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  1. Indeed, my only concern is that picture although posted today, wasn't taken today. Why would the park be lined and the corner flags out?
  2. Langfield is registered but he's there to play the Paul Mathers role of being available to select if everyone else is unavailable. He's not going to compete for the shirt. Jack has said he's looking at signing goalkeepers which suggests he will be going for two in the squad along with Langfield.
  3. Pretty high just now but then we always are. Come back to me in mid July when the squad is fully taking shape and I'll let you know where I feel we are. There's a proper feelgood factor about the club though. Guys like Gary Mac and Cammy Smith certainly wouldn't have hung about if there wasn't.
  4. Yep. That's the one. Although it was on the official site it was an aside of another player getting a contract, the club hasn't officially released the usual annual statement of who is going yet.
  5. Not yet, or at least not officially. Jack confirmed that they, along with Jordan Stewart will be going in an interview but there's been no released list from the club as of yet. I'd imagine Clarkson, Fjelde and possibly McLear will be on the list as well once it's official.
  6. Don't think anyone's been officially released yet though.
  7. Stelios and Gary Mac?
  8. Which would be fair enough if Graeme Smith was anything approaching a good goalkeeper. But he isn't, he's pish, which is why he's hovered in league one for the last 5 years and hasn't been first choice keeper at a club higher than league one for almost 9 years now when he was at Motherwell. This is a guy who is so switched on he showed up for one of his team's matches last season 90 miles away from where the game was being played. He's a diddy.
  9. With some of the folk Shull's recommending, you'd be forgiven for believing we had been relegated and were on a push for the league one title. 33 year old league one jobber Graeme Smith and 32 year old Liam Buchanan with one decent championship season in his entire career, FFS!
  10. I'd imagine there are better options out there than a 32 year old journeyman who has one prolific season above League 1 level in his career. If he was in his early to mid 20s my stance would be different.
  11. Think both the albino guys are invited guests of the club in some capacity at almost every home game, see them in hospitality quite often.
  12. He left Hearts for Dundee Utd at more or less the same time as Jack Ross came in according to a poster further up this thread.
  13. He was at Hearts and Celtic as a youth as well. This of course could mean from the ages of 10-15 and shouldn't really be taken into consideration, IMO.
  14. Fair enough then!
  15. Even if Aberdeen release him there is a development fee involved like there was with McGinn. However, we have some bargaining leeway with Aberdeen in the shape of Kenny McLean's 10% sell on clause. In real terms Aberdeen will get £1m tops for Kenny if he moves on this summer. I'd quite like to see us going to Aberdeen and saying we'll waive the sell on percentage for Kenny if they waive the development fee for Cammy.