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  1. Dummett. Our own Julio Geordio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYXWzP-GuUc
  2. It's just occurred to me - Motherwell's top scorer is currently the SPFL.
  3. I liked wee Gavin but, frankly, I'm pinning my hopes on Gareth Bale. I hear he might be available shortly ...... 😄
  4. Why do we have a big 'H' on the front of our shirt? ...... OK ..... I can guess. 🤐
  5. Only now entering this discussion so have not had the time to read all that is gone before. Having watched the Japan v Scotland ladies game, and seeing three penalty decisions go against Scotland without reference to VAR, I'm baffled. It has been reported that the Ethiopian ref decided not to refer to VAR. If so, what is the point of spending money on VAR if the ref (the very person who's judgement is called into question) doesn't use it? Could someone explain who decides when VAR should be used? Thanks.
  6. Having watched the Japan v Scotland game, and seeing two Scotland penalty claims dismissed without reference to VAR, I'm baffled. We wiz robbed.
  7. Sangwitch. It's a sandwich. Give into trouble. Eh?
  8. Maybe true but at least you get somewhere wi a taxi nowadays ....
  9. Regarding the Jackson penalty, this is what I don't get either. Why would he want to go down? Looking at the footage of the incident, he was through, almost certain to score and (having his back to him) didn't even see the guy who knocked him down. OK, everybody has their own opinions on the decision but frankly, I think Thommo was out of order on BBC. Thanks, Thommo.
  10. Phew! For a minute, I thought Callum Ball was back ....
  11. Incidentally, St. Mirin was not a Catholic monk ......... he lived and died long before the Roman Catholic church was established as the official church in Scotland .....
  12. Of course we can't begrudge him being interested in that (£15K a week - I would guess he's not even on that bi-monthly). However, is anyone starting to think like me that this episode is affecting our recruitment for players next season? Who is going to commit themselves to playing for this club and a manager who might be off by the time you next set foot in the 2021 Stadium/new St.Mirren park at the start of next season? The club has been more than fair with Jack but after this episode (if Jack stays), I think we should say to future suitors "sorry, no permission is granted, our manager has to focus on his job now."
  13. Summed up .... After appearing at the Royal Variety Show, Tommy Cooper was introduced to the Queen. As they shook hands, Tommy asked, Tommy: “Do you like football?” Queen: “Well, not really.” Tommy: “In that case, do you mind if I have your Cup Final tickets?”
  14. Know what you mean about the photies ..... but can you imagine what the background would have looked like if Falkirk [stops to laugh .... for a long time] or even Dumbarton [exits stage right to wipe tears of laughter from eyes before composing himself and coming back to the post] had won the league .....
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