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  1. Dummett. Our own Julio Geordio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYXWzP-GuUc
  2. It's just occurred to me - Motherwell's top scorer is currently the SPFL.
  3. I liked wee Gavin but, frankly, I'm pinning my hopes on Gareth Bale. I hear he might be available shortly ...... 😄
  4. Why do we have a big 'H' on the front of our shirt? ...... OK ..... I can guess. 🤐
  5. Only now entering this discussion so have not had the time to read all that is gone before. Having watched the Japan v Scotland ladies game, and seeing three penalty decisions go against Scotland without reference to VAR, I'm baffled. It has been reported that the Ethiopian ref decided not to refer to VAR. If so, what is the point of spending money on VAR if the ref (the very person who's judgement is called into question) doesn't use it? Could someone explain who decides when VAR should be used? Thanks.
  6. Having watched the Japan v Scotland game, and seeing two Scotland penalty claims dismissed without reference to VAR, I'm baffled. We wiz robbed.
  7. Sangwitch. It's a sandwich. Give into trouble. Eh?
  8. Maybe true but at least you get somewhere wi a taxi nowadays ....
  9. Regarding the Jackson penalty, this is what I don't get either. Why would he want to go down? Looking at the footage of the incident, he was through, almost certain to score and (having his back to him) didn't even see the guy who knocked him down. OK, everybody has their own opinions on the decision but frankly, I think Thommo was out of order on BBC. Thanks, Thommo.
  10. Phew! For a minute, I thought Callum Ball was back ....
  11. Incidentally, St. Mirin was not a Catholic monk ......... he lived and died long before the Roman Catholic church was established as the official church in Scotland .....
  12. Of course we can't begrudge him being interested in that (£15K a week - I would guess he's not even on that bi-monthly). However, is anyone starting to think like me that this episode is affecting our recruitment for players next season? Who is going to commit themselves to playing for this club and a manager who might be off by the time you next set foot in the 2021 Stadium/new St.Mirren park at the start of next season? The club has been more than fair with Jack but after this episode (if Jack stays), I think we should say to future suitors "sorry, no permission is granted, our manager has to focus on his job now."
  13. Summed up .... After appearing at the Royal Variety Show, Tommy Cooper was introduced to the Queen. As they shook hands, Tommy asked, Tommy: “Do you like football?” Queen: “Well, not really.” Tommy: “In that case, do you mind if I have your Cup Final tickets?”
  14. Know what you mean about the photies ..... but can you imagine what the background would have looked like if Falkirk [stops to laugh .... for a long time] or even Dumbarton [exits stage right to wipe tears of laughter from eyes before composing himself and coming back to the post] had won the league .....
  15. Having followed this forum for some time now and got to know some of our fans, why am I not surprised? [see Fireworks mishap] http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/244335-the-shinier-improved-st-mirren-fc-201718-thread/&page=241
  16. Possibly explains why there were two empty seats next to me in W6.
  17. Nice to know we have friends abroad. Thank you for your congratulations, Kjell. Unfortunately, I see you have had the kind of hard season we had a few years back ourselves (relegated). Well, as we have shown, there's always hope for future glory. Good luck to Mechelen in Division 2 next season. I'm sure you'll soon bounce back.
  18. I also wonder how Livi will approach it. As we all know, we only need a point. What will they want out of it? Whilst arithmetically still possible for them to win the league, realistically(?) I would think they will aim to maintain the gap between them and the rest, so I'm expecting a more measured game plan from both sides particularly from us after losing a telling early goal on Tuesday. Hope this is the day! COYS!
  19. February 1954. We were 11th out of 16. Played 23 with 23 points - same as 3 other teams but we had the lowest goal average. Won 10 lost, lost 10, drawn .... well work it out. Hearts were 7 points clear on 34 points at the top, Celtic were second, Rangers were 7th on 24 points. Queen of the South was 4th!
  20. What did your pal say (and what were the locals and TV folks saying)?
  21. Ah! The Patio. At long last. Now you're on the level.
  22. My opinions are based on evidence not on what you make up. There are people who still believe the Earth is flat .... surely you don't too? p.s. who mentioned the Bible? (and 49% you say. Hmmm. So precise. Impressive. More Wikipedia research?)
  23. @TPAFKATS: Yes. I only came across the thread yesterday and my use of "may now know" and "since" was my attempt to acknowledge that time lapse (btw, your quote was my response to Bud the Baker's comment). The jury is still out, as it were, and we must await the OPCW findings. Certainly, the UK are convinced the substance is of Russian origin and our NATO allies also appear convinced but, from what I can see, Joe Public still doesn't know for certain who is responsible. Was it on direct orders from Putin to send out a message to others who wish to betray the motherland? Or, for example, was the substance acquired by 'other parties' in Russia by authorised, or by criminal means from the Russian state? Either way, it's very embarrassing for Russia if the substance is confirmed to be of Russian origin. @ DougJamie: You're welcome (I like history ). As I mentioned, the only conclusive evidence that Britain has ever used chemical weapons in modern warfare was in WW1. I was also going to mention reports of poison gas being used in the '20s in Iraq after WW1 (and before the UK's ratification of the aforementioned international conventions to ban these weapons) but I declined to mention this because I recently came across the following link (so the jury is still out on that one). https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/10/091022064745.htm Going back to your original assertion of use in "every" war (presumably since WW1), I know of no other instances and so was interested to know the source(s) of your information.
  24. Eh? A gross exaggeration considering Great Britain was established more than 300 years ago when Scotland and England combined. Since then Great Britain has been involved in the War of the Spanish Succession, the War of the Austrian Succession, the Seven Years War, the American War of Independence, the French Revolutionary War, the Napoleonic Wars (visions of Russell Crow with a gas mask in Master and Commander), the Crimean War, the Boer War, World Wars i and II, the Korean War, the Falklands War, the Gulf Wars and numerous other conflicts. Please enlighten us. I was only aware that poison gas was used in WW1. After WW1, when poison gas was used by both sides, the international community banned the use of chemical and biological weapons and reinforced the ban in 1972 and 1993 by prohibiting the development, production, stockpiling and transfer of these weapons. https://www.icrc.org/en/document/chemical-biological-weapons I don't think there was any refusal (is it not the case that Russia were refused because the protocol is not to give it to them?) and you may now know that International inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons have since arrived in the UK. They have been to the location in Salisbury and have also been given permission, following approval by a judge, to take a sample of the Skripals' blood. The OPCW inspectors will be carrying out their own work at Porton Down itself and at other labs around the world to independently verify the work done by the UK. I think we all know that Putin's victory was assured without the UK. It helps when you jail the main opposition leader, control the media and rig the votes at the ballot box.
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