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  1. saintargyll

    Alan's first signings

    AS said he wanted to build a squad to challenge for places every week but your right 1 or 2 experienced guys would be good although,it is building up nicely
  2. saintargyll

    Alan's first signings

    And now Cody Cooke
  3. saintargyll

    Speculation Thread

    The whole of Argyll has a PA postcode
  4. saintargyll

    League Opener

    On reflection it's better to have midweek games against a team that are close . . . Kinda
  5. saintargyll

    League Opener

    Paisley Fare innit ?
  6. saintargyll

    New Manager Latest Odds

    In the space of 6 days we will have a new manager and new strip
  7. saintargyll

    New Manager Latest Odds

    A battle of the red and blue scoucers for fourth place
  8. saintargyll

    New Manager Latest Odds

    On our wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......were on our wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy alcohol kicking in...but i dont care....
  9. saintargyll

    Speculation Thread

    Usain Bolt is looking for a club
  10. saintargyll

    New Manager Latest Odds

    As far as budgets go last season would have been at the low end of the scale next season we will have a higher away support for home games also.....i believe we will carry over at least a million pounds extra revenue on top of next seasons budget that we "gained" and not budgeted for... £300,000 for Lewis Compo for Jack big prize money for winning the league extra fans for the run in to winning the championship now......if a wee McGinn could be moved on from Hibs for £6M that would be nice
  11. saintargyll

    Jack Ross - SMTID?

    For me it was more not what he has done but the HUGE expectation of what we were all thinking he could do Huge disappointment im sure has spread amoung the fans.....we had huge momentum now we are going into the top league feeling a wee bit deflated...half will like the new manager and half wont where as with J+J EVERYONE was behind them...that hurts oh well....onwards and upwards....ish
  12. saintargyll

    New Manager Latest Odds

    What would make Hopkins a great manager is plying his trade with the tools he has available at livvy( I don't know how many he signed) he saw what he had and played accordingly at saints . . . Do you honestly think he will/can turned our skilful players into cluggers? If he takes saints to the park playing delightful passing skilled football then he may well be a great manager in the making
  13. saintargyll

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Well if he picks sunderland over ST.Mirren then he deserves all he gets
  14. saintargyll

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    Any sell on clause for Mallan?