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  1. Marc McAusland

    Good luck to him, he always took the time to say hello whenever our paths crossed. Decent bloke and for too many he was an easy scapegoat
  2. He does have a point about the Leicester comparision, they where in relegation trouble, finished strongly in the league and then won it the following season
  3. Would have loved if the Ton had been included in that list, I think only Thistle would bring a decent support with them
  4. Who is on my pot ? ? ? !

    Rotate it 90 Degrees and you have Nessie
  5. Roy Of The Rovers

    I liked 'The Eagle', a mate bought Roy of The Rovers. We would swap
  6. Jack Ross Speculation

    Chuck is on it
  7. Need transport for 2 to brechin

    All seats are gone, bus is full again
  8. Need transport for 2 to brechin

    3 Seats left
  9. Another Brechin Thread

    Are we playing Brechin this Saturday? If so, how you getting there?
  10. Need transport for 2 to brechin

    Down to 4
  11. Need transport for 2 to brechin

    Got 5 spaces on the bus due to people pulling out, PM for details if interested
  12. Need transport for 2 to brechin

    My concern now is will we all, get in to the ground, lol
  13. Need transport for 2 to brechin

    Roughly the same as me, £360 for 16 seater, bus is full, it is still a lot cheaper than public transport, I'm £22.00 a head, some have moaned but are paying it, I'm actually down a few quid at £22.00 per head, lol
  14. Potential Replacement for Lewis

    Nah, one season wonder and hasn't done it in the big games for me
  15. Need transport for 2 to brechin

    I will let you know, looking at hiring at 16 seater and we should have some spaces, Will PM you once confirmed.