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  1. In all honesty, are we better pinning our hopes on a team of seasoned pros who have chucked it for the season, or a bunch of young lads who feel that impressive showings could force Lennon into considering them for future selection? I remember going down to Killie last game of the season a few years ago and guys like Sean Kelly, Mo Yaqub and Jason Naismith were given their chance and in all honesty, looked excellent. Two of the three kept their place in the team going into next season. Youth is by no means a bad thing.
  2. The passback would have been understandable had O'brien been under any real pressure from the Utd forward. As it was though, he could have taken a touch and slipped the ball to Eckersley on his right. Unfortunately its one of those things. Young keepers make mistakes and Billy has made two in the last two weeks. I'd argue that he's also rescued points for us in matches this season so I'm a bit reluctant to give him pelters. That's Steve McGinn's job and he's doing it very effectively.
  3. Terribly but it ended on a somewhat brighter note with his prognosis looking good and with him in line for stem cell chemotherapy which gave him a relatively good chance of being cancer-free. Must be about a year or so since filming though. Hopefully he's in good shape.
  4. Does anyone know anything about the progress of the young lad Connor who was on Scotland's superhospital on BBC 1 tonight? I assume filming was a while back and was just wondering if any fellow Saints fans know the lad and how he's faring. He's an 18 year old battling leukaemia and had a visit from the cast of Still Game whilst lying in his hospital bed with his Buddies shirt on. His story already had me choked up as he was clearly struggling having gone through this horrible disease and beating it at 12 years old before it returned. Hopefully some folk on here know the lad and hopefully his progress has been good.
  5. Not really true in the case of Ayr and Airdrie. One look at the 2000 game at Somerset shows just how well supported Ayr were and that was at a point that season where they were playing only for pride. Airdrie were always a club we considered a bit of a rival as well.
  6. I disagree in terms of importance. Both games were massive and fantastic days out and will always be a more enduring and positive memory than avoiding relegation but nobody HAS to win a cup final. Had we lost like in the game that shall not be named in 2010, we'd have simply carried on about or business. Gutting, yes but not end of the world stuff. The potential long term results of losing on Saturday and being relegated are massive, though. This game, whilst not as crucial as the Stirling game in 1997 given the circumstances of the time, is the biggest since then for me. We're not in an armageddon scenario if we go down but we'd be at genuine risk. For every Partick Thistle and Hamilton who spend a while at that level before rebounding, there's an Airdrie, Ayr, Clyde. Big full time clubs pressing for top flight football only 2 decades ago who are now destined to be also rans in the country as their core support decided to bail on them and now struggle to draw punters. I'm confident we'd be more Partick than Airdrie but I'd rather not be in the position to risk us going that route.
  7. I genuinely wouldn't care if the prices dropped to a quid. I reckon it's of top importance that as many seats as possible have bums on them and as many of those folk in those seats are as vocally supportive as possible. We've not needed a result this much in 20 years. That's how big Saturday is. Clubs like St Mirren can deal with 2nd tier football. Relegation from the premier league is one thing and to be expected at some point really. 3rd tier football, whilst it won't kill our club is absolutely unthinkable though and a slippery slope for several clubs that I'd hate to risk us being on, even for a season.
  8. This is the schedule as it stands, of course, league placings are very much subject to change aside from Alloa. Wednesday May 10th - 1st leg of semi finals vs Brechin/East Fife/Airdrie/Queens Park (Away) Saturday May 13th - 2nd leg of semi-finals (home) Wednesday May 17th - 1st Leg of final vs Winner of 2nd/3rd placed League one semi (likely Alloa) (Away) Sunday May 21st - 2nd leg of final (home) - Live on BBC Alba
  9. It would be nice to get the three points on the board next week, even allowing for a Raith in midweek, 3 points against them next week will get us back into 8th and if Dundee Utd can do some business in the late game at Tannadice against Dumbarton, we could still go to Easter Road in a position where we're ahead. All for nought if we don't win this Saturday though.
  10. Ayr 2/17 St Mirren 5/1 Raith 14/1
  11. In simple terms, if we win our last two games, we'll more thank likely stay up. No point in thinking of all other scenarios until this time next week as there are far too many. Lets see where we are going to Easter Road, remember, at this point we could be 7th going there or 10th. That's how mental this is. Next fortnight is going to be torture.
  12. His post match comments certainly warrant investigation. Told Jack Ross that 'its OK, keep playing like that you'll be fine'. To say JR was angry at his attitude was an understatement.
  13. At least we know John McGinn will burst his arse the next two matches to do us and his Bro a favour and then not try a leg in the last game.
  14. In terms of the squad, I'd certainly be happy if we came in for Davis, Smith and Loy permanently. Webster, Clarkson, Langfield, Hutton going will free up a fair chunk of the wage bill and although that I agree we should keep the nucleus of this squad, there are guys out there who can and will improve us even further. I trust Jack fully to improve this squad over the summer if we do stay up. Dobbie certainly doesn't strike me as a Jack Ross style of player, think Ross likes his front men a bit younger and pacier, think more along the lines of a Nathan Austin type player. James Keatings would fit this bill for me. Quitongo, as mentioned before is a no go area. Morton will pull in six figures for him if he goes in the summer.
  15. If we're excluding folk who have been here half a season then we're excluding half our team. And the guys who are no longer here who did their bit. Also, you need look no further than Gary Irvine for someone who is a completely different player. He's been outstanding lately.