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  1. 1877 Club

    Yeah that's great - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't look for value/a good deal or get it. I don't mean blaring music or fitba sound just something - fitba without commentary is weird I think. Anyway I had a Cpl of pints of Tennents before last nights game and £3.10 - result - guid auld Glennifer.
  2. Bus for Livingston 1pm. Tickets £6. COYS!!!
  3. Hospitality Prices 2017/18

    I get it Div it's a business...but I don't agree with it at all. It's aimed at the business folk anyway and they get VAT free so it's us actual just fans that get hit the hardest. I don't go to hospitality often but when I do I personally think it should be the same price no matter who we are playing, I'm only there to see the St.Murn. Anyhoo between BTB and 1877 club - I'm skint! Noo -is it time for Crappielow yet?????
  4. 1877 Club

    So I have now been to the club...only fair I post my views! On arrival, as I was giving our names, Alan Wardrop appeared and introduced himself and took us up to the bar...nice. BUT before we even got there - on the stairs - ooft the heat! Spoke to someone who has been there from start and said he noticed it too coming up the stairs but not usually like that - thank god cos the place was well warm. Alan told us it had a new layout as he had had the chance of some free tables and chairs. My thoughts - mix the tables up a bit, split them up - in rows like school or a bowling club - another member agreed, he said they were better than the couches but didn't like the row lay out. Big screen - great - no sound - weird fitba pub, fitba on and no sound??? Bar - staff great, area - hmmm looked a bit sparse and for the love of Hugh Murray get a couple of bottle openers attached to the bar - one girl after the game (when bar full) stoating about trying to find the handheld bottle opener - get it sorted Gus! Prices - £1.50 for a can of juice for the wean - sorry but feckin shocking! I've already said I think the prices should be way lower when you are paying a monthly subscription but I didn't realise it would be £1.50 for a can - that's just not on IMO. £3.30 a bud - I don't do bottles in pubs but didn't fancy the fosters.....got a fosters after the game £3.40 well its 2 buds innit? BUT - its just no that guid is it??????????? GET SOMETHING ELSE ON DRAUGHT!!!! Overall - I'm sure it will get better as we get to know more people, didn't have much atmosphere but again prob as season goes along. I've not hid the fact I think its overpriced and if it wasn't for the wee man I wouldn't be there and I still stand by that. I really do think the bar prices are wrong for something you are already paying for. Signing in - again I think every member should be able to sign 2 people in free. Say I said to my pal Darn and his boy to come in for a bit before game - 2 sign ins and 2 cans of coke £9 - why would you? Suggestion - it has been mentioned that folk signed up but don't use it. Say one week me and the wee man cant go - so bar getting no money from me that week, let me pass it on to someone else to use - they come in and spend and get to try it? Early days....and im sure it will come good but honestly GET SOMETHING OTHER THAN FECKIN FOSTERS...its just no a guid pint!!!
  5. ah sorry. I seen on twitter the cockles have 2 buses going and there was still space on the 2nd. Chivas one is sold oot no idea about the tile
  6. You would need to check pub if any other tickets left bud.
  7. Be showing these to the oldies on the bus on Saturday - cheers guys!
  8. Brilliant! I've heard the stories of having oor own bus! 60 yrs this year oor bus , good going!
  9. Hospitality Prices 2017/18

    Haven't been in a few years so can't comment on quality. £133 is ridiculous and for me all games should be the see same price - we are there to st.mirren doesn't matter who we playing! Always annoyed me paying extra cos we playing one of the ugly sisters - why??? Not that I'd go when playing those feckers mind you
  10. Bus for Cappielow 2.15 tickets a fiver in pub. COYS
  11. St Mirren V Airdrie - Third Place Decider

    Family wedding for me Saturday - can't say I'm bothered about missing this game BUT hope they come oot and kick arse and get everyone feeling better for beating Falkirk! In Jack n James we trust!
  12. Mixing Of Family Stand

  13. Mixing Of Family Stand

    this is the sort of shite the club need to sort out FAST. Should it not have been can we have your number and someone will call you asap. Customer service is SHITE, been there - done a official compliant - didn't make any difference sadly. Last year was first year of new board, smisa etc the main aim was staying up and I appreciate that but this year they need to get customer service feckin sorted. I don't like to think of it has business/customer but that's what it is. I enjoyed that wee rant .
  14. Mixing Of Family Stand

    For me it wasn't the swearing, it was the SCREECHING NOISE LEVEL and it was constant EVERYTHING that happened was a MASSIVE shouty tirade of whatever - ma heid actually hurt - nightmare!
  15. Mixing Of Family Stand

    That was my first experience of them and at first It was well no even funny more a WOW. It grated on me the whole game, I did shout (tho not as loudly as them) at one point oh ffs shut up , followed by - 'there is a reason wuman don't shout at the fitba and you're it' If a fellow wuman thinks you are screechy then you are toooo screechy!!! Mibbe the guys made them oot better cos they used to listening to screechy females at home hehe