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  1. Plus a few million quid as well
  2. As mentioned in a later quote, some of it was quite interesting, the part about Hitler escaping Europe via Spain was quite plausible, for me though it was just all hear say. You never got to see any of the pictures that they were looking at.
  3. What is the game coming to? The player wearing Black boots even went down, the game is [email protected]
  4. I stuck with it, some of it was quite interesting but it was all just possibilities, no conclusive proof. Someone should them a picture of a grand parent standing beside Hitler and they would get all excited but you never got to see the picture
  5. Watched series 1, didn't bother with season 2
  6. I'm not post building with a response...................... Oh wait!!!!!!!
  7. If he had said that he had been contacted via Skype or even What'App, I still wouldn't have fell for it, lol
  8. A Fax? Who still sends a Fax?
  9. Fair play to them, not sure how many more will go and watch the game though. If I'm honest I don't really care
  10. Alright mate, are you still looking to sell two tickets for tomorrow, my mate Shuggie is looking for two tickets, his number is 07983456196




    1. WeeBud


      Hi Chalky, tickets still available, I'll text him just now

  11. If they are still going, I know someone who is looking for 2
  12. I have seen Hibs lift the scottish cup Hibs are eh, ehhh!!!!! I'm stumped, hold on Kirsty Gallagher is a hibs fan, Mon the Hibees
  13. Time for negativity, Pozbaird, you are post building, lol Hibs haven't beaten Raith this season. G Brown saved the world from a financial crisis
  14. Using that sort of language should be an immediate ban
  15. You do realise that you would be barred from the forum!!!!!!!!!!!