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  1. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    What a c**t
  2. By comparison, I'd like to see other teams travelling supports at our place. Always amazes me that clubs like Dunfermline and Falkirk pull larger average crowds but take on average about 8-12% of their home support on the road yet we routinely take about 25% of our average home crowd.
  3. Latest Scores

    Before Saturday we were 8 points ahead on 26 games each. Now we're 10 points ahead on 27 games each. Doesn't take a genius to figure out they've dropped two points.
  4. Latest Scores

    Cut to 10 but extended by two from start of weekend. All in all a good few days.
  5. Latest Scores

    Livi equalise. FFS
  6. Latest Scores

    Morton get a late winner at Livi!!
  7. Latest Scores

  8. Latest Scores

    Good news for us for Saturday.
  9. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    No wonder. Its ridiculous.
  10. Michelle Marsh in Saints Top

    I remember the pic. It was a photoshop though IIRC.
  11. Ryan Flynn Signs

    Ryan has struggled to find a regular place so far or a position to nail down but it think yesterday was just what was needed to let us see what he's about. The assumption was that he'd be used as a wide man to let Kyle move inside but keeping him beside McGinn was a masterstroke. He won everything defensively, constantly retained possession, showed a good range of passing, looked physically strong, always tried to move play forward, and provided a lot of good clearing headers as well as dangerous through balls that required some last ditch panic defending from M'Voto on more than one occasion. He was high energy for the full 90 minutes and a threat around both penalty boxes. I have no issue with Danny Mullen getting motm yesterday as he really, really needed it and was highly impressive. But for me Ryan Flynn turned in the best performance in a team of very good showings.
  12. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    I've never once thought he is poor in the air. The Livingston game is his only poor performance in a year. He's quite comfortably the best centre half in the league. Our clean sheet record with him in the team (8 clean sheets in 14) vs without him (3 clean sheets in 13) is testament to that.
  13. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    That's why our supporters have reputation as boo boys. Morgan has been the best player in this league by a furlong. Only person who can even think about challenging him for POTY is Dobbie, he's been unplayable at times. He has 3 quiet (not bad, quiet) games and there are folk claiming he should be dropped. Let's keep our most dangerous asset on the bench for the run in. That will really scare teams.
  14. Ross Stewart sent off for U20s

    I've certainly heard it. Most prominent was the game against East Kilbride where a bunch of young boys between 16 and 18 or so were shouting at him for being a f**king lump of wood. So when he scored the winner they got a few GIRUYs.
  15. Lee Mair

    Now we know you're a troll. Two words that should never be used in the same sentence.