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  1. Dave The Buddie

    Help ???

    Got this also pain in the ar*e
  2. Dave The Buddie

    Alan's first signings

    I never judge players until I see them and I hope they are amazingly successful. This reminds me of the season Danny Lennon got appointed and went for a few lower league players but if there as successful as McGregor it will be all good.
  3. Dave The Buddie

    Gavin Reilly

    I will wait till I get a little worried. With losing our manager we have lost our best player in Morgan, best defender in Davis & now our top goalscorer. I hope the boss has a couple of crackers lined up.
  4. Dave The Buddie

    The Simple Digital Arena

    £160k over 4 years. Don’t have an issue with this as it generates extra income
  5. Dave The Buddie

    Saint Mirren top 11 legends. .

    Brilliant. We had a number of quality left backs but Martin Baker was my favourite in his 1st spell with us. I always thought he would have went on to be a Scottish international but between Killie and injury he was ruined and when he came back for a 2nd spell with us he was a shadow of the player that left. Jure & Tess we’re close to being in.
  6. I don’t wish anyone that goes to Morton good luck. Hope he has a nightmare
  7. Dave The Buddie

    Saint Mirren top 11 legends. .

    Thought long and hard about my best 11 since I was 6 year old and went to my 1st game in 1987 against Inverness Caley in the Scottish Cup. Here goes couple of contentious one’s. 5-3-2 GK Alan Combe RB David Van Zanten LB Martin Baker CB Roy Aitken CB Norrie McWhirter CB Will Haining MF Victor Munoz MF Andy Dorman MF Lewis Morgan ST Steven Thompson ST Barry Lavety
  8. Dave The Buddie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    The new manager when appointed will and should get our full support. What he has or hasn’t done does not concern me it how he performs as our manager that does. My 1st choice would have been Pep but he has just signed a deal deal at City. [emoji23] I’m optimistic that if it is Stubbs it will be a good appointment. We’re in the Premiership and if that does not get you in positive mood. Remember the dark days under Coughlin, Craig, Murray & Rae when we were sinking faster than the Titanic to where we are now a team on the way up.
  9. Dave The Buddie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    I’m happy Neilson has pulled out the running. I hearing it’s going to be Darren Ferguson. Would be happy with that
  10. Dave The Buddie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    For the 1st ever I am entirely at ease and have full trust in the BoD to appoint the right man whoever that is. With them getting it spot on last time in their decision I trust. After mourning Jack Ross leaving I am now excited to see who will be leading us back into the top division and who we will be signing.
  11. Dave The Buddie

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Good time for an official statement from the club to be released on this. If GS is saying the club have had no official approach from Sunderland I would appreciate coming from an official source.
  12. Dave The Buddie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Only thing that has made me smile while trolling through all these depressing threads that stating Jack has gone. Tedious Tom is the he best [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. Dave The Buddie

    Has Ricky shut St Mirren Down????

    Trying to buy a season ticket online for me and my boy for the 1st time in 3 seasons. All I’m getting to is the pick a seat which is blank. Frustrating. Is it just renewal?
  14. The problem we have with the delay is that it is effecting our preparation of building our squad for next season. No players are going to commit to joining us with the managers future in limbo. Probably the same with Reilly. The uncertainty is not a good thing but I think Jack has earned the right for the club to be patient.