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  1. djchapsticks

    Alan's first signings

    This is it. Supporters have been clamouring for years for us to step away from signing the same old names and faces from the same clubs and actually scout the English Lower Leagues seeing the success its previously brought clubs like Motherwell and Inverness to name just a couple. We finally do so and I understand why some are panicking, but let's be honest, every signing at our level is a risk. Even seemingly established guys like Harkins and Imrie turned out to be dogshit so why not try our arm with a couple of these lads?
  2. djchapsticks

    Speculation Thread

    If it's who I've heard: Midfielder - yup North East based - nope Playing non league - nope. English Championship ... but had a one month loan deal at an English non league club in February. The loaning club weren't North East either. Edit- sorry I see you said lower Leagues and read it as non-league. So that bit is right. Still definitely not North East though.
  3. djchapsticks

    Alan's first signings

    I'm not too worried about where these lads have come from. Think it's been proven on several occasions even in the last few years that there is talent in English non league football and it's just a case of identifying where the best talent is. Not every signing is going to knock it out of the park. Of course they aren't. I like the idea though, that the lads brought in have been witnessed by Stubbs first hand at close proximity and he clearly thinks there is something there with both that could translate up here. Sometimes players develop a little later, other times players may stay part time or local for their own convenience. It appears that Cooke was a sports psychology lecturer in his local college so staying on the South Coast will have made sense while studying and latterly lecturing locally. That's why he appears to be a one club man since 17 rather than bouncing about non league clubs. Truro's website today in bidding farewell to the lad, acknowledged that the step up to full time football was both well earned and long overdue for him.
  4. djchapsticks

    Alan's first signings

    Thing is though, I can certainly see Ross Stewart and possibly even Hippolyte being moved on. That would leave us with Cooke and Mullen with Smith as more of a wide player. Add another forward to that and it's fair enough but I'd be a bit happier with two options. Stubbs has historically enjoyed his squads being a bit heavy up top. At Hibs, he had Tony Stokes, Jason Cummings, Dominiqe Malonga, James Keatings, Grant Holt and Brian Graham in his squad at one point.
  5. djchapsticks

    Alan's first signings

    I'd say we need a Goalkeeper, centre half, winger, attacking mid and despite today's signing, another one or two centre forwards. I already felt we needed two forwards before Reilly left. That's on the basis that no one from the current squad leaves which I also can't see being the case.
  6. djchapsticks

    Alan's first signings

    Think Soccerbase made an arse of his DOB and set it as 1983 instead of 1993.
  7. djchapsticks

    Alan's first signings

    Welcome to the club Cody.
  8. djchapsticks

    Alan's first signings

    That would be a pretty good signing.
  9. djchapsticks

    Alan's first signings

    It's definitely a gamble but Stubbs spent a week working with him at very close quarters in the V9 academy trial week and by most accounts, he was one of the 2 or 3 top performers on show over the piece. Quite confident that Stubbs has picked him out through first hand experience rather than scouts feedback or a 3rd part recommendation. Hopefully the lad comes to us and is as solid as someone like Scott Cuthbert was.
  10. djchapsticks

    Alan's first signings

    Think there's plenty that can be aimed at Stokes. Lack of ability to find the net at this level is definitely not a stick that can be used to beat him with. Whether he has the mindset to turn in good performances on a consistent basis anymore is a completely different matter.
  11. djchapsticks

    Alan's first signings

    I'd give him a chance if he promises to roll about the deck with our Elvis!
  12. djchapsticks

    Chairman's Update

    Did he check his junk mail?
  13. djchapsticks

    Chairman's Update

    He's a nasty article of a guy and a complete fantasist.
  14. djchapsticks

    Gavin Reilly

    Can't say I'm too disappointed. Players nowadays believe that they hold all the cards. Despite his claims about his baby delaying his decision, I don't buy it. He's tried to be a bit cute by hedging his bets on other offers and dithered too long. He'll get another club without an issue but that's not the point, he can't moan about a contract offer being removed that was on the table for about 6 weeks.
  15. djchapsticks

    Sunday sun

    More likely is the filling of the corners. Something that has again been dropped into conversation by GLS in his latest interview. He definitely seems like a man with his heart now set on filling in the corners of the ground with seats and offices.