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  1. Nice wee piece on Clarkson. Think both we and he himself know he's finished as a player at the club but it's good to see we've kept him in gainful employment through his injury and are utilising him in a few other capacities, giving him the opportunity to progress his career with one eye on his path after his playing days are up.
  2. If that's the case then que sera - we move on. Andy Ryan of Airdrie is still the most obvious second choice for my liking. Even if there would be a transfer fee involved.
  3. Hibs fans on P&B now claiming that the 33% sell-on is actually 20%. Panic stations already, I see.
  4. More or less guaranteed now. If Hibs are willing to knock back £1m out of hand, he'll not go for less than £1.5m-£2m you'd imagine. A third of that will be a fantastic boost.
  5. He's right though. The strip last season, when it was finally unveiled was done so to almost unanimous praise from the supporters.
  6. He still has an attitude problem as fully evidenced by being pulled up on three separate occasions for diving against us towards the end of the season. Twice in the box. He inexplicably only got booked once for those three separate dives he was penalised for. He's a cheating wee wanker.
  7. To be fair, once Stelios had resigned I think a full back dropped away down our list of priorities.
  8. Hopefully they unveil next seasons and the season after's as well to give the rest of us a rest from your annual bleating!
  9. This. The main thing is that it's on sale at the club shop from here on in. Regardless of when it's on sale, folk will buy it.
  10. Not for me. Plenty of potential a few years ago but very pedestrian and a bit of a shitebag. He's not better than either McGinn or Magennis and would be an expensive back up. We need cover for holding mid but I don't think Fyvie would fit the mould.
  11. Loy for St. Mirren - 1 goal every 156 minutes Hardie for Raith - 1 goal every 216 minutes Hardie for St. Mirren - 1 goal every 300 minutes. Whatever way you look at it, Loy was far more successful than Hardie, regardless of who Hardie played for last season.
  12. What's Mark Millar doing in the exit trial? He signed for Livingston when he left qots.
  13. Surprised at that but no issue with this. If the guy can contribute experience then it can only be a good thing.
  14. Who was the poster who was hyper critical of David Longwell and called the youth setup a failure just a couple of years ago? I think that it's obvious that our system has been and continues to be a total success. In the space of two decades we've gone from a club who maybe produced a player good enough for the level we're playing at every two or three years (McGarry, Murray, Lavety) to producing one or two of these types of player consistently every season, guys who are actually getting moves onto bigger clubs. There was a time not so long ago (Stephen McGinn first time around) where my biggest worry about losing a youth prospect was the concept of who was going to replace him, I can honestly say that doesn't bother me so much any more as I'm confident we're capable of churning out good players regularly. These success stories also bode brilliantly for future youth intake. Why wouldn't the parents of an 11 or 12 year old want their child to come to St Mirren when you look at the chances given to so many young lads and the moves that so many of them have gained as a result?
  15. Nah. Nothing ITK over there. Just blind hope like ourselves.