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  1. Why do you even bother to engage with this forum? Give us all peace n do one!
  2. I was trying to be diplomatic but, aye, you are spot on[emoji1376]
  3. Lets not turn this into some other agenda. Firstly I have not, nor have I read or seen others on this forum 'Jump' at the thought of an Irish connection with the club. Secondly your inference that we are somehow anti Irish is nonsense and has no place here. I am also fascinated with St Mirin, he plays a huge part in Paisley's history but other than the name the Irish connection ends there, as far as I am aware. There are several Scottish clubs with far stronger Irish connections, clubs set up by Irishmen for the benefit of Irish people!
  4. Cheers Shull! Someone refresh my memory (I was 20 and spent most of the season pished) but why no Yardley n Lavety in the starting 11 here? What was the thinking bringing in Jens n McKnight when we had Yards Basher n McGarry?
  5. What roots exactly? Yeah we are named after St Mirin an Irish monk who lived 100's of years earlier but what is the Irish influence in the actual creation if our club? Were the founders Irish, was it for benefit of Irish immigrants or such like? Apologies for going off topic curiosity n all that!
  6. Anyone got footage of his goal against Falkirk at Love Street?
  7. I can just see the complaints from our new neighbours in good ol Feegie Park if we move..... "That fu*#ing shite fu*#ing fitba team don't fu*#ing swear enough, fu*#ing arseholes, get them to f*#k"
  8. Was a decent player for us but not convinced this is a good move! Lets face it his career went into decline when he left us, hope he proves me wrong if he signs!
  9. Aye like eh'm Clarkson, Webster, Hutton, Irvine? Ye can get yer experienced players to fcuk, no more has beens stealing a wage, ripping the pish out of our club. We want the likes of McLean McGinn Mallan McAllister Magennis and any other quality young player who's surname begins with M. Hansen was talking pish when he said the you don't win anything with kids!
  10. Surprised you could get yer wallet oot yer pocket to pay for yer ST, yer tighter than a Gnats chuff
  11. Shanks was a very highly thought of young striker hence Aberdeen taking him up there. I am certain he will go on to score goals and establish himself in the prem league and be another player in a long list of players who didn't work out for us!
  12. You really are a clown!
  13. I fully expect us to vacate Ralston in the next 3-5 years in any case. Things aren't working out down there, problems with neighbours, major problems with the cabins, pitch needing replaced. We will end up at the planned local authority sports hub somewhere near the stadium.
  14. "We could have paid compensation" [emoji848][emoji848][emoji848]