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  1. The Dark Side Going For McInnes - What Of Jack

    Aberdeen would go for McLeish as their 1st option and Strachan as their 2nd option. Neither need the money but may be drawn by their affiliation with the club. JR would be a 3rd or 4th choice at best IMO but there is no doubt if he did get the chance to manage Aberdeen he would take it and so he should if he has any real ambition in the game. A chance to manage one of Scotland’s biggest club. Along with that the real chance of European football every season even if they get pumped out in the early rounds is too good to turn down.
  2. Thompson

    I am over the moon Big Thommo is being inducted to our hall of fame. Legend
  3. Lewis Morgan

    Enjoy this lad while we have him. He is a joy to watch and whenever he gets the ball he gets you on the edge of your seat. Not many in our country that can do that. We have had some great young players coming through over the last few years such McLean, McGinn, Mallan, McAllister to name a few but Morgan IMO is the best we have produced in years.
  4. Darryl Duffy

    Duffy is coming in as nothing more than a back up surely. I seen real promise of an excellent partnership between Sutton & Reilly on Saturday which could bring us goals. Big Ross Stewart hopefully gets a chance if Sutton gets injured as I believe he has real potential in the few games I have seen him in. So welcome on board Double D. I just hope you are warming the bench this season due to the scintillating form of RAS.
  5. Rory Loy

    Wonder what sort of reception he will get from us today?
  6. Shankland signs for The Ton

    Is this the same Stevie Aitken who is a Morton legend spending over a decade with them and liked nothing more than winding us up and spoke regularly of hating St Mirren. No thanks
  7. Hospitality Prices 2017/18

    £55 4 course lunch with wine £24 Padded Seating £10 Half Time Refreshments £30 Alcoholic Refreshments One thing I am missing and that a don't put a cost to is meeting the players and management after the game. If people don't want to go along for any reason that's their choice. IMO it is worth every penny and I'm looking forward to it on Saturday.
  8. Hospitality Prices 2017/18

    I do it twice a season. It is a great day out. Get to go along with family and friends watch my beloved buddies have one too many beers and a decent meal. Is the food Michelin star quality no it isn't and I wouldn't want it to be. If I went out had lunch and washed it down with plenty of beer, went to the game then had some post game drinks I would probably have paid the same. I would rather give my money to St Mirren than anyone else for a superb day out.
  9. Hospitality Prices 2017/18

    Superb value for money. I will be there on Sat.
  10. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Hearts are the only top flight club that am 99.99% certain won't be coming in for him or he will be going to. Let's put it this way he left Hearts under a cloud and with Budge & Levein still at the club he has a snowflakes chance in hell of getting that job. He was extremely bitter at the way they treated him and jumped before he was pushed.
  11. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Of course Mallan will be a big loss. Anyone that scores double figures for any team will be a loss to any team but we have been this before with Dorman and McLean in recent years. I don't think tactics let us down today but fitness, ability and quality. Let's not forget that Thistle made the top 6 last year with pretty much the same squad and team we came up against today. We have brought in umpteen players who disappointed today and will take time to gel. This could be a blessing in disguise. Not only given a reality check but a signal to Jack on what we are lacking in the squad and what we need to improve on to get to that level. I am only grateful we have time before the Falkirk game.
  12. Young St. Mirren fan on Scotland's Superhospital

    As a father myself this puts everything into perspective. My heart goes out to the family [emoji22]
  13. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Look I said at the start of this depressing thread a didn't think Jack should have got the job. Did I hold my hands up and say a got it wrong. I did on a few occasions. What he done between Feb-May was unbelievable and because of that we should only consider his removal if we are 10 points behind at the bottom of the league at Christmas. He has showed loyalty by staying with us which most managers wouldn't in this day and age. I will say this again that I will only judge after the 1st round of league games and talk of replacing him is crazy. I am still optimistic of challenging for the playoffs. COYS
  14. Jack Ross Must Go.

    After today's result and more importantly the performance it is a reality check nothing more. Partick played out their skins and along with us playing well below what we are capable of it was a fair result. Should we talk about replacing the manager that would be insane. Jack Ross will look at today and realise he may need another couple of players. I would rather get these results out the way and learn from them before the season starts. My prediction for the season ahead would always have been if we make the playoffs we have had a good season. Until the league starts nothing will change my optimism that we can't make the playoffs and I will only review that after the 1st round of league games.
  15. League Prediction

    I would take 5th now. Where we will end up not a clue but that is the beauty of supporting St Mirren