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  1. Morgan

    I notice he's back on Ra Sellic radar again. The Govan nomarks also quoted as interested.
  2. Pumped again. Seems to be all sugar or all shite with us these days.
  3. St Mirren's stance on SFA EBT

    Precisely. Every club bar one now seems to be de faulting to a position of let's not rock the boat anymore as a result of the SFAs lack of commitment to pursue. It's only Ra Sellics obsession with Newcp/Oldco/deadco that's keeping this rolling. There's an agenda to get trophies out of cabinets at Govan, and rightly so imo. By doing nothing the authorities simply countenance the actions of cheats, simple. Regan and the SFA have not got the balls for a fight, similarly Doncaster had no ambition to bite the hand that feeds and this is the problem. It's technically too difficult. A two horse town, Scottish football has no credibility.
  4. Ta Ta After 4 Games

    From the Ajax comfort and cake walk to testing himself, eleven games at inter Milan and bumped, now four league games at Palace and bump[emoji1] Next away, could be Bilic tonight if the Hammers lose , maybe even simply fail to win. Crazy
  5. The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

    Four more at home, a win and top of the table. Muchas gracias
  6. M m m m m m momentum building and the result, again. Presently we are the best in class in this division. The carping and criticism on individual performances within a team effort is noise and peripheral to the present series of results returned. We are good enough. We make our results and deserve them. This St mirren team (very much against recent historical trend) are winning when previously we wouldn't or couldn't. Massive difference in mindset and the fans sense it and respond. All credit the management and players for an attitude that I can at last relate to. A team that keeps going and believes. I think and certainly expect we can only improve tbh. Thank you.
  7. The Great Politics Thread

    Next to the hill [emoji57]
  8. Fao div - moderation on here...

    Who bans who ? Who decides someone's contributions are bullying, offensive or downright debasing pish ?? Meltdowns can be amusing, there can be much entertainment and a rich and inventive use of profanity on here, admittedly not as rich as "on the terraces" but sometimes it's ok doke. If a "din bin " was in play I'd like to see who was in it, much like a league of villainy, who's in, who's up for parole. That would work for me. Sadly things are pretty decent on the park the noo so I'm not really caring who's getting it tight on here the noo. Just sayin like........it's been a while
  9. The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

    Appreciated. Good back to back results, maybe sense momentum. Credit is solid at the moment with the appreciometer
  10. The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

    Getting appreciated today , slightly in credit for the season so far now, so keep it going
  11. Good result made better given the numerical 'disadvantage'. Where's yon appreciometer [emoji6]
  12. Drew copyright* presently that is all
  13. Total Cunts

    No, total c**ts !
  14. Love Street. Now & Then

    Love street [emoji173]️
  15. For the state of the forum and relevant sanity levels I'll assume it's a must not lose then [emoji57]