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  1. Its June....Its still season 2016/2017 Chill dude
  3. Half time team talk against the New Saints . . Since then we have been brilliant
  4. Are you TC in disguise
  5. I note that you dismiss our 4 chances in the first half which included hitting the woodwork.My assessment ( not throu black and white glasses) is that we were the better team in the first half and could of blown away Dundee United so therefore our manager got his tactics right,although i will concede that he used his subs far too late. So i will concede that Dundee United were the better team in the second half AND that they probably edged it in the whole if you concede that we could of won the cup in the first half if we had taken our chances
  6. you do know Argyll is more southern than glasgow ...yes?
  7. if you dont question then you make your own mind up thus not giving the respondent a chance to reply :-)
  8. P.S. why do you not like the way we are playing right now and why are you so bitter? are you not encouraged like the rest of the support? why the downer? why the negativity?
  9. ill take that bet....we WILL WIN THIS SATURDAY !!!! but your free to post at 5.45pm Saturday 22/04/17
  10. i think if we took any of the four chances we had in the first half we would of won so im not in favour of them having the better tactics i think we will win comfortable this time at tannadice...they look rank
  11. Alex Neil ?
  12. Morgan should start next week
  13. Away team against the wind against a good Falkirk team All change in the second half once we get our composer back Saints 1-3 at full time Quote of the day so far from Div "Thompson hasnt given us a foul in 3 years"
  14. Loving the positive vibes ....i liked the bib strip
  15. one thing that makes Jack Ross a legend.... he survived the manager of the month award and won his next game