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  1. Scottish leagues

    Also the TV broadcasters want 4 Old Firm games. Me personally would have two leagues. 18 top flight would be ideal.
  2. Summer Football Revisited

    IMO we have needed a change in our game for years and summer football is one of them along with two leagues of 16
  3. Jack Ross Must Go.

    This thread should have been sent to the archives. I have been embarrassed and held my hands up for what I said about Jack I admitted I was wrong numerous times. If we manage to hold on to Jack Ross next season which I doubt and get promoted. If we struggle to stay up then I guarantee people will be on here slating JR. I have always said a manager should not be sacked unless they take us to a worse position than they inherited us. If we go up if anyone thinks we will be top 6 are deluded IMO
  4. Livvi v United -What's your best outcome?

    It’s a shame Livi can’t generate a bigger attendance. As for the result I couldn’t care less. We win our remaining matches we win the league.
  5. MYLES HYPOLYTE - Welcome

    As long he is a ‘Hungry Hippo’ for success he will do for me. If what I have seen of him against us he will be a great signing.
  6. League or Cup

    League all day for me. A cup run is just a bonus. If we go up we can test ourselves against the countries best every week.
  7. January 2018 Transfer Window

    If we go up this year and I’m certainly not not counting my chickens. We will add more quality in the summer and some will be shipped out. I’m delighted with the squad currently like yourself. Competition all over.
  8. Cammy Smith

    The only thing that stops Cammy being a top player is his lack of pace. Other than that he has all the attributes to be a top attacking / wide midfielder.
  9. January 2018 Transfer Window

    I would say our transfer dealings are finished with. We have strengthened with a holding midfielder and a wide player and a striker in Mullen. Two areas that we could have done with strengthening is a holding midfielder and wide player IMO. Im chuffed with our squad. We have a great balance and strength in depth
  10. I said 7 players have had an amazing seasons so I am not saying we are a one man team. Normally they would have all be in with with a shout but Morgan has been the difference on numerous occasions meaning we have picked up 3 points rather than 1 or 0. The only player that could come close would be Reilly due to his 20 goals. IMO I think Lewis signing for Celtic has effected some view. Its only my opinion
  11. About 7 players have had amazing seasons so far but Lewis has practically won games on his own this season. It’s still to early to pick a POTY as there is a lot of football to be played. Lewis’ form would need to fall from a cliff for anyone else to win. IMO if Lewis never signed for Celtic but signed a new 3yr deal this would not even be a discussion POTY - Lewis Morgan YPOTY - Lewis Morgan
  12. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Many times have I admitted I got it wrong and so glad I did. Nobody is more happy to eat humble pie. The best pie I have ever had. More than happy to eat more.
  13. 2 new January signings - Exclusive!

    There’s always one. [emoji476]
  14. 2 new January signings - Exclusive!

    I have missed the Flareybob rumour. Superb
  15. Ross Stewart

    I think it’s a great decision to send the boy out on loan. Regular first team future and goals to boost the boys confidence. Sutton will be away at the end of the season and Stewart will be given a chance next season. With the form that Reilly is in this and with our recent acquisition of Mullen the boy would have been kicking his heels on the bench.