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  1. Showing your age there St.Ricky, lol
  2. used to love watching Space 1999 when I was a kid
  3. This is how Careless Whisper's start from so called Young Guns
  4. Shull - "I'll settle for black & white stripes Faraway, just let me doon, so I can post more [email protected] on the forum, Please Faraway, I'll never ask again if season tickets are valid"
  5. Lol, I was typing my response when you replied and wasn't wasting my time deleting, anyway the response allows me to Post Build, just like you with two responses the same
  6. I was thinking that when I posted the picture, Faraway told me to say that it is him supervising Shull
  7. A few tips for post building, lol
  8. FFS

    Totally Agree, the world is mad
  9. Don't see an issue with wearing our away kit on Saturday, we are playing away from home, so it is as good an excuse as any to wear our away kit. My understanding is that both clubs talk to discuss what kit they are wearing, they then advise the Referee what Kit they will be wearing, if the referee has any concerns about colours clashing he will raise it with both clubs. The only issue I have here, is the needless Thread being started and then posting more responses yourself than the rest of us combined Shull to the SIN BIN for post building
  10. You looking for some help in creating pointless threads?
  11. probably had enough of getting smacked with the tea towel in the face