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  1. Gary Mac POTY McGinn vs TNS GOS
  2. It's all about us. We have our destiny in our own hands at last. Forget the rest and concentrate on winning the remaining 4 fixtures. If Jack Ross wins the manager of the month for April we stay up. COYS
  3. Yes I believed at the time Jack Ross should never been appointed and nobody is happier than me that he is proving me wrong. I also never once suggested he should be sacked. Not many on here had Jack as there 1st choice as manager and given how our rookie managerial appointments have gone in recent years that is no surprise. If Jack Ross keeps us up and again I hope he does he has proven me wrong not that he needs to. It will be with my great pleasure to say I got it wrong he was a fantastic appointment. I never seen this revival happening along majority of our support if their honest and Jack has to be applauded for this recent run of form but let's not get carried away we are not safe yet and if we did go down this thread will be red hot once again
  4. Just hope we stay up and he signs a new deal with the club for next year. Still only 31 and we could get a couple of good years out him.
  5. Over the last couple of months we have had some stunning performances collectively and individually but someone who rarely gets a mention is Gary Mac. Keep him fit and he has been great. What a difference having an out and out quality centre half makes. Alex Rae never made many decent signings but this guy has been outstanding recently. Wins almost everything in the air and is an aerial threat at set pieces and is comfortable with the ball at his feet. I believe this guy is the best centre half we had for some time. Has to be a contender for POY
  6. Don't care about the prices for the dump they call Cappielow. I will be there no matter the price or the weather for another cup final in our bid for survival. Everyone has a choice to attend. If it's too expensive for you don't go. If you don't fancy the weather don't go. I for one can't wait for the game. Hope we get tore in them and collect 3 valuable points. COYS
  7. Nothing will be done and no contracts will be offered until we know for certain what league we will be playing in next season. That is the way we have always operated.
  8. Am surprised we are as long as 5/1. Considering we are bottom at the moment and 4 out our last 6 games are away from home to clubs chasing promotion.
  9. It's a cliche but lets just take one game at a time. Starting on Saturday the first of seven cup finals and see where we finish up. As long as the team put in as much effort as they did on Saturday we will win more than we lose. Que sera sera........
  10. I thought all the team played well today including McGinn with Utd taking their chances. If we had done that in the 1st half we would have taken the trophy back to Paisley
  11. Just an observation not a criticism but is McGinn carrying an injury? If he is he even better than I first thought and true captain for the cause. He looked liked he was struggling to get back on a few occasions today.
  12. BBBBOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. I know I can't seem to give them away. It would be a shame if they went to waste
  14. Still got the four tickets so ave DM you for best drop off point for yourself. 1 down 3 to go. Anymore for the 3 tickets?
  15. I posted this on another thread but got no takers also found that family and friends don't won't them for nothing. I suppose the four people of that group that are St Mirren fans are going. Anyway I last week found out my Mrs bought me 4 tickets as a surprise not knowing I had already bought 4 for the final meaning I have 8 adult tickets with only 4 tickets needed. You couldn't make it up. If anyone has not bought their tickets and is looking for 4 tickets next to each other they can have 4 FREE adult tickets in the Davie Cooper stand. I couldn't sell them so rather then go to waste I want to make someone's day and give them the opportunity to experience this rare occasion of the mighty St Mirren reaching a cup final. It's all very last minute but an opportunity none the less and most people will already have their tickets but in case someone out their hasn't and fancies going its your lucky day. If anyone is interested I will drop off in anywhere in the Renfrewshire before 10am as I will be setting off for the game myself shortly after or if they wish I can meet them at Fir Park before the game If interested DM me