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  1. Did he not crack the post/crossbar with a left foot strike from outside the box aswell?
  2. And to top it off he doesn't go to games [emoji6]
  3. Well a few three month olds I spoke to told me it was awrite, they enjoyed the game and they loved the big black n white bear! Their only complaint was that there was no where to change them!
  4. Jeez think about it man! It may not be about the baby..... if you don't take the bairn to the game then YOU don't get to the game. A problem faced by da's n maw's since time immortal (or at least 1877). Those who take the kids along from a very young age should be applauded for their continued attendance and support of the team.
  5. Well as a non attender, you are not expected to understand the thought behind taking a baby to the game!
  6. You fishing?? Awrite I'll bite, when left with the choice of taking a baby to the game or not getting to the game at all what would you do?
  7. Naw, naw, naw, naw!!! Why would anyone want to go back to any of the lot that left us at the transfer window? There may be a player in Walsh somewhere but Walsh + St Mirren = doesnae work!
  8. Ground rules like this are the clubs to make, as long as they don't clash with the statutory laws re sporting events and OBAF Act then it's nowt to do with the police!
  9. Also on this, some folk on this forum seem to want us to fail and are unable to show any positivity despite our recent massive improvement.
  10. You need to watch some of our early league games this season over again to understand the true meaning of 'Poor'! Pay particular attention to Hutton, Hardie n Webster!!
  11. Why do you even bother to engage with this forum? Give us all peace n do one!
  12. I was trying to be diplomatic but, aye, you are spot on[emoji1376]
  13. Lets not turn this into some other agenda. Firstly I have not, nor have I read or seen others on this forum 'Jump' at the thought of an Irish connection with the club. Secondly your inference that we are somehow anti Irish is nonsense and has no place here. I am also fascinated with St Mirin, he plays a huge part in Paisley's history but other than the name the Irish connection ends there, as far as I am aware. There are several Scottish clubs with far stronger Irish connections, clubs set up by Irishmen for the benefit of Irish people!
  14. Cheers Shull! Someone refresh my memory (I was 20 and spent most of the season pished) but why no Yardley n Lavety in the starting 11 here? What was the thinking bringing in Jens n McKnight when we had Yards Basher n McGarry?
  15. What roots exactly? Yeah we are named after St Mirin an Irish monk who lived 100's of years earlier but what is the Irish influence in the actual creation if our club? Were the founders Irish, was it for benefit of Irish immigrants or such like? Apologies for going off topic curiosity n all that!