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  1. Very good. I will drop off in the Renfrewshire area or will arrange to hand them over at the stadium when convenient for any interested parties
  2. Well a just found out my Mrs bought me 4 tickets as a surprise not knowing I had already bought 4 for the final meaning I have 8 adult tickets with only 4 tickets needed. You couldn't make it up. If anyone has not bought their tickets and is looking for 4 tickets next to each other they can have a choice of the Phil O'Donnell or Davie Cooper stand. If anyone is interested am happy to take a hit and sell one set for £15 a ticket and will drop off? If interested DM me
  3. Well I got my 4 tickets delivered today that I ordered online yesterday. IMO great turnaround time. Granted I have tickets for seats 1-4 in Davie Cooper stand which means am in the corner. Do I care not a jot they can sit me on top of the stand and I will be happier than a pig in muck. We are in another national cup final no matter what competition and how people perceive it. I am going to lap up the day win or lose as it has been a massive positive in a very disappointing season so far. Register online get your tickets and enjoy the party. Whether we win or lose these are the days to saviour being a St Mirren fan. COYS
  4. Credit where credit is due. JR's half time substitution today was a massive contributor in us turning around the semi final today. Hope we can maintain the 2nd half performance into the league fixtures
  5. I would never say Div needs to look at himself. He has went over and above for the good of the forum over the years. I am disagreeing with the concept of a sin bin and a find it cringeworthy and again this is my opinion. Surely individuals if they overstep the mark they can be banned or individuals can block other individuals
  6. This idea of a sin bin is poor. It's like it's ma baw and your no playing unless you play by my rules. I have to say am disappointed in this. Don't get me wrong there is some severe bell*nds on this forum with opinions that I would never agree with and certain individuals I don't even read their posts but to put them in a sin bin is pretty childish. Definition of a forum "a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged". Div you run this forum am sure for St Mirren fans to openly stat their views and opinions. We are not going to like every post and some people won't like each other but their opinions and views should be aired. Unless their overstepping the mark with their conduct therefore they should be banned they should have the same access as all others. If the Sin Bin is not abolished in the near future then little old me won't be returning to this once fantastic St Mirren forum out of embarrassment.
  7. Saturdays result was massive which we had to win it. Jack Ross' record with us has been extremely poor you just can't get away from that. In any other circumstances he would have been sacked. The old BoD have put the new BoD in an impossible position because we would be a laughing stock due our turnover managers in recent seasons for them to sack Jack Ross. It would also scare any decent replacement away from taking the job. I never thought we should have appointed Jack Ross in our current predicament but an experienced man to get us out this mess. We should have begged Jimmy Calderwood to take the job who is a man who has been successful in keeping teams up. So it looks like it is Jack Ross all the way even if we don't win another game this season and whether I think that is right or wrong I have to get used to that. We will go down am sure on that opinion and we sure deserve to as the league table does not lie. All we can do is try and rebuild next season in League One but let me say this there is no guarantee we will come straight back up we might need to spend a couple of seasons in League One before we bounce back. That unfortunately is the harsh reality of our predicament.
  8. I caught two massive fish with my post and that's my dinner. Thanks boys
  9. There was so many but I never berated them during a game I just hate hearing that. However when we got promoted John Potter as I never believed he was of top flight quality so therefore frustrated me. Also Jamie Langfield of recent seasons has driven me to drink.
  10. This is the start and sign of things to come with us about to take the plunge into Scottish football's third tier. Everything associated with the club being streamlined and cut back. Sad times [emoji476]
  11. Why have we signed a left back and never played him today? The Norwegian boy was totally exposed today at right back which IMO is never a full back
  12. Am so glad we got a left back and will reserve judgement until he has played half a dozen games but as always he will get me full backing every time he pull on a St Mirren shirt. I take it that will be the end of our business....
  13. Granted he has not been outstanding but nor do I recall him have a majorly honking game recently. I am happy we have signed a keeper who seems to have plenty of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing him in action. To say he has been worse than Langfield would be an insult as he has to take responsibility for countless mistakes that have lead to goals this season. I feel the money would have been better spent on a left back but hopefully we will get someone in soon to fill that gap
  14. A slap in the face to Gallacher possibly but hope he is a super success. Hoping for a left back
  15. I disagree whether we like it or not the OF have a global reach much more than any Romanian or Polish football clubs have. Also am sure Romanian and Polish football fans are not shelling out thousands of £'s per year to Sky & BT to watch football and we can only negotiate a pittance of a TV deal for our share.