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  1. Seems that Jack is on the look out for a midfielder to boost the squad in January. Think we are only a couple of players away from having a right good go for the title. Players are working their butts off for each other which is good to see. The game yesterday was one we were losing on a regular basis 18 months ago. Well done Saints, let's keep it going
  2. Mon Saints lets f#cken do this mob !
  3. Brilliant second half performance against a strong Livi side. We have pace throughout the team which is key to our success - thought Kyle was back to his best and put in a power of work down the right hand side and Lewis, Cammy and Reilly never gave their defence a minutes peace. However Eckersley was my MOM ......... strolled through the game and has good habit of being in the right place at the right time.
  4. Double for Morgan tonight I reckon. Lets get right behind the team tonight and as always ............ Let’s f#cken do this mob !
  5. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    I thought today was a defining game for our season - fact that we have won in Inverness against form team in the league has convinced me. We can win this league, lets all get behind this team and see where it takes us. COYS !
  6. Dundee United V St Mirren

    If we have title winning aspirations we shouldn't be losing to a United team that has Tam Scobie and Durnin in their defence. We are lacking in the final third and defensively well ...... lest said the better. Too many cheap goals being given away every week. Break may come at a good time for us - time to regroup and go again COYS !
  7. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Would like to see us having a go today - both defences are suspect so could be a few goals. Got a feeling Lewis will bag a couple today and with Kyle now having some game time under his belt hopefully we will win the midfield battle. We’ve not got a great record up there but today is a big game for us ........ we could lay down a marker with a win. I’ ll go 2-1 for Saints.
  8. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Just to annoy faraway Lets f#cken do this mob ! COYS !
  9. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Let’s f#cken do this mob ! COYS!
  10. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Let’s f#cken do this mob ! COYS !
  11. Doesn't get a lot of praise but I thought Eckersley had another great game yesterday - reads game well, strong in the tackle and his distribution was top drawer. For first time in a long time though we have genuine pace in attack . Morgan was almost unplayable at times yesterday and Reilly must have covered some ground as he chased and harried everything. Finally after some horrendous years we have a team worthy of our support - hopefully the fans will get behind this team in numbers and we can get some momentum going. COYS !
  12. Cracking day for the footy - lets f#cken do this mob ! COYS !
  13. Best 45 mins since we pumped Raith Rovers to win the league. Hopefully keep it going 2nd half - get next goal and game is ours COYS !
  14. Cmon Saints let's f#cken do this mob ! COYS !
  15. Brilliant result yesterday and to a man we were excellent albeit Sammy still gives me shivers at cross balls ! Good to see Mcginn back to his best and in wee Reilly we have a player that will score goals in the old style poacher mode. His second goal yesterday was a cracker. That bond between players and fans is building again - let's get right behind this team and see where it takes us. Will be a rollercoaster no doubt but that's why we luv St Mirren ! COYS !