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  1. Injury Updates

    More chance of Mickey Rooney
  2. Injury Updates

    Of course that's also very possible and probable even. Just wondering out loud as he was very out of sorts at Cappielow.
  3. Injury Updates

    I wonder how much that head knock against Falkrk had a knock-on effect in the Morton game in terms of Gary's decision making and reactions, both of which seemed uncharacteristically off.
  4. Eckersley is so important to the side. A hugely underrated player who brings so much stability to our defence. Glad to see Buchanan getting almost unanimous plaudits too. I've been a bit worried about the start he's made so it's nice to see he's hopefully settling in. I don't think we're as bad defensively as we make ourselves out to be and we've always more or less agreed that if we can muddle through til Davis, Eckersley and Magennis are back we'll be OK. I said at the start of the season that if we can be slotted in behind the leaders with 13-15 points from the first quarter then it sets up up nicely enough for when we get back to full strength. So given the difficult start we're ahead of my own personal expectations already.
  5. Studs are up in that picture, unfortunately. You can see the white of top of his boot in the photo.
  6. Craig Thomson

    Reading about the Stelios incident, it was completely wrong by the ref. Stelios gets fouled, opposition player gets booked. In that instance, Stelios then stays on the park until he's treated, gets up and plays on. Jack apparently went mental as Thomson ordered Stelios off to the touchline when this shouldn't happen if the incident sees an opposition player booked. In this case, Jack was sent to stand for pulling Thomson up for not knowing the rules and should be back on the touchline next Saturday as a result. No case to answer.
  7. Hmmm, always difficult to judge on photos but no straight leg, certainly not looking out of control and clearly not the 'two footed challenge' that Sportsound called it. Think Scottish referees are going all out for the record in terms of red cards that get overturned on appeal this season, already.
  8. Gavin Reilly. I Year Contract

    7 starts, 6 goals. Looks like a touch of quality already.
  9. So can we finally put this nonsense to bed that this season is going to be as big a struggle as last season? At the absolute worst, we'll struggle for consistency but we're not going to trouble the wrong end of the league. Not a chance.
  10. What a fantastic 3 points!!
  11. Craig Thomson always overcompensates against us, it's rather embarrassing, really.
  12. Lee Miller sent off for Falkirk as well.