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  1. Delighted McGinn got it! No surprise with Morgan either, great to see Kyle do so well in both categories and MacKenzie well deserved in 4th. 4 months ago you couldn't have picked a player!!!
  2. It went up yesterday that they were on sale there and then (facebook) someone commented could get them online too - they do usually give you a bit of notice mind you. Oo
  3. It sure was, let's hope today is another braw day! EXCITED!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_HM22gtLzE A wee day and performance like this would be guid
  5. yip fab night, and the atmosphere is just going to keep getting better...3 sleeps til Falkirk COYS
  6. I think doing it without clapping to be honest cos the clapping would be awfy slow....arms out singing...and yes im now trying it oot.... clap the first 3 lines then arms oot...Josh battering the drum. and I should have just posted these lines rather than say from 1.15 - arse hehe
  7. Aye...myself and my aunt were walking down the lane and I got awfy excited and went and gave the badge a hug...as you do...and she said oh watch wee chick is behind you...I think my words were 'why the feck is he there'...then I forgot all about it cos well we had had a few
  8. Love that wee song! From 1.15 just that wee bit aye and that could be a fair wee chant!
  9. I went by it a Cpl of days ago and it was almost there and looking great, would love it to be in a more prominent spot mind you but was a nice wee surprise as I had saw somewhere about it but wasn't sure where it was
  10. I think this would be a very worthy cause. Youth tournament - excellent idea!
  11. The season ticket option - £6,000 is a hell of a lot of money and I think giving out free tickets to clubs and schools is something the club should continue to do on their own. I get the 'try and get more people through the gates/interested etc but I don't think SMISA should fund it. The Boards....no idea about covering up etc but if its possible to cover it up go for it and spend the money on new ones. Sponsoring a youth team...no great aye or naw for this tbh. Right now no great ideas of what could do but do we need spend everytime, wouldn't it be nice to get a wee nest egg going...mibbe something bigger for the future?
  12. Outstanding performance - what a game! I love St.Mirren, In Jack we trust....no more words needed!
  13. Not a fan never have been but aye it works starting up a song, could hear it fine from W4 - ridiculous to section off W6 tho and can imagine it looked silly hence the ayr fans mocking. leave W5 alone as there are season ticket holders in there, let's try and do this without folk having to move unless they all happy to, make W6 and W7 an area where folk can stand (if not affecting view) sing, drum, do the flag thing. Referring to it as the singing section is daft - that doesn't help the them and us attitude that is apparent we sing/you are all old boring farts. Our section started songs numerous times on Saturday when the drum wasn't going. Goals and performances - atmosphere takes care of itself. I am not in the least against this group of fans making flags, making noise, wanting to be able to stand but if the drum hadn't have been there on Saturday there would still have been singing. Not every bit of atmosphere is down to the drum as some make out and again that's creating this them and us attitude. Some of us will sing no matter what, some never, some when they feel the game dictates it and some maybe the drum encourages them....as long as the drum is used to start songs and doesn't just become a constant drumming throughout every game (that's why I hate the feckers) then fair enough if folk feel passionately about it enough I hope it works - I am not saying it doesn't add to the atmosphere or doesn't encourage some people to sing....me personally could take it or leave. Pozbaird's post above makes a lot of good points....the new ground isn't the same, the fitba has been dire the last few years...give us a season like 99-00 again and this discussion wouldn't even be needed. If the team keeps playing as it is atmosphere wont be a problem at al! We are all St.Mirren singing/drumming/old codgers/boring farts together. EDITED TO SAY - Loving the 'this love will last forever'.....can we get this into a song/get a tune to go with it, think It would be a fab phrase to sing/chant.
  14. Is it time yet? are we there yet? have we beat them yet? COYS
  15. No drums required last night.....performance resulted in fine singing and noise from all saints stands....Top game!