at 12 I'm only posting this so Gordy doesn't moan hehe. I will do better next season!!!
  6. Vote Now For Street Names

    Aye he was, I voted for him
  7. Vote Now For Street Names

    This middle aged wuman never forgot to vote - I voted for Norrie - Norrie was special!
  8. Two Doors Down

    I've watched this programme from the beginning and I feckin love it! Some weeks aren't as funny as others but Christine and Cathy are a riot and worth watching for them alone.
  9. W7 Fans & Banners

    South stand hold 1600 × £25= 40K. Minus vat and policing cost I would guess the club would make 30K per game. We normally have them 3 times a season so 90K I reckon is the answer. That aside. How many seats do they get when we split the West Stand before? Ok that's more money BUT how many extra police and stewards are then needed because there then is mixed stand? Does it really work out that much money - I'm sure this has been asked plenty times in recent years but club don't say much. I have really enjoyed fitba without the bigot brothers.... I think I may just skip those games and go drink tea with my wee Granny dude! Regarding Jack Ross banner and season ticket blocking nonsense - ridiculous, pathetic and whole heartedly agree someone out to make things difficult - also pathetic!
  10. Whisky Drinkers

    No purely personal reasons, tho I am not impressed with their decision to leave Paisley. aye I feckin wish...55,000 weeks waiting on it more like it!!!
  11. New bus bays in Neilston Rd.

    Why didn't you walk down the hill to the previous stop? It's probably just as close. naw its defo no, years ago mibbe when it straight across from morrisons but not now - they firstly moved it down outside the big old tenements then moved it about 20ft further down.
  12. Whisky Drinkers

    I liked me a wee Passport when I still bought from Chivas, was recommend by an electrician in there.
  13. Whisky Drinkers

    ye didn't even drink the stuff til someone with taste introduced ye tae it ya big peroni drinking muppet :-)
  14. New bus bays in Neilston Rd.

    well as someone who doesn't drive thank feck there is going to be one outside aldi's for my lesser shops when no taxi required. That bloody hill to the bus stop at morrisons is a killer with two bags tho! common as muck and don't give a.......
  15. Bus for Tannadice Friday 2nd March leaves the Sneddon at 5pm, tickets priced £7 available behind bar . That better Gordy? ra ra ra ra ra ra ra