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  1. According to the Daily Record we are close to signing this lad who was released by QoS.
  2. Delighted with this signing. Both keepers will get chance to stake their claim over the coming weeks. In last couple of seasons we had Langfield in goals and he gave me palpitations every time I watched him. We signed O'Brien who was decent for us and a massive step up from Clangers. Now we have signed a cup winning legend who IMO better than both Langfield & O'Brien and that is based on him playing against better opposition and a league above what we currently in. Will he make mistakes of course he will but fewer than the other two. This is a step in the right direction for me. If the boy from Albion Rovers claims the No. 1 jersey then he would have earned it. Welcome home Sammy
  3. It should be Jack's decision. If he feels going to Dundee is going to progress his career more than us then so be it. As for him going to Dundee the best he can do is getting into the top 6 as they are never going to qualify for Europe IMO. If he take us up and and challenging for the top 6 that will be a bigger achievement. It a massive decision for him though as his stock is high just now but like any manager it could turn with a bad season. When he makes that decision it will let us know if he is in this for the long haul or full of guff. Either way it will all come out in the wash....
  4. It will be extremely unlikely that McInnes will get the Sunderland job. If he did I have no doubt Tommy Wright at St Johnstone would be the overwhelming favourite to bag the job.
  5. I will never judge any of our signings until they get a run in the team next season. If a couple don't work out then that's football but I look forward to seeing what these guys have to offer with optimism and giving them my 100% support every time they pull on the shirt. Some of them I have never seen but Jack Ross has worked with them and feels that they are worth signing and will add to the team or the squad. If part time players are never given a chance of full time football how can you ever tell if they can make the grade. They must all have something about them for us to sign them. Whether that be potential, ability or character. Not one manager has ever had a 100% record of successful signings in the history of football so all anyone can hope for is that more of them than not are successful.
  6. Absolutely over the moon with Gary Mac resigning. He was my pick for PoY last season. Nothing 2 do with me putting £50 on him anytime scorer when we beat Morton 4-1 down there at 7/1. [emoji3]
  7. I think most St Mirren fans myself inc. would have loved Goodie to get promoted. Not only for his years of great service, affinity to our club and being our cup winning captain. I would like to see him being successful as I would love for him to be our manager sometime in the future but then again if he is too successful he will never look at managing us.
  8. Yes I believe they would struggle to get in our top 4 if they were in the Scottish Premiership and had the financial constraints that our teams work under. St Johnstone have arguably the best manager out with Rodgers who works wonders year in year out in Tommy Wright. The move for Mallan to Barnsley is a good one for numerous reasons. More competitive league, money and better exposure to go to even bigger club than Barnsley. If he keeps progressing his stay at Barnsley could be a short one and could go on to better things. He deserves his move he has been excellent
  9. My point is that we they wouldn't easily finish in a top 4 position if they were in the Scottish Premiership.
  10. Barnsley got an average crowds of 13,000 last season with Newcastle, Leeds etc visiting. They would only easily get in the top 4 if they had the finances they get now. They are no bigger club than Dundee Utd or Hibs
  11. Unfortunately I don't believe we as a club could knock back £300k for a player who could run down his contract and leave for nothing. Do I think he is worth more. Course I do but I would happy we got something for him now and negotiate a sell on fee rather than get sod all next summer. Stevie has totally deserved this move. For the last two years he has scored over ten goals from midfield in struggling teams. I hear he works on improving his game after training so it's an example to other youngsters at club that if you work hard on your game and showcase your skills in our 1st team for two / three years you also can achieve a move to a better league and bigger club and progress your career. That is how we sell our club to youngsters we target. Sign for us and if your good enough you will get your chance in the 1st team. Give us two / three seasons then move on to bigger things. I hope Stevie's career goes from strength and I will watch that with keen interest. I am grateful I got to see this talented young man in action for us and I thank him for the many fantastic memories.
  12. Dundee Utd have just signed another player Billy King from Hearts. I can only think the signings of King & Keatings are for the Premiership and if they don't make it they will let a lot go
  13. Well done Jack. Well deserved [emoji122]
  14. Gordon Scott really is a breathe of fresh air. What difference from the last BoD. It not only from a communication point of view.
  15. You don't often see 30+ players at this level given a 2 year deal but has been a solid signing since he came in so good news