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  1. Trophy Day

    Useless c**t would get injured clapping us onto the park.
  2. How many points will win the league?

    Yeah, that should do it. Falkirk can't catch us now.
  3. New signing Left Back Stelios Demetriou

    Is Stelios away in the summer?
  4. Ton 's Debt

    Just out of interest, if they were going bust and showed up with buckets (again), would you donate? I'd be in two minds. Lessons clearly haven't been learned, and their own fans aren't bothering to attend games. But it's nice to have rivals, especially when we are so consistently better than them.
  5. Ton 's Debt

    That'd be the only thing that got a regular wash down there. Edit: re the rest of your comment - there are plenty of Ton fans who claim they would rather be standing in a decrepit Cappielow than in a modern progressive stadium, even if a switch allowed the club to progress. They're a backwards bunch, TBH.
  6. Ton 's Debt

    Both very good shouts. The champ next year will be crazy tight. You can imagine Raith and Ayr coming up and being stronger than Dumbarton and Brechin were this season. Four trips to the Highlands will be a slight drain on resources and will give every other team four long/difficult away trips. Falkirk won't be as bad next year, and ICT will be stronger. I can't imagine anyone going up through the playoffs, and I think the Arabs must, surely, be stronger again next year, budget allowing. Dunfermline tailing off this year has been a bit mysterious - they too have a decent budget. As for the Prem - it too will arguably be tougher next year. You have to hope Hamilton, Dundee and Thistle will struggle again.
  7. Ton 's Debt

    County have been taking the piss for a few years now. I'm sure it was fun while it lasted but they belong in the Championship. As for the Ton, I think most of their fans are decent folk and I'll feel bad for them. Makes you realise how lucky we got with the Tesco deal. Timing was probably perfect, tbh.
  8. Next generation of stars

    I'm surprised at that. Has he not impressed since coming back in, then? Or is he just not Premiership quality?
  9. Skyview and Involvement with St.Mirren FC

    I bet it's the opposite: it'll have been negotiated at top flight rates, with a clause to reduce it if we don't go up.
  10. Skyview and Involvement with St.Mirren FC

    We're down the bare bones now. These sinister foreign types must be stopped.
  11. Massimo Donati

    Any chance at all he's being primed to take over if Jack moves on? It'd be a crazy move (IMO) but the guy clearly wants to be a manager. The timing of his arrival, just after the Barnsley non-event, has me wondering.
  12. St Mirren Article

    Lovely stuff.
  13. Massimo Donati

    Massimo Donati should bolognese our team until we Napoli the Italy pizza gelato on his vespa. Am I doing this right?
  14. Massimo Donati

    100% agree with this. I've never been totally on board with the clamour to get Magennis playing down the middle, tbh. Games, especially those away to our nearest rivals, will be about keeping it tight and playing smart. We've got enough up front to get away with two deeper midfielders.