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  1. As a club we have been on a downward spiral for years. Isn't it typical that just as we look as though we have turned the corner and have some momentum going that bloody black cloud reappears. Hope that Jack stays and GLS makes every effort to keep him - think Jack staying and taking us up would increase his stock and ultimately get him a much better move than Dundee
  2. Watching the clip of Stevie's goals over the past few years reminds us of what a talent he is - I wish him all the best and here's hoping he keeps on progressing and goes right to the top
  3. Jack Ross deserves all the plaudits he is getting. Took a massive gamble in the Jan window with 10 coming in and 10 going out. He had to do it though - contrast in the two Morton games at Cappielow for example. The difference in performance between those two games is unreal. What excites me is that Jack has obviously got an eye for a player and seems to be able to get them playing with confidence - Rory Loy and Cammy Smith are prime examples, neither setting the heather on fire at previous clubs but what a turn they did for us. Would love us to keep majority of the team together and take the momentum we have built into next season. There is an energy and buzz about St Mirren just now that I've not seen since the Tom Hendrie era ...... long may it last.
  4. Yesterday wasn't just about celebrating staying up - after years of what can only be described as abject pish, Jack Ross and this group of players have given us our club back and also a "gallus" team with a bit of swagger that we can be proud of. The bond just now between the club and the fans is reminiscent of the early Fergie days - hopefully we can build on this and push on from here and get this great club back where it belongs. COYS !!!
  5. Enjoy the game today fellow Buds - let's get right behind the team .......... oh aye and one other thing - Lets f#cken do this mob ! COYS !!!,
  6. No ifs buts or maybes ..... lets f#cken do this mob ! COYS !!!
  7. Playing towards Saints fans 2nd half - early goal and we can win this. COYS !
  8. Come on Saints, lets f#cken do this mob !
  9. Absolutely brilliant tonight - all the players were top drawer. Best for me were Cammy Smith, Kyle Magennis and Gary Mac Lets keep this going COYS !!!
  10. Come on Saints - lets do this !!
  11. Come on Saints ...... please today lets do this f%cken mob ! COYS !
  12. Let's get it sorted to allow drum for home games - there is a bond building between the fans and the team and we need that 100% backing for our remaining games. COYS!
  13. Enjoy the day fellow Buds, excited ........ let's f#cken do this mob ! COYS !!
  14. There is real bond building between players/management and the fans ....... you could feel it tonight and the superb backing from the fans helped get the team over the line tonight. Pre January we would have thrown that game away. Onto Dumfries on Saturday ........ let's get there if you can and cheer this team on. #Believe !!
  15. Come on tae f#ck Saints - lets f#cken do this mob !