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  1. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Draw a derby match, end result, we are Top of the league at this stage of the season with a weakened or reportedly under strength squad, I’ll take that ta. Of course that’s predicated on the basis that we get stronger throughout the season. Also that JR doesn’t do a Fergie and leave for Furry boot city.
  2. Let's All Laugh At Sevco/ Celtic Thread !

    Rae was as you say “confused”on that point, English certainly put him right, Rae conceded, that’s what I heard, a fan boy letting his blue specs confuse him. So why split hairs, just concede that English owned him on that.
  3. Let's All Laugh At Sevco/ Celtic Thread !

    Alex Rae getting owned by Tom English on Sportsound right now. Alex Rae is a blue nose apologist, it’s cringeworthy. “Scottish football needs a strong Rangers”, aye right, here’s your arse Rae
  4. Paying previous managers

    Be even more cash fluid if some bassa would bid a mill for Mcginn in January then.
  5. Paying previous managers

    So , in order to restore a recent trend we can afford to pump a management team and some no users soon [emoji3]
  6. Brian Gallagher

    Not many, if any , Scottish players managed to score a hat trick in an away league in a European tie. Superb statistic. Mucho applause. Then there was the implosion
  7. The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

    Appreciated, momentum created, expectations now being realised. What can go wrong now .......
  8. Not the least bit surprised
  9. Broadly agree, he did well almost after it was too late, stable door and aw that !! But now he’s spouting this genetic inferiority pish, ffs, seriously ?? You better tell Spain that then , in recent years at tournaments they were the smallest of the small but seem to win stuff [emoji12] It’s technical and natural ability that we lack, not height, erm, wee man !!
  10. I agree, he’ll be imo fed up and looking ahead thinking just how do I improve this national team. Time for new direction, young players, not “trusted ones”.
  11. Erm, our qualifying league , not our domestic league bud. We failed the campaign in a league of average teams, hardly top Euro class rated teams. SPL never mentioned.
  12. “In reality two Griffiths free kicks were all we really produced of note in the campaign”............ My point exactly , we did nowt else in a campaign that was basically a league littered with averageness, nowhere near top level teams.
  13. We don’t have any better in most positions in that “national team”. We are technically redundant and have only a few only who are natural footballers. Most of the top teams look quite good at the level we play at, we look wooden by comparison. We lack at least half a dozen top players. With respect, who the f**k is Philips I almost feel sorry for Strachan, almost mind.
  14. Who is next to go ?

    Must be Strachan, he’ll walk. He has f**k all to work with at this level
  15. ........parp ! The surprise is there isn’t one