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  1. I assume you know something there?
  2. I think we'll (need to) bring in a midfielder, too, which may mean someone is making way. I suspect Whyte, tbh, and maybe Sutton if Loy does come in (though I personally would keep him for squad depth.)
  3. Pretty sure there are English clubs that start to wear the new strip at the tail end of the previous season. Imagine if we'd been selling new ones in the build-up to the Hibs game - they'd have been flying out the door. Edit: I realise that's completely dependent on having the same manufacturer/sponsor on board as they will have an agreement for the correct number of matches.
  4. Yeah, good point: Jack says he's waiting to see how NF and DW get on - ie assessing their performances - but maybe it has more to do with transfer activity. That said, Jack talks about having a squad of 20, and we're on 18 with the two young lads, so if Morgan goes, perhaps we'd need three-five new players.
  5. JR says we're bringing in between two and four more players, depending on whether Flanagan and Whyte are loaned out or not.
  6. Hehe. Hard on.
  7. For the knickerwetters among us (I trust you know who you are), does it help to soften the blow that the ENTIRE f**kING NATION OF AUSTRALIA is having the same conversation about losing an asset for free?!
  8. I still can't believe we let him go for a free 12 years ago.
  9. McInnes 100% made the right decision.
  10. Did I f**k!
  11. Ehhhhh. I'm with @Soctty - this is far too f**king tiring. I wouldn't feel as aggrieved if he went to Aberdeen as I would have done with Dundee but, honestly, I CBA keeping up with the updates and speculation this time. I got zero work done that week Jack Ross was on holiday. In fact, he probably achieved more than I did
  12. Sunderland need f**king euthanising, tbh. Horrendous club. Feel bad for the fans, who still show up in staggering numbers given how cack they have been for so many years, but the club itself is rotten. I live a shade under two miles from the training ground, mind, so I'll keep an eye out for Kenny
  13. Given that tweet from last August, I think it's likely that someone has just failed to update the website page.
  14. No thanks. I'm sure you'd win.
  15. You get that from P&B, I assume? Because you've picked very selectively there. For anyone reading TC's comments there, here are the full posts he's referring to. 'could probably do a decent job elsewhere, just wasn't right for our team'. 'quick and direct... will still be bloody good in the right team... he'll come back to haunt us, a good signing for you guys'. Still, those comments probably didn't fit your well-kent agenda, did they?