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  1. Seaside Nipper

    New Manager Latest Odds

  2. Seaside Nipper

    A Message from Jack Ross

    ah well, JR , smooth and PR minded all the way, to be expected. A short but fruitful journey, so in terms of value for money for the club, you cannot deny JR delivered. Indeed , the bam is seriously guilty............................................... of having raised our expectations
  3. Seaside Nipper

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Jack Ross Page 88 RTG Sunderland Message Boards.urlJack Ross Page 88 RTG Sunderland Message Boards.url
  4. Seaside Nipper

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Aye over on a Mackem site, they seem in the most to be quite delighted
  5. Seaside Nipper

    New Manager Latest Odds

    So its done...............gnashing, wailing, some confirmation of the blindingly inevitable, shine gone, we move on from JR, the smooth capable self aware careerist. He's no snake oil salesman but I must admit the exit was less than genuine it appears, all the talk with the mic all showbiz Sam in retrospect, as genuine as a cheap cabaret. It's time to recalibrate Disappointing as a real positivity and connection had been established Disappointing as we now find ourselves batting around the usual dreary suspects Disappointing for the players, there was a real camaraderie there, what must some of them be thinking Disappointing as the club now need to try and emulate the Jack Ross special formula, get a blend in the workings of the club, and of all places, to endear the St Mirren fans to a form of positive pressing expansive football in a dire shit fest of a league set up. The romance of JR's procession to the Championship, done Disappointing that now the hard yards have to be gained, its looking like a very important few weeks coming up Did I say I was disappointed, well money certainly talks, it could also be argued he's avoided the SPFL test and a possible loss of reputation by bagging ( an no one could blame him ) a decent opportunity. Time will tell Anyway thanks for the trophy Jack, your history
  6. Seaside Nipper

    Jack Ross staying

    Tight lipped for now ............ Bazinga !!
  7. Erm, I was being a tad flippant, tongue firmly in cheek in response to the previous post with “Sloppy seconds” It disappoints me you didn’t catch that. [emoji17]
  8. Seaside Nipper

    Paul Mcgowan

    Well any pro footballer that thinks it’s acceptable to follow a rival team (the team he supports) at away games, allow himself to get bevvied and sing sectarian songs, this behaviour is right out the only to be expected mould Not so much Hail Hail, more like Jail Jail this time. Twat.
  9. Agree !! Why would JR want to become Ipswich sloppy second choice ? The East Anglians clearly having a cake and eat it moment. C’mon Jack, pit your wits against Lenny,Stevie G, Brendan and Del Boy next season. Go on go on [emoji847]
  10. Expected nothing less, JR doing an excellent professionally hedged bet. Self awareness and media training and perception. Straight bat etc etc. Translated for us fans as Tick tock.
  11. Seaside Nipper

    How many seats do the bigots get ?

    As inconvenient to some / many as it is, this decision on two stand allocation is as a result of St mirren support failure to turn out in the requisite numbers over time. IMO club can justify the call quite easily. Hard fact is Money talks. Never sold out since our move. Frighteningly that was almost ten years ago now [emoji50] and saw the record attendance, at home to Killie !!!
  12. Yup. JR is developing a player battle plan. Key to that is recruitment and players won’t sign or be inclined if they think JR is for the off. This interest in our manager is a shite state of affairs. But as ever, there will go those in the know ! We are but mere punters in the latest whataboutery
  13. Seaside Nipper

    The End Of Season Play Offs 2018

    Back to day shifts at the aeroplane engine place. Him and Jimmy Durante surely pack it in now. Tbh they were absolutely pish today
  14. Seaside Nipper

    The End Of Season Play Offs 2018

    Well done Jim Goodwin and Alloa
  15. Seaside Nipper

    The End Of Season Play Offs 2018

    No question Alloa are the better team but it’s f**kin dreadful football. The pitch is like rough on the links. Dead slow and stop. Only route is airborne.