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  1. GREAME SMITH [emoji43][emoji43][emoji43] please god no, he's worse than that welsh keeper, who's name escapes me, we had a few seasons back!
  2. £6k per week? Behave yerself, a third of that!
  3. Tony Fitz been posting messages on twitter last fee days about making life changing decisions! Are these messages intended for our Stevie? IMO I think Stevie would develop better with us and would potentially be involved in something huge next season!
  4. Seriously mate??? You bought into the buy the buds / smisa thing to better the club, if things go to plan we and you as fans will be involved in the running of the club for many years to come, to pull your subs simply because an item you voted against gets passed by a democratic vote is petulant to say the least.
  5. I see David McCracken hasn't been offered a new deal at Falkirk! I recon he would be an ideal replacement for Webster, he is a better defender imo, is still fit and along with Gary McKenzie would be good for Bairds development! A 1 year deal on the understanding that he won't always start?
  6. You surely aren't suggesting that Gilmour is free from any blame in where we found ourselves this season
  7. Also he has been far more vocal since he sold the club, obviously not restricted in what he says
  8. He's got a public page on Twitter with 2200 followers
  9. It may be I missed something but haven't seen any public congratulations to the club from our old chairman! I'm sure someone will put me right if I am wrong but was just wondering if there are some sour grapes?
  10. A distinct possibility from what I hear!
  11. Some great strikes mentioned. Mallans today is no doubt the best I have seen at our new home. Mehmet v Hearts in the LC at Fir park was also special
  12. Just seen it, the lad is a fighter! Hopefully his stem cell transplant went well and he is able to get along to the game this Saturday!
  13. Did he not crack the post/crossbar with a left foot strike from outside the box aswell?
  14. And to top it off he doesn't go to games [emoji6]
  15. Well a few three month olds I spoke to told me it was awrite, they enjoyed the game and they loved the big black n white bear! Their only complaint was that there was no where to change them!