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  1. josh horne
  2. I had forgot about that guy, just had a look at his twitter account, clearly not changed. I really do despair sometime that we still have a fresh generation of bigots coming through and defo not something we want at Saints! They are all as bad as bloody eachother but claim the moral highground. Truly despise it all I really do.
  3. 8...few more signings 9....I'm keeping the 10 for after seeing the first games!!!
  4. I'm sure in one of Jack's interviews he mentioned it. Well we'll just decide he is staying and that's that
  5. Irvine I'm sure this was confirmed almost immediately
  6. Cammy SMith 2 yr deal noo...its all good
  7. ach that's last night's news...c'mon where is the other???
  8. always Gary, you and me both
  9. Nae chance...just finally have the finances again...and what better way to spend those finances! Always kept ma season ticket no matter what...glory hunter naw...daft...aye
  10. After a few years away from membership of my beloved supporters bus and all away games... normal service has been resumed! So time for a wee thread on here again, for those on Twitter a page will be set up there soon by fellow member Darren Obviously no times or prices yet but The bus is based in The Brewers Tap (Langs) Moss St., and leaves from Old Sneddon Street. Tickets can be purchased from the pub during the week. Here's hoping for a great season #InJackweTrust
  11. Just had a wee look on site the now, tried to register my nephew so I could add him as a friend then renew our tickets together...but I cannae cos he cannae have the same email as me doh! A while back I tried to add some pals but it kept telling me their surnames were not acceptable or something like that... not actually renewing right now but would prefer to do it online ....
  12. 2 chances...nane and nane ataw Hands up tho I am tone deaf
  13. O'Brien sung his praises on twitter, Jack is noo also ive only been on twitter a few weeks but he seems very passionate about the club and his role and you could see at the bankhouse he is a character/good rapport with the guys. Jack knows what he is doing...noo just get O'Brien signed he'll do fine!
  14. fanbloodytastic!!! So many moments and memories....I have always said 2000 was the best season ever and it remains so...but this year was bloody special! Forgot all the shite to start, lets not dwell but we were absolutely fecked fecked fecked absolutely ....we got by that.. Ayr away 2-0 its on we are doing this....fast forward a bit...another MUST WIN skelp ayr 6-2 total we are staying up... then missed penalty at home to Dumbarton and ye get shaky as hell again....then ye go to to Morton and normal service resumed...that strike by Mallan - sublime.... from nothing...cannae beat it...... later that week captain says... goal i'll gie ye a goa...l BOOM amazing goal!....Utd away...worst ref decision ever...shitting yerself again...Raith MUST MUST MUST WIN.....Skelped....and Mallan says sorry captain but goals...beat this!!! Final day..................OOFT just OOFT. What a season, what a great escape...exciting times ahead!!!
  15. I've did it myself but im getting too auld and there have been too many bams and incidents about Paisley in recent weeks....then again brave man that takes on me and junior Broon