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  1. Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    In an interview when the manager says "we are the people" i think even some rankgers fans are cringing
  2. If you knicker setters (in August) want something to worry about . . . Livy beat the mong 2-0 at Crapillow
  3. Stewart and Morgan doing their job
  4. Darryl Duffy

    people were uninspired by the reilly signing..how many has he scored?
  5. Holidays

    got back from Portugal on the 9th of June 6 quid for a voddy and coke ...f**k THAT (and it was shyte voddy too ...gut rot)
  6. The Sutton/Reilly partnership could easily turn out along the same lines as The Yardley/Lavety partnership from 1999/2000
  7. Radio saying the saints players complaining to ref about Hippolyte going down too easily
  8. need to cross the streams here
  9. sometimes you got to win ugly ...and we have a few
  10. He sounds like Gary tank commander
  11. Speculation Thread

    i think we will do ok....maybe not as good if we had a full deck....BUT its a long long season...as a team you got to expect the unexpected shit i think we will do mighty well this year....hell i might even buy TC a miserable we are crap pint