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  1. Jamie McCart

    Thought McCart was ok yesterday. Difficult to come straight into the team like that, and conditions were challenging, but he and Baird did very well. Would anyone be tempted to leave Buchanan on the bench for the next game?
  2. Lewis Morgan

    The general consensus is that English clubs want to get their hands on Scottish talent as early as possible in their careers, because they aren't thought to be receiving the right development north of the border. Look at the feedback Mallan has been getting (from his father on the other thread). They might believe it's worth paying a premium to get their hands on him six months early, in order for him to be 'ready' by the start of the following season.
  3. Lewis Morgan

    There was confusion about his contract, due to a typo in a tweet the club put out a while back. We established, and the club confirmed, it is only until May 2018.
  4. Injury Updates

  5. Darryl Duffy

    He's a star, anise playing for St Mirren!
  6. Darryl Duffy

    I reckon Shankland could end up there, and will probably do very well.
  7. Darryl Duffy

    How can you say we've not got a shining light this season, then when offered possibles, say it's impossible to judge after one game?! Surely that goes both ways. Morgan was player of the year last year, so seems a likely candidate.
  8. Darryl Duffy

    Not sure about that. It's hard to tell who's got the 'winner' in a 4-0 victory. I am ok with this signing, as long as Sutton doesn't leave.
  9. Speculation Thread

  10. Speculation Thread

    I'm holding out for Didier Drogba.
  11. Speculation Thread

    Same. Surely Sutton has showed up well enough so far, and I can't see how this is like-for-like at all.
  12. Speculation Thread

    Chris Kane, there's only two Chris Kanes, there's only two Chris Kanes...
  13. Brian Graham

    ^^^ this. I'd class those five collectively as 'forwards', but only the three as strikers. Semantics, maybe.
  14. Speculation Thread

    Hardie may still have a future - he showed up well for (I think) the Scotland Under-20s in the summer, apparently. While he almost certainly iusn't good enough for the zombie club, I think he could still be good enough. He'll probably end up at a lower Prem/top Championship club.
  15. Speculation Thread

    I agree, and that would be surprising, but... I'd imagine there would be no better judge of whether Shankland had screwed his head back on. If we had a new manager who signed him, I'd fear the worst, but if Jack saw him and believed he had reached the required standard since last year, then I'd be happy to go along with that. (He's not coming back, though, no way; I was just making a point about trusting Jack's judgement )