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  1. It's not actually part of the contract: more a gentlemen's agreement...
  2. This is f**king horrendous. I actually can't concentrate at work.
  3. It'd be ideal if we could secure safety then give him some game time before theend of the season. Then wave a nice long contract under his nose.
  4. Time to get this embarrasing pish locked.
  5. We're off the bottom you daft twat.
  6. I can't help, but is it Simon Gilbert, by any chance? I'd love to see the second leg take place. Especially now they're shite.
  7. ^^^ we do indeed.
  8. I said I'd replace Jim Goodwin as my top man only when a suitable candidate emerged. Well, here we are. @div - request to get the 'top man' options updated, please.
  9. They are 3.14159 ahead!
  10. Just noticed Coventry City are playing in the final of the English equivalent to this competition. That's three of the four finalists from 1987 present and correct. Can we both do it again? Would be lovely.
  11. This game was my boy Archie's first taste of St Mirren. He's only 11 months old, but was screaming for Storie to get hooked at half time, and I've taught him to boo. He now has a 100% win record, so I might need to start getting on the road with him.
  12. The size of these guys coming on! Hope that's where the Yardley resemblance ends.