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  1. Although it means nothing in the grand scheme of the league season, the boost of a win today would be huge for momentum. Firmly believe we're going to do it. COYS!
  2. Aside from Lewis Morgan, I felt Irvine was the best player on the Park on Saturday.
  3. Think there's a lot to be said for the team getting the full week without a midweek fixture for the next few games. That Saturday-Wednesday routine was making them look shattered, not so much yesterday as Queens had fully chucked it by the 70th minute but especially against Dundee Utd who cranked the pressure up big time and we were dead on our feet from about 65 mins onwards. Ayr, though, as mentioned by stlucifer, have a spell where by the time they get to us, we'll be their 3rd game in a week. That's hard going for a part time side who carry a small squad and we should be much fresher by comparison.
  4. I'd prefer you were as well but you've shown yourself up on here far too many times!
  5. Thanks, what an honour you're bestowing upon me. Wouldn't say I deserve it but your praise is noted.
  6. I'll give you that, you're rarely outright abusive, unlike your old pal above who really ought to know better at his age. My point stands, irrespective of location or attendance that your disparity to other folk on here for having the temerity to show a bit of optimism and faith is a quite a poor my opinion. I still personally wouldn't fully engage you on matters related to St. Mirren as you haven't seen us at all this season and as such, there's no point in being drawn into a debate with someone who isn't fully aware of the picture.., much like I wouldn't engage the Rangers supporter in my work who claimed a few months ago without irony that he could turn results around on the park at SMFC if he was manager by 'going in there and booting their arses'.
  7. No panicking yet. All relegation rivals have to play one another so dropped points to be had in many places. If our last 7 games of the season yields the same as our previous 7, 14 points, we will stay up. Certainly the three home games are must wins, also Hibs getting to the SC final and having the league tied up before the last day of the season are two scenarios we should really be willing on to give us as much chance at Easter Road as possible.
  8. Whilst I agree in principle, I flat out refuse to discuss the intricacies of St. Mirren FC or indeed Scottish football with Old Firm fans who chose not to even take a single game in at any time yet who always seem to offer up an opinion on what's good and shite and how to make things better. Much the same, I don't see why anyone would even give a single one of your views about our ability or performances any credence when you haven't even bothered your shirt to get to a single game this season when you only live in Arbroath. That's why in my eyes, you're no different to one of those armchair expert Rangers or Celtic fans and as such, just like them, your musings should be disregarded 100% of the time. Not being abusive, just offering up a difference of opinion.
  9. We still have up to 7th in our own hands I believe. Remember most of those sides in the mix with us still have to play each other, so one or both must drop points in several matches to come.
  10. As long as we keep winning. There are plenty of points for teams around us to drop.
  11. Going down about half 12 with my old man. Hope the visibly tired team have one last big push in them today to end this before they get a good wee run of no midweek matches. Magennis, Stelios and Baird will all be comparably fresh and could well start.
  12. Another fantastic performance last night from Stevie and a brilliant free kick. Keeper should know not to give a boy with that dead ball ability so much empty net to aim at.
  13. Harry is going to be a huge loss for us. I genuinely wish the lad a speedy recovery and hope that he'll still be around to play in the stripes next season.
  14. Depends, aren't these things usually double headers?
  15. Hmmm, with international duty being on the same weekend as the diddy cup final does that mean we miss both of them for the game?