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  1. Best Comeback Ever...................

    I know Inverness won 2-1 but did their result actually mean that much to us??? It's all a bit of a blur. It did. A Dunfermline win or draw would have left us still potentially bottom even with the win. Coupled with Motherwell beating us, it would've been impossible to catch either had we lost. Dunfermline losing meant that they had Motherwell on the last day and both were two points behind us, meaning that one could catch us but not both.
  2. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Not being pedantic but McShane passed it to Reilly, Reilly passed it to Smith. It's Reilly's assist.
  3. Best Comeback Ever...................

    This is the best ever. Coupled with the events at Inverness that day, we needed a 5 goal swing in the last 25 minutes and got it.
  4. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Unfortunately it would also cut our revenue to the stage where we'd be out of business in a year. You'd need to guarantee around 7000 people at every home game to offset halving prices, which definitely won't happen.
  5. Christmas Songs

    My top 5: 1. Wizzard - I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday 2. 2000 Miles - The Pretenders 3. Gary Glitter - Rock and Roll Christmas - controversial I know but it's a BELTER of a song, unfortunately. 4. Johnny Mathis - When a Child is Born 5. Chris be Burgh - A Spaceman Came Travelling
  6. Christmas Songs

    Not a christmas song. That and The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood don't deserve the moniker as neither song is about Christmas, the nativity etc, other than the music videos.
  7. Lewis Morgan

    Celtic to buy John McGinn for £50k and Stokes for £4m. Guaranteed.
  8. £25 to keep your kids entertained, having fun and learning for 6 hours is pretty good value to be fair.
  9. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Sutton, Duffy and Hilson will all go permanently. Sutton dependant on someone picking up his wage. Kirkpatrick and possibly Ross Stewart out on loan. I'd say we'll likely go for another central midfielder and if the three forwards above do go, another forward. Hopefully someone like Lewis Vaughan or Craig Moore who are both young and impressing in the league below.
  10. Danny Mullen

    I'm sure dobbie moved back to QoS as they are his hometown team, or club where he started his carer at least. He's made his money down in England and not likely to move on to a bigger club. They aren't his hometown team or his first club, they are pretty much responsible for saving his career though and he quite rightly decided that when the time was right, he'd come back and give back to the club who done so. I remember Dobbie as a 23 year old at St. Johnstone playing in the reserves cup final vs us at Love Street back in 2005/06. He was horribly out of shape, like 2 and a half stone, squeezed into a shirt a size or two too wee for him. I remember sitting with my mate, saying what a shame it was that he was putting such talent to waste and that he'd likely he'd be out of the game in the next year or two if he didn't get his arse in gear. St. Johnstone clearly had enough at that point as they soon papped him to third division Dumbarton on loan and to all intents and purposes and he was seemingly finished at any level until Queens took a chance on him when no-one else fancied him. They whipped him into shape and he not only got his career well on track, but excelled and earned a cracking wee career for himself in England's top two divisions. So fair play to him for returning to Queens, he's 35 now but his record for them is quite jaw-dropping....169 games over 2 spells, 98 goals.
  11. Danny Mullen

    Surprised that anyone has McShane pinned as a dud. I'd argue that he's been a very good signing. OK he's had the odd stinker but definitely far more good performances than poor ones.
  12. Danny Mullen

    The rumours kicking about is that Loy is physically fit but there's an issue with Hartley stemming back to Dundee that means he's looking to get a move out pretty sharpish. Think he's definitely regretting backing the wrong horse in the summer.
  13. Danny Mullen

    Wonder if that kills the Loy rumours then.
  14. Not the case and well you know it. Unfortunately in this day and age £20 certainly isn't a massive issue or unreasonable in terms of pricing. Reading through this thread, it's highly amusing that you have the absolute gall to call me a drama queen!
  15. Refuse to play the tie. You've used the importance of cups all season as a stick to beat the manager with and now you want the biggest cup used as nothing more than a protest platform for something that, to be honest, no-one else is really getting heated up about.