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  1. Doesn't get a lot of praise but I thought Eckersley had another great game yesterday - reads game well, strong in the tackle and his distribution was top drawer. For first time in a long time though we have genuine pace in attack . Morgan was almost unplayable at times yesterday and Reilly must have covered some ground as he chased and harried everything. Finally after some horrendous years we have a team worthy of our support - hopefully the fans will get behind this team in numbers and we can get some momentum going. COYS !
  2. Cracking day for the footy - lets f#cken do this mob ! COYS !
  3. Best 45 mins since we pumped Raith Rovers to win the league. Hopefully keep it going 2nd half - get next goal and game is ours COYS !
  4. Cmon Saints let's f#cken do this mob ! COYS !
  5. Brilliant result yesterday and to a man we were excellent albeit Sammy still gives me shivers at cross balls ! Good to see Mcginn back to his best and in wee Reilly we have a player that will score goals in the old style poacher mode. His second goal yesterday was a cracker. That bond between players and fans is building again - let's get right behind this team and see where it takes us. Will be a rollercoaster no doubt but that's why we luv St Mirren ! COYS !
  6. A win tomorrow would give us a boost after a pretty indifferent start to the season and set us up nicely for the United game. Feel we are still struggling to get the right blend and play as a unit however we have players in the forward areas that will hurt teams. Looking forward to it as Livi look to be a decent side - I'll go 2-1 Saints Mcackenzie and Reilly
  7. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Jack quite rightly had a go at our defence, they didn't play well but our midfield wasn't particularly great either - not convinced with McShane and McGinn playing in there as I feel they are both trying to play in the same areas and it's not quite clicking. We are missing young Kyle Magennis and his work rate big time as in Cammy Smith and Reilly we have pace up front that will hurt other teams. No doubt we got a lesson yesterday but onwards and upwards ........ hopefully ! ps - Harkins making and winning TWO tackles yesterday wtf is that all about !
  8. Couldn't fault any Saints player today but big mention for Sutton who I thought was MOM today. Lets get right behind this team and enjoy the rollercoaster that is SMFC !
  9. Real stuff starts tomorrow ......... lets f*cken do this mob ! COYS !
  10. Didn't realise he was back up the road - bit strange that one. Doubt he will play given Falkirk form without him
  11. Think Falkirk will miss Sibbald from their midfield ..... he always seemed to play well against us. Still to be convinced on McShane / McGinn combination in our midfield although it's early days. Whether it is Sutton or someone else we need a target man for Reilly to play off and Morgan on song can be a match winner for us. Big crowd, great atmosphere so here's hoping Saints can get our season off to a flyer. COYS !!
  12. Thought Reilly looked decent playing off Sutton and Cammy Smith put in a good shift. We will need to up our work rate again for next week but some promising signs. That doing last week could be best thing that has happened to us !
  13. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Ffs they scored the fourth as I was typing my post ....... aye 5 or 6 is optimistic !
  14. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Thistle look much fitter than us - added to fact our players look like they can't be arsed ! could be 5 or 6 here !
  15. Team is going to take time to gel - we've lost Mallen and Magennis from our midfield and it is clear we are struggling a bit in there as new players bed in. It is just a shame as at the end of last season the link play between midfield and attack was best we've had for a long time. Loy was also a part of that so to a certain extent we are starting again ......... our strike force worries me though and reckon we need to look at that as a priority !