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  1. Shopping it is then.....
  2. Basic stupidity on the goal out of heehaw. Cheap as ........
  3. The Politics Thread

    Ocht aye, it was worse than the Krankies on a bad baaaaaad trip at best. In all honesty though that broadcast had had to have been”approved” by “advisors”.........that’s what’s most scary
  4. The Politics Thread

    Wow. Just witnessed this utter Scottish kariiiiiiinge ! Toecurlingly bad. Just who the f**k was that Party political broadcast aimed at. Seriously???? f**king shameful.
  5. Its Plastic Nightmares

    Acht, All the feckin same. You wonder in all honestly if any politician actually believes the pish they spout to the public domain. Plastic is now the great evil, diesel was the devils brew last I looked. In fact this is just at like Sturgeon when she proclaimed no more diesel cars by2030. Oh really ?? The Chinese promptly challenged her and she promptly back tracked by sending her trade counsel to London to tell, no re assure the Chinese that it was an aspiration, not a realistic target. So, Chinese investment saved, phew. It’s all just a pile of political poop [emoji90] Trouble is they expect us all to scoop
  6. St Mirren V ICT 6th Jan 2018

    Dare I say it but job done and fairly professionally too. A consistency of result and effort is certainly emergent now. This was not always the St mirren way, we have changed [emoji1] I’m excitedly nervous.
  7. Morton v St Mirren 2/1/18 LIVE ON BBC ALBA

    Aye well all a bit meh in the end I suppose
  8. Morton v St Mirren 2/1/18 LIVE ON BBC ALBA

    Biff ! Let’s do this lot in Fergie time lads. Step up and show some intent
  9. Merry Christmas EveryBuddie

    Merry Christmas every buddie and the players and management of St mirren FC. Have a great one.
  10. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    These pitches should not be allowed in the pro game. A complete nonsense.
  11. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Piri piri chicken hmmmm
  12. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Oh no it wasn’t !!
  13. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    St mirren [emoji7]
  14. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Better [emoji1360]
  15. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017