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  1. Bus for Stranraer 11am tickets available behind bar of Brewer's Tap £8. COYS
  2. Feck aye why no, anybuddy else?
  3. Alloa it seems, hame or away? Just hurry up and gies a date, i've a week away to book ye know...sakes
  4. McCann is back, can we get back to talking all things positive please
  5. EXACTLY!!! I chucked the forum years back as I got bored of all the aliases and their tedious shite. I've still always had a look about now and then and recently starting posting again, but some of the stuff is still pathetic and clearly some folk don't even like saints. Jack has made a statement, let him enjoy the rest of his holiday and let's get back to getting excited about possible signings and daily ST sales updates. Noo how do you do this ignore thingy...
  6. haha, he can go on holiday with hauf of Greenock as long as he stays oor manager...tho I would be available also, for the holiday no the managers job hehe
  7. Jack will be sat on holiday thinking ffs untwist yer knickers I'm on ma hols then I'll be back to sign up a few more players, get pre-season going, keeping the club buzzing and climbing up..
  8. what he says 100%
  9. NAW he's no going...he has a job to do...just naw!
  10. Gary Irvine improved massively and I am happy he has another year. Stelios is just one those players..'a character'. Would love him to stay, defo be good to have in squad but I'm sure he probably prefer to be somewhere he is first choice each week, time will tell...'im winding down from my end of season and who's staying excitements...it's nice to have some calmness
  11. Never going to happen...but to see that just once....I think I would be amused!
  12. Did anyone get a new card today, I was changing my nephews seat yesterday but the card machine wasn't working. Haven't had an email to say its ready for pick up, just wondering...however having logged into his account it isn't showing he has a season ticket - old or new seat!!!
  13. for the love of Hugh Murray can we just be put oot oor misery
  14. Unforgotten man a bit, but no in any bad way... think a lot of it is just because Jack was here before. We seem to have a great wee bunch of staff and team of players that want to play for them...it's all guid