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  1. Fitzy's views on JR, Fergie, life, etc

    Tony should get a Knighthood.
  2. Danny Lennon interview

    Seems to me like he's talking a lot of sense. I liked Danny Lennon and was sorry to see him go.
  3. Away support

    I was not there today - but those that were deserve a lot of credit. It was freezing and there were major traffic problems. Glad they got to see a win [emoji106]
  4. Warburton resigns will Rangers want JR

    Or has he ??
  5. Love street development

    I hope they give the streets St. Mirren themed road names.
  6. Was a Cyprus under-21 International
  7. The Blue Puke V St Mirren - 7/8/15

    I somehow knew he would miss that pen. Get the new lad on that we signed off them during the week...
  8. Re-Sign Marc Mcausland

    Hello Marc is that you?
  9. So Farewell Then Benny........

    What a shame - grew up with that era of Grange Hill.
  10. St. Mirren Looking For A New Manager

    According to BBC we are after the Brechin manager and are in talks with him. Ray McKinnon is his name. Edit - sorry someone already posted this !
  11. 5Th Highest Wage Bill Last Season

    How does a survey company know what footballers earn? It's just guesswork.
  12. How Many Seasons To Go Back Up?

    It's easier to get back up now. Only need to finish 4th and not 1st like in previous years. It depends on whether they can pull the finger out and get the club sold / get a decent manager in etc etc. could be a good few years down there if things drag on like they are now.
  13. St. Mirren Looking For A New Manager

    Give it to Paul Lambert - great manager.
  14. It's Back To 4 Points!

    Your optimism is admirable