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  1. Answer this...would the previous manager get us to this position of maybe (he says carefully) getting us to 7th in the league after the terrible first 3 quarters of the season?
  2. to be fair...we need to win 7 games
  3. oops forgot to add....with a game in hand
  4. Win our next 2 games and we could end up 7TH
  5. Which shows how REALLY bad we were and what a massive repair job JR had on his hands
  6. off topic ....France just got a goal chopped off via the video ref against Spain changing times ahead
  7. Forrest??? having a laugh?
  8. cant disagree with that
  9. the top 4 will be more scared of dropping points by playing us....
  10. yeah pretty much go along with what most people have been saying...great first half and disappointing in the second half i would still say plus marks for all 11 players thou but....ermmm...wee stevie mallen lucky not to get a straight red..when you see it back on the tv its looks bad
  11. Doom and Gloom alert ............ we are on a run of....."win a final..lose a a final....lose a final" just saying COYS :-)
  12. For me,an Ayr victory all day long That result puts both Ayr and Dumbarton 4 pts ahead of us but gives us a game in hand over Dumbarton i would rather keep both close rather than putting all our eggs in one basket by hoping Ayr lose next week
  13. hibs 2-2
  14. Bottom 4 teams all winning,"wur ersies ur gonie squeak all the way to the end of the season"