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  1. Our Drummer

    Blatant post building
  2. The Unique Original Thread

    "He who laughs load is a noisy [email protected]@tard"
  3. 1877 Club Supporters Bus

    Good idea, but I've had nothing but problems trying to buy tickets online via the website, simply pay on the bus
  4. 16/09/17 HUGE weekend for ST.Mirren

    I believe Jack is here for the long haul, if we don't go up this season then I wouldn't object to him leaving but I think he wants to do a AF, promote the club, secure the club in the top division and then move on. Then sign our good youngsters for his new club, lol. We are in strong position with Jack as he has just signed a contract extension, so it will cost clubs money to take him away.
  5. Watering the pitch

    Sunlight bud, from where I was sitting in the West Stand, they appeared Blue to me , lol Might see you st Specsavers, I've booked in for 9:45
  6. Watering the pitch

    Your appointment is Monday 11th 09:30 David, his boots were blue
  7. Great strip

    Used to remember watching Sportscene on a Saturday night, then straight to bed. Sunday was getting my dinner finished so I could sit and watch Scotsport, lol
  8. Great strip

    The good old days of Sportcsene & Scotsport when highlights of the game lasted about 25 mins
  9. Site Settings

    Going to be sending lots of Blue Hearts
  10. St Mirren Fans Fantasy Football

  11. Football Fans and Behaviour

    Why not just post your answer on one of the number of threads running, rather than starting another one, I'm with stlucifer, needless thread
  12. Facebook advice

    Tell her to post it to youtube or log on to her facebook to watch it
  13. Bromance between Brendan and Jack

    Showing your age there St.Ricky, lol
  14. Farewell Commander John Koenig

    used to love watching Space 1999 when I was a kid
  15. Club 1877

    This is how Careless Whisper's start from so called Young Guns